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    Magic hourglasses

    I was wondering what you all thought of these items. Some magic hourglasses for D&D 5e.

    Hourglass of Respite
    Wondrous Item, Rare
    Once per day this hourglass can be activated by saying a command word and starting the sand flowing and anyone who rests for two minutes while within thirty feet of it, recovers as if they had spent an hour resting thus getting all the benefits of a short rest.

    Hourglass of Blood
    Wondrous Item, Rare
    If used during a short rest, one person activates it by bleeding into the sands and giving up a hit die without getting any benefit, anyone else who spends hit dice to recover health at the end of the short rest regains the maximum amount instead of rolling.

    Sands of Sleep
    Wondrous Item, Rare
    This small hourglass takes an action to activate but the effect doesnt happen until the start of that character's next turn, once it does a powerful sleep spell is cast centered on the item. It works just like the Sleep spell cast using a 3rd level spell slot (9d8). If the hourglass is struck it shatters destroying it and any creature under the effects of the spell regain consciousness.
    This item has one charge that returns at noon and again at midnight each day.

    Bonedust Timer
    Wondrous Item, Rare
    This hourglass is filled with fine white powder that is ground up bones of destroyed undead, enough for a ten minute timer. If placed in the hand of a corpse and activated it casts speak with dead on the corpse holding the timer. The spell lasts as long as the sand runs. It can be activated once per day.

    Hourglass of Sight
    Wondrous Item, Rare (requires attunement)
    This hourglass is filled with tiny clear glass beads, while the item is held in hand and the beads flow the holder can See Invisibility as per the spell. The beads will not flow the other direction until after twentyfour hours has passed.

    Pendant of Time
    Wondrous Item, Rare (requires attunement)
    This gold and silver tiny hourglass is the pendant on a chain worn around your neck. The sands only run for a minute, and when activated there is a 50% chance it casts Haste on the wearer, and a 50% chance it casts Slow on the wearer instead. This item has one charge that is recovered after a short rest. Roll a d20, 1-10 user is Hasted on a 11-20 user is Slowed.

    Hourglass of Warning
    Wondrous Item, Uncommon
    This magic hourglass runs very slowly and takes actually eight hours to fully finish. Once per day it can be used to cast the Alarm spell that lasts for the duration of the sand, the alarm sends out an audible alarm when the duration is done.

    Hourglass of Truth
    Wondrous Item, Rare
    Once activated the sands continue to run even if turned over, the sands are normally of the purest white, but when a lie is spoken within twenty feet of the running hourglass the sands passing through the middle turn black, the severity of the lie the larger the amount of sand turns black. It detects deception so if the speaker believes they are speaking the truth the sand stays white, and if the speaker is speaking falsely but the facts are actually true the sand still turn black. This items magic lasts for the standard hour and can be used once per day.

    Explosive Hourglass
    Wondrous Item, Rare (cursed)
    Eventually all magic hourglasses and timepieces run afoul of this curse, this looks and identifies as any of the above magic items but when found the DM rolls 1d12 and this is the number of uses left in the item, when that last speck of sand falls the item explodes as per the fireball spell cast using a 5th level spell slot (10d6).

    I know we don't have the DMG yet to compare to a large number of published items, or any of the item creation rules of guidelines contained within but what do you think?
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    I really like these. I've converted over a bunch of items from old Dragon Magazines and none of these seems over powered.

    Very nice.

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    I just handed out the hourglass of respite to my group in our session yesterday.


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    Here's one I just created for DM's Guild:

    Hourglass of Proof Against Insomnia
    Wondrous item, common
    This hourglass filled with fine sand takes eight hours to finish. A creature sleeping within 10 feet of it while the sand is running can't be troubled by the normal causes of insomnia such as anxiety, worry, indigestion, pain, respiratory issue, or mental activity. The restful sleep helps the body recover from long-term injuries. The number of days it would take for an injury to heal is reduced by half if a creature afflicted with a lingering injury spends its long rests within range of the hourglass.
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