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    The Traveller Adventure d20 Gallery

    I am very excited about a new T20 campaign that I started a few weeks ago. So far we have had two sessions that the players have really enjoyed. In fact they wanted to play badly after the very detailed character creation and they had a ball buying hand computers and communications equipment.

    I am running the Traveller Adventure from classic Traveller and it really works well with T20 rules. Improvisation is very easy. I also started the adventure 9 or 10 years from when it is supposed to start (1114 v 1104/5) after the 5th Frontier War.

    ...and you may see a Story Hour here on these boards (a mirror of which I will have on the CoTI discussion forums .)

    I'll post basics about the PCs and NPCs--the crew of the March Harrier--next.
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    Captain Lenard

    Captain Enrique Lenard (NPC) Male Human (mixed) Merchant 9
    Hair: Brown (peppered with gray) Eyes: Blue Ht: 1.85 m Wt: 112kg Age: 44
    Str: 13 Dex: 15 Con: 16 Int: 17 Edu: 13 Wis: 13 Cha: 16 Soc: 11 HD: 9d6+27 Stamina: 66 Lifeblood: 16 Init: +2 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 14 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +7 Ref +5 Will +5
    Atk: +4 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: T/Gravatics +8, T/Computer +7, T/Astrogation +13, K/Interstellar Law +11, K/Homeworld +3, P/Prospecting +6, Pilot +8, Appraise +13, Bribery +10, Driving +7, Gather Information +15, Liason +11, Bluff +13, Gambling +9, Trader +15, Broker +15,
    Feats: Armor Prof (light), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Barter, Weapn Prof (Marksman), Calculating Eye, Dodge, Vessel (Grav), Vessel (Wheeled), Vessel (Ship's Boat) Narrow Escape, Trustworthy, Market Analyst, Connections (Merchants-Ling Standard Products, L.I.C.)
    Languages: Galanglic (R/W), Vargr-Gvegh, Darrian, Sword Worlder
    Possessions: TAS Membership, 131,000 Imperial Credits

    Hailing from the mining colony on Pallique/Mora (Spinward Marches 3029), Enrique had a long and prosperous career with Ling Standard Products developing trade routes from Mora to the Sword Worlds and even into Darrian space (and perhaps beyond!). He retired as an Executive Officer for LSP in the aftermath of the Fifth Frontier War after a term Planetside among the Border Worlds consolidating the company's interests in the new buffer state. Realizing--and honestly a little bitter after all that service--that his meager 6000 cr/year pension was not nearly enough to maintain an adequate lifestyle, Enrique left Ling and put up a substantial amount of his savings investing in a subsidy route for the March Group based out of Rhylannor subsector. He now serves as captain aboard the a tramp frieghter called the March Harrier. As a good judge of trade conditions he realized that a tougher crew would be needed for chugging near the Vargr Extents. Hence, he has assembled a group of war veterans and persons with military experience to man his humble starship.

    Next...the Shugili

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    Command Master Chief Kiguumegi Mamu (Imperial Navy, ret.) (NPC) Male Human (Pure Vilani) Navy 10
    Hair: Bald (w/silver forelock) Eyes: dark brown Ht: 1.85 m Wt: 117kg Age: 51 (but looks 41)
    Str: 12 Dex: 15 Con: 15 Int: 20 Edu: 14 Wis: 17 Cha: 13 Soc: 13 HD: 10d6+20 Stamina: 68 Lifeblood: 15 Init: +2 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 14 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +5 Ref +4 Will +10
    Atk: +7 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: T/Engineering +18, T/Computer +13, T/Mechanical +17, T/Electronics +17, T/Communication +14, T/Sensors +14, K/Interstellar Law +8, K/Homeworld +3, Gunnery +13, Pilot +10, Gather Information +14, Liason +10, Gambling +18, Survival (Vaccum/Space)+13, Recruiting +7, P/Administration +8
    Feats: Armor Prof (light), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Weapn Prof (Marksman), Weapon Prof (Laser), Weapon Prof (Ship's weapons), Vessel (Grav), Damage Control, Jury Rig, Gearhead, Miracle Worker, EW Specialist, Connections (Imperial Navy NCO's), Zero-G/Low-G Adaptation, Skill Focus (T/Engineering)
    Languages: Galanglic, High Vilani, Low Vilani, Vargr-Gvegh, Zhodani
    Possessions: High Passage x2, 155,000 Imperial Credits

    Kigu' is as Vilani as they come born from a family known for its longevity on Pirrom/Dusa (Vland 0530). He is also as Navy as they come serving 33 years in the Imperial Navy. In fact the Ol' Crusty fought in both the Fourth Frontier War,awarded with the Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry in the Battle of Two Suns, and the Fifth Frontier War where he was decorated with the Meritorious Conduct Under Fire in relief of the Siege of Jewell. Kigu' gained the distinction among his Naval peers as the man who could fix and jury rig anything. Among his fellow Vilani military men, he has been given the honorary title of Shugili for being able to make something out of nothing like the Vilani millers of ancient times. He serves as the chief engineer of the March Harrier, a position that he is very over-qualified for, but he stays to make sure his two Vilani "nephews" stay out of too much trouble. Plus, he is working on his own side-engineering projects--oh, the wonders one can do with TL-9 duct tape!
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    The Chevaliers

    Dr. Hans Chevalier (NPC) Male Human(mixed, but mostly Solomani) Academic 8 Hair: Black Eyes:Blue Ht: 1.75 m Wt: 68 kg Age: 34
    Str: 12 Dex: 15 Con: 15 Int: 18 Edu: 20 Wis: 14 Cha: 14 Soc: 14 HD: 8d4+16 Stamina: 41 Lifeblood: 15 Init: +2 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 14 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +6
    Atk: +4 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: T/Medical +23, T/Computer +18, T/Electronics +18, T/Sensors +16, T/Communication +10, T/Astrogation +10, K/Genetics +15, K/Chemistry +15, K/Xenobiology +15, P/Research Scientist +13, Pilot +6, Gather Information +14, Decipher Script + 15, Use Alien Devices + 13, Survival (Vaccuum)+3
    Feats: Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Vessel (Grav), Research, Advanced Research, Skill Focus (T/Medical), XenoMedicine, Surgery, Medical Specialization, Pseudo-Eidetic Memory, Advanced Knowledge, Mental Discipline
    Languages: Galanglic, Low Vilani, Vargr-Gvegh, Zhodani, Droyne
    Possessions: High Passage x1, Middle Passagex1 5,000 Imperial Credits

    Dr. Chevalier was born on the backwater asteroid mining colony of Gandr (Luinon/Spinward Marches 2425). Since he had been a young boy floating around his rockball home, he dreamed of a way out. Someone listened. Every so often, the University of Mora sends recruiters to these low population, out-of-the-way worlds and Hans was allowed to take the entrance exam to the University of Mora. He scored in the top 99% percentile and after a collection by the other belter families of the Gandr colony, was sent on his way. He did not disappoint: graduation with Honors in both Genetics and Chemistry, going to graduate school for a degree in Xenobiology also at Mora, and not stopping there. At the age of 26, he graduated from Medical School. Soon after he obatained a very prestigious Fellowship to study Droyne culture in far away Five-Sisters subsector. Returning to Mora he received accolade and award for his work entitled Droyne Casting: A key for an egalitarian society . Then he began pursuing his latest interest...Ancients and genetic engineering. Sponsored by SuSAG, L.I.C., he conducted field research and indigent care at several Vargr refugee camps along the Coreward border even at the height of the Fifth Frontier War. It was during his last trip that he met his wife-to-be on assignment for the megacorporation. Disgusted with the corporate control of his findings--still in litigation--, he returned one year of funding and headed back towards Mora. To his joy, Rani came with and they were soon married somewhere between Scangen (Gvurrdon 2937) and Rhylannor. Meeting up with Captain Lenard was another coincidence that went the good Doctor's way. Here he could pursue his work near (and hopefully in) the Vargr Extents without the corporate watchdog looking over his shoulder.

