I'm not quite sure this is the right forum for this, but the question is generic, and I want players and DMs opinions. So...

How do you go about recording your campaigns, week-to-week and longer term? Do you keep logs, such as those posted in the Story Hour forum here, or hang on to your notes from each session - or just try to keep things in your head? Do you keep old character sheets when you write up new ones? (Do you write up new character sheets, even?)

I'm starting a new campaign at the moment, following on from one just completed (last one was three years of real time, four years and a bit of game time). I've put together a website which I'm going to use to track it, with logs, copies of a broadsheet published in the campaign world, and so on - and I want more ideas, so that in years to come, I'll be able to KNOW what the details of the fourth session were, or point a new player at the site and say "Read that, and you'll know everything."