Summoned Monsters Galore

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    Summoned Monsters Galore

    We just started a 3E campaign--- In the first session there was 3 monsters summoned. In lots of years of D&D, I hardly remember any summoned monsters.

    Are others noticing the increased use of Summon Monster?

    Is it a pain for the DM?- monster stats and all that.
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    Well, one reason is that the spell is a *worthwhile* choice, now
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    Not random=useful.
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    I DMed a game where the players ran up against a sorceress who had that spell and kept tossing it out like there was no tomorrow. I made my own random table of "templates" to apply to the summoned badgers (because just celestial all the time seemed boring) and some quick stats before I came. Seeing the players catch on fire trying to fight off wave after wave of fire elemental badgers, was hilarious!

    [Ahem] Yes. I think the spell is definately worth using these days.

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    Summon Monster has become a standard offensive weapon for my group (except when they are hurting and the cleric is low on healing - then out come the Lantern Archons!).

    Dire Crocidiles are just plain nasty at high levels - strong, big and able to grapple like there's no tomorrow.

    Personally I like the Summon monster spells (I'm the DM) and I have the players keep track of the monsters' stats for me - they roll hits, damage, saves etc. Makes my life easier and the players love controlling big huge lions and stuff - esp. if their charcter is knocked out or something.
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    I just love my "big hairly friend of Pelor" - the celestial Bison. With its 5/+1 damage reduction its brilliant against mooks, and its also tough enough to slow down the heavy guys for a couple of rounds.


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    Yep, it's a good line of spells now.

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    If you use summon monster a lot you need to check out Scott Metzger's web page of stat blocks for summoned monsters

    Even has them in a 3x5 card format
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    My main problem with the new summon monster spells is the sheer lameness of many of the "monsters" such as the celestial badger, fiendish dire rat, etc. These are not "monsters" in the traditional pants-wetting sense, nor do they provoke fear in the hearts of your enemies! The lists seem to be poorly thought out (a natural problem caused by the distinct lack of suitable outsiders of all power levels in the MM). The length of time the creatures remain is too brief to do much good in many cases, and the full round casting time is often too dangerous to undertake in combat situations.

    "What? The mage is still casting a spell? Must be a nasty one! OK, I shoot her with my magic missiles! Cool; she blew her concentration check!"

    I'm of the mind to create suitable demons, devils, elementals, angels, etc., to use rather than the PHB list. I also think increasing the duration of the creature to 3 rounds + caster level would be a good idea (it's long enough to get some use out of the critter). Maybe even 1 minute/level if the creature is summoned for non-combat purposes (and is unable to attack/defend, but is dismissed upon any successful hit).

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    Originally posted by Kaptain_Kantrip
    "What? The mage is still casting a spell? Must be a nasty one! OK, I shoot her with my magic missiles! Cool; she blew her concentration check!"
    Ah, you fool.

    Here's a little hint: summoning spells are not attack actions. You can cast them while you are invisible.

    My player's most hated (and slippery) nemesis is a female wizard / summoner who's MO is to turn invisible, fly around, and summon creatures to harass the party. Fiendish dire apes used to be her big fave, but she is a little older now and has moved on to fiendish girallons, huge vipers, and dire tigers.
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