    Rani KaiLani-Chevalier (NPC) Female Human (mixed) Professional 7 Hair: Red Eyes: Green Ht: 1.58 m Wt: 46 kg Age: 30
    Str: 13 Dex: 18 Con: 14 Int: 16 Edu: 18 Wis: 14 Cha: 14 Soc: 13 HD: 7d6+16 Stamina: 54 Lifeblood: 14 Init: +4 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 16 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +7
    Atk: +5 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: P/Administration +15, K/Interstellar Law +12, K/Business +10, T/Medical +14, T/Computer +11, T/Electronics +13, T/Sensors +11, T/Mechanical +13, T/Gravatics +11, T/Engineering +11, Pilot +8, Entertain +9, Survival(Dense Atmosphere) +4
    Feats: Armor Prof. (Light Armor), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Vessel (Grav), Weapon Prof.(Marksman), Skill Focus (P/Administration), Professional Specialty (Technical), Professional Specialty (Interstellar Trade), Naval Architect, Surgery, Jury Rig, Gearhead, Miracle Worker
    Languages: Galanglic, Low Vilani, Vargr-Gvegh, Zhodani
    Possessions: Snub Pistol, gold watch, 150,000 Imperial Credits

    Rani hails from the self-styled cultural center of the Domain of Deneb, Mora "Gateway to the Marches" (Mora/Spinward Marches 3124). As such, she has a tendency to let everyone remember that. However, she herself is a self-educated "dame-of-all-trades" serving first with a ship-building consulting firm, then working with Mora Highport in the Ministry of Engineering, and then landing a managerial position with SuSAG, L.I.C.'s biotech division. During this last job she travelled into the Vargr Extents and even near Zhodani space doing technical consulting as well as tending to her managerial duties. Somewhere along the way she met Hans where she picked up (under his expert tutelage) techniques in field surgery. They soon fell in love and saw that their scope of expertise complimented each other. Leaving SuSAG (more to the point--leaving the frontier) to return to Mora was difficult, but now she sees the reward for that sacrifice--a chance for her and Hans to make their own way. Rani is not afraid to get dirty and the scrappy woman from Mora is not a bad shot with a pistol. As well as ship's steward and chief beureaucrat, she helps Kigu' in engineering (despite his complaints) and assists Hans as ship's nurse. She can also play a mean guitar.

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    my first PC! :cool:

    Force Commander Algeshshakirkhi Khudelamishikhar (Imperial Marines, ret.) Male Human (Answerin) Marine/Traveller 7/1 Hair:Black Eyes:Hazel Ht: 2m Wt: 114kg Age: 30 (looks 20)
    Str: 18 (20)* Dex: 18 (22) Con: 16 (20) Int: 18 Edu: 14 Wis: 14 Cha: 14 Soc: 13 HD: 7d10+1d6+24 Stamina: 87 (103)* Lifeblood: 16 (20) Init: +4 (+6) Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 18 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Chameleon option, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +8 Ref +7 Will +6
    Atk: +11/+6 (+13/+8)* Melee and Ranged
    Skills: Pilot +18, Gunner +12, Leader +9, Combat Engineering +10, Spot +9, Sense Motive +8, Survival (Desert World) +3, T/Gravatics +3, T/Communications +3, T/Mechanical +4, T/Sensors +10, T/Computer +4,T/Medical +4, T/Astrogation +6, T/Engineering +3, T/Electronics +3, P/Administration +4, Demolitions +9, Recruiting +3, K/Homeworld +3
    Feats: Armor Prof (light), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Armor Prof (Medium), Armor Prof (Battledress), Weapn Prof (Marksman), Weapn Prof (Swordsman), Weapn Prof (Combat Rifleman), Weapn Prof (Energy Weapons), Weapon Focus (Cutlass), Zero-G Combat, Vessel (Grav), Vessel (Starships), Ship's Weapons, Ship's Tactics, Tactics I, Skill Focus (Pilot), PMOS (Pilot)
    Languages: Galanglic (R/W), Low Vilani, High Vilani, Vargr-Gvegh, Darrian, Zhodani
    Possessions: ACR, Gauss Rifle, Masterwork Cutlass, 8860 Imperial Credits
    *Stats in parentheses represent numbers when Al' goes into the Answerin Battle Frenzy.

    Al' is an almost perfect physical specimen of humaniti hailing from Answerin (Vland 0431) and being a member of that minor human race. Answerin are taught that fear is a cancer of the mind and have a specific "psionic" ability whereby they can induce a battle frenzy when under duress. As might be expected, the Vilani have used them as shock troops for millenia. The mixing of pure Vilani blood has also made Al's family long-lived. However, his parents, despite the ancient tradition of martial prowess in the Answerin culture, tried to discourage Al' from joining the military and instead put pressure on him to attend University on Vland to eventually follow in their footsteps as minor bureaucrats in Makhidkarun.

    Al' had other plans. After visiting a local recruiter and seeing holos of marines in battledress on aerial patrol on Terra and Muan Gwi, he joined the Imperial Marines! During his first tour he was stationed as ship's troops across Corridor sector and in the Spinward Marches learning all the techniques of battledress operations including orbital insertions. As a fearless Answerin, these were tasks where he greatly excelled. Applying to OCS, he was transferred for a term to a civilian flight school at the University of Regina. Then he was shuttled quickly, now as an imperial marine pilot, to testing the latest version of the Rampart fighter at the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier War. His fearlessness as test pilot earned him the call sign "Saberwolf", after a megafauna ironically native to the Solomani Rim. Towards the end of the conflict, he saw heavy action on Esalin (Spinward Marches 1004) where somwhow he was able to fend off multiple Zhodani assault landers and still support beleaguered Imperial troops in his battered and burning fighter. This earned him the Starburst for Extreme Heroism and a promotion to Force Commander.

    Al' was destined for command, but somehow, and in his mind by some anti-Vilani conspiracy, he was honorably discharged much to the chagrin of his fellow pilots and commanders. In disgust he began the trip back to Vland sector with a stop-over in Rhylannor for recognition for all the heroes of the Fifth Frontier War. At the cermonies, he ran into Kigu', the old "Shugilli" Naval NCO who had really pushed Al' towards OCS and saw the initial advertisement for a pilot on board the Subsidized Merchant
    March Harrier. Captain Lenard was very persuasive. $$

    Forget Vland! Al' would make his own way trading among the stars...even though he would be driving the ship equivalent of a cargo van for a while.
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    oh so noble!

    Baron Tito "von Moonwalker" Male Human (mixed) Scout/Noble 6/1
    Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel Ht: 1.88 m Wt: 82 kg Age: 34 (looks older, maybe forty-ish)
    Str: 15 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int: 13 Edu: 17 Wis: 10 Cha: 15 Soc: 18 HD: 6d8+1d6+28 Stamina: 72 Lifeblood: 18 Init: +3 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 15 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +6 Ref +6 Will +5
    Atk: +7 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: T/Computer +4, K/Homeworld +3, K/Ancients +4, P/Administration +3, P/Survey +3, Pilot +6, Driving +5, Ride + 4, Gather Information +12, Liason +20 (24)*, Sense Motive +5, Survival (Water) + 1, Survival (Desert) +1, Gunnery +2, Navigation +7, Leader +8, Spot +5
    Feats: Armor Prof (light), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Weapn Prof (Marksman), Weapon Prof (lasers), Weapon Prof (ship's weapons), Weapon Prof (swordsman), Vessel (Grav), Vessel (Wheeled), Negotiator, Contact Specialist, Noble Presence, Trustworthy, Carousing
    Languages: Galanglic (R/W), Vargr (Vuakedh-Irilitok), Githiasko
    Possessions: TAS Membership, High Passage, Laser Pistol, Snub Pistol, Masterwork Revolver, Masterwork Rapier, 50,000 Imperial Credits
    *I looks crazy, but with the feats and noble presence (1st impression in parentheses), this is legit!

    All his life he had been taught about noblesse oblige, but he never saw it. As the first son of the Marquis of Areshu (2209 Antares), Tito was exposed too much to the corruption among the nobility especially in his family. The nobles he saw did not have a responsibility to the masses, only to themselves. He did not want to be groomed for that, so he left to try and regain that sense of the old Imperium where nobles would do their duty. He was blocked by agents loyal to his father when he tried to enlist in the Imperial Marines. He was blocked when he tried to join the Navy. Fortunately, his father did not have influence over the Scout Service, so he joined. Unfortunately, apparently out of a misguided sense of repsect for his station, he was given a series of routine assignments along the Julian/Imperial border. However, he made the best of it by learning as much as he could about Vargr, Julian and alien culture including outsystem patrol of Sabmiqys (2117 Antares) and liason work on Githiaski (2406 Antares) where he had the most fun interacting with the Githiaskio.

    Then he was recalled. His father felt that four years had been enough for his son to get the "wild hairs" out. Tito ran the spaceport facility as Baron of Ilkargii Highport. It almost bored him to death. Eventually, he ran away and rejoined the Scouts, travelling as far as possible so "dear old dad" wouldn't track him down. He touched down in the Spinward Marches. The only regret was leaving his sickly, younger sister Conchita. He promised that one day he would come back to her to take her to see all the wonders the Maker had allowed him to see.

    After four years of routine liason duties, Tito finally got his chance to participate in a first contact mission somewhere in District 268. It did not go so well with too much loss of life among the contact team and the xeno's due to an avoidable miscommunication. The self-imposed guilt has aged him. Soon after, he returned to inactive status in the Scouts and began the journey home. Along the way, he decided to be incognito...sort of. It is hard to hide his noble presence--and its use can be advantageous--but he has changed his name. Also, he has decided to avoid large commercial liners and travel via tramp freighter or scout ship. It will take infinitely longer, but he is really in no hurry to get home. He jumped on board the
    March Harrier at Jae Tellona (Spinward Marches 2814) and has been a paying passenger for the last 4 weeks or so, building a good friendship with the ex-Marines and the Chevaliers. Maybe he'll decide to stay...
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    Lt. Luudakirurikek Gaakhir (Imperial Navy, ret.) Male Human (Vilani) Navy 8
    Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Ht: 1.8 m Wt: 100 kg Age: 30 (looks 20)
    Str: 14 Dex: 18 Con: 16 Int: 16 Edu: 18 Wis: 14 Cha: 15 Soc: 11 HD: 8d8+24 Stamina: 62 Lifeblood: 16 Init: +4 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 16 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +5 Ref +6 Will +8
    Atk: +8 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: T/Astrogation +14, Forgery +7, Gambling +12, Navigation +14, Recruiting +9, T/Sensors +10, T/Communications +13, T/Computer +13, Forward Observer +10, P/Administration +4, Survival +3, Listen +4, Climb +4, Search +4, Tumble +5, Spot +4, Pilot +11
    Feats: Armor Prof (light), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Weapn Prof (Marksman), Weapon Prof (lasers), EW Specialist, Miracle Worker, Hacker, Vessel (Ship's Boat), Jury Rig, Damage Control
    Languages: Galanglic (R/W), Low Vilani, High Vilani, Aslan, Vargr-Gvekh
    Possessions: TAS Membership, Laser Pistol, Snub Pistol, Body Pistol, Plastic knife, Full Hand Computer and Personal Comnunications Suite (TL-14), 58,250 Imperial Credits

    Luu hails from the same world as Kigu' (Pirrom/Dusa Vland 0530) and their families knew each other. Similarly, the Mamu and Gaakhir families are know for their longevity and a tradition of Naval service dating back,they claim, to Ziru Sirka. Thus, for Luu' it was slated from birth that when he came of age he would enlist in the Imperial Navy. His first term gained him much experience along the Imperial Frontier as he patrolled against Vargr incursions with elements of the Corridor Fleet.

    During the Fifth Frontier War, Luu' became highly decorated. First, he was awarded the Starburst for Extreme Heroism at the Battle of Rhylannor for almost single-handedly holding the bridge of his <high profile ship>, against Zhodani Commandos until Imperial Marines were able to arrive in relief. He also gained a field commission in the process. As the war continued, Luu' transferred to the Siege of Jewell were his unit (the same as Kigu's) gained the MCUF for damage control operations under extreme duress. Having enough of battles and sieges, Luu' asked for a transfer to Research.

    The last three years of his tenure as a Naval Lieutenant were spent in top secret development of communications arrays. At least that's as much as he will admit. Revisiting Rhylannor for the decoration ceremonies on route back to Vland sector he ran into Uncle Kigu'. Then he ran into that crazy Answerin who, along with Captain Lenard were very persuasive in asking him to join their little operation. With some extra incentive--help relieving some gambling debt--he signed on as Chief Astrogator and 2nd Officer aboard the
    March Harrier.
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    1st Lt. Vincent del Fuego (Imperial Marines, ret.) Male Human (Mixed) Marine/Academic/Scout 6/1/1
    Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Ht: 1.93 m Wt: 97.5 kg Age: 34 (looks 38)
    Str: 14 Dex: 20 Con: 14 Int: 18 Edu: 18 Wis: 14 Cha: 14 Soc: 14 HD: 6d10+1d4+1d8+16 Stamina: 58 Lifeblood: 14 Init: +5 Spd 9 m (6 Hex/SQ)
    AC: 17 (Tailored Vacc Suit-14, Dex)
    Saves: Fort +7 Ref +9 Will +7
    Atk: +11/+6 Melee and Ranged
    Skills: Pilot +13, T/Computers +7, T/Mechanical +7, Survival(Vacuum) + 8, Spot +12, Tumble +15, Gunnery +13, T/Sensors +7, T/Medical +7, Listen +11, Search +9, Climb +5
    Feats: Armor Prof (Light), Armor Prof (Vacc Suit), Armor Prof (Medium), Armor Prof (Battledress), Weapn Prof (Marksman), Weapon Prof (Lasers), Weapon Prof (Ship's Weapons), Weapon Prof (Swordsman), Weapon Focus (Cutlass), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Sniper, Combat Relflexes, Obsure Knowledge, Pseudo-Eidetic Memory, Vessel (Grav)
    Languages: Galanglic (R/W), Aslan, Vargr-Gvekh, Sword-Worlder(Solomani German/Scandian dialect)
    Possessions: Adv Combat Rifle, Masterwork Cutlass, 31,000 Imperial Credits

    Vincent was born on Sestao (Reft 1301) on the edge of the Great Rift and near the border of Aslan ihatei territory. Influence from the Imperial Naval base there caused him to join the Imperial Marines when he was of age. There he spent two terms mostly dealing with counter-insurgencies among client states along the Imperial border in Reft and Trojan Reach sectors. As a ground-pounder he regularly faced Aslan units either trying to gain land for themselves or in the employ of the enemy. He gained a healthy respect for their combatants and honed his own skills to develop quickness and stealth to match. Towards the end of his tenure he gained notoriety in the eyes of the Aslan as an "assassin" even going to the point of "announcing" himself when on sniper missions as per Aslan tradition. Vincent, however learned the hardway that not all aliens, just like not all humans, are noble. His last encounter with the fteirle left most of his commando unit dead and him barely making back to basecamp. These particular Aslan had used his unit's belief in their tradition against them, luring them into an ambush on the lawless world of Theev (Trojan Reach 2116).

    With a sour taste in his mouth, Vincent went to the Scouts for four years performing routine surveys along the Imperial Border along the Great Rift, and encountering humans and aliens in such polities as the Florian League, the Senlian Confederate, Darrian Confederation, and several others in his sojurn. With all the pension he had saved from the marines and scout services he went to school on Glisten (Spinward Marches 2036) at the Glisten Institute of Planetological Studies where he graduated with honors with a degree in Engineering. Unfortunately, he was not able to use that degree to join the planetary expeditions as he had hoped.

    The Fifth Frontier War broke out and Vincent believed it was his duty to re-enlist. This time he entered commissioned, trained and assigned as a grav tank commander. Action consisted mainly of assault and consolidation activities against Sword Worlders. From action in the heavy ground combat on Lanth (c.1109), Vincent and his crew were awarded the Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry. Subsequently, 1st Lt. Del Fuego was transferred to the Border Worlds to conduct counter-insurgency operations against Sword Worlder sympathizers. He mustered out; his duty done now to continue his promising planetoligist carerr.

    How he was talked into joining the crew of the
    March Harrier he'll never figure out. It was probably the pitch that his fellow ex-Marine gave him about seeking fame and fortune. But the ceremonies on Rhylannor were full of emotion. He thinks that he reluctantly agreed. Now he always hopes that they will touch down on some exotic world where he can go and explore....

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    Block wsclark


    The Cast

    All of these characters are very nicely developed! How did you find the character generation rules and how well did the character creation session go?

    Would love to see some player insight into some of these characters as well.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Re: The Cast

    Originally posted by wsclark
    All of these characters are very nicely developed! How did you find the character generation rules and how well did the character creation session go?

    Would love to see some player insight into some of these characters as well.

    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks, Bill.

    I really enjoyed the character generation rules. I started playing Traveller when MegaTraveller came out and what drew me to the game was the prior history. T20 simulated it well and introduced Traveller in a great way to players who were new to the game and familiar with d20 rules.

    Because of char. gen. , my friends wanted to play! It went really well for all the players.

    They all have secrets of some sort that can become an adventure hook somewhere down the line.

    Hopefully