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Calidar Publishing

Game system(s): System Neutral,
Genre: Fantasy,

Sat 20 September 2014
Bruce Heard,
Hardcover, softcover (132 pages)
$37.95 | Buy this product

Fun with stats: Calidar, In Stranger Skies is ranked #2 out of 68 products with 10 or more reviews, placing it in the 99% percentile. It is rated 21.1 points higher than the overall average product rating of 76.4%. With 20 reviews, this is the #30 most reviewed product.


Rated by 20 readers at 97.5% who deem this a CRITICAL HIT. This should be part of your collection.
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The World of Calidar combines two parts: the story of the skyship Star Phoenix and a fantasy campaign setting for use with role-playing games. This new fictional world focuses on air- and space-faring ships. In Stranger Skies is the title for the skyship's first story, which introduces the vessel and her journey in the skies of Calidar. The crew’s mission is one of exploration fraught with mystery and danger. The fantasy setting section gives an overview of the Calidar Universe and its central world, Calidar, with a focus on the Kingdom of Meryath, the future home of the Star Phoenix.

World of Calidar is intended as the first in a series of releases, each describing a new adventure for the Star Phoenix and providing an expansion to the campaign setting. This unusual format is inspired from the stories written for Dragon Magazine, Voyages of the Princess Ark, and of course vastly expanded here. These were very popular in the 80s and 90s and a major selling point for the magazine. Although written with role-playing games in mind, contents are non game-specific, therefore easily adaptable to most RPG systems. Guidelines are nonetheless provided in the book for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    The spiritual successor of the Voyage of the Princess Ark series and Mystara.
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    Fans of the top quality D&D line from the 1980s and 1990s will recognize and Bruce Heard's style here. It is a great combination of narrative and world buillding with flying ships, magic and wonder. The artwork and illustrations are worth noting as are the excellent maps. A great gaming supplement!
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    Bruce Heard's first book about the World of Calidar fantasy setting is "system-neutral" meaning that you can easily adapt it to any RPG system you prefer. The writing is solid, the atmosphere thick with excitement and wonder and the scope of the project is awe-inspiring.

    Starting with the planet Calidar and the realms of the Great Caldara, Bruce takes us to 7 other planets in the ephemeris - each home to unique cultures and races. The book also contains details on gods, geography and how to navigate ships flying through the air and even capable of inter-planar travel!

    There is so much information and so many wonderful details in this book that it will be impossible to give a sense of all of them. I love fluff and Bruce's is certainly not stingy with the details that add colour and atmosphere.The book also contains a more detailed view of a single realm, the Kingdom of Meryath, and a section on its capital Glorathon, written by Ed Greenwood (the 'father' of Forgotten Realms).

    It is a great introduction to Calidar and after you read it, you'll be wanting more :-)
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    Calidar is a beautifully produced book from both a content and a presentation standpoint. It is truly a unique and original book, which is a rarity among so many products that are really just recycled material. It is well worth the price of admission.
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    All I can say (over and over again) is WOW! The story is phenomenal, the art is really cool, the concept appeals to an Aerospace Engineering desperately missing his Spelljammer, all make this a MUST BUY for anyone that has enjoyed the author's past exploration of flying ships. Anyone hesitating on buying should simply buy! You will NOT be disappointed.
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    Great ambientation, fully Mystara [OD&D] and SpellJammer [AD&D2ed] compatible!
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    I've partecipated in the Kickstarted and just read the first book and I think Calidar stands out as a very original setting among current rpgs. It's not only the skyships, which are a major and very interesting feature of the world, but several other points too: the Eternal Glory concept, which allows heroes to live longer and even become immortals; the World Souls concept, where each planet of the Solar system (the Soltan Ephemeris) has its own vitality and magic. The solar system itself, rich in different people and competing empires. It has, in my opinion, a bit of the best of several classic TSR worlds, and yet is as new and promising as you can get!
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    Bruce Heard's spiritual successor to the Mystara setting and associated line. Gives an overview of the setting which is a solar system of several (inhabited) planets, with increasing detail on the mainworld of the game and an area in particular known as the Great Caldera. Very much in the Mystaran tradition (the very late BECMI period in particular if that helps). Details the setting's gods, it's rather unique cosmology, ways to import characters from other settings, and a lot more. Very impressed with this - looking forward to the rest of the line.Note that this is not a stand alone product you will need an RPG set to use this. :) The further you get from the notions of campaign setting the size of a solar system with interplanetary airships int he Mystaran tradition the more work you'll have to do but should work like a dream with BECMI or another D&D variation (Dark Dungeons is what I'd use if I were to run this).
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    5 out of 5 rating for Calidar, In Stranger Skies

    A setting with fresh tweaks and twists on a classic fantasy world feel. In addition to colorful maps available in the product and expansions online, there's a wealth of geographic, cultural, and historical material to pull your players (and their PCs) deeper into this exploration-friendly campaign setting.
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