Hi guys!

Im starting this thread to get a discussion going about cheap shortcuts you take for things like miniatures, terrain, etc.

What tricks to you have, other than saying, "OK, Fred...umm...this 4-sider is your fighter, and this one is the orc..."

Ill start it off by saying that I went to a toy store and bought bags of those little plastic soldiers, farm animals, dinosaurs--whatever! I even got lucky and scored a set of armored knights at about the same scale--perfect for the player characters since I have so few of them as compared to the others.

These little plastic soldiers or what have you are perfect for cheapy miniatures. The ubiquitous green plastic soldiers are my orcs, goblins, or whatever monsters I might need a lot of in a given game.

You can get things like horses and wagons from "cowboys and indians" sets...but snatch these up quickly becuase I think they are being phased out due to a conflict with political correctness.

Anyone got any other tips-n-tricks they care to share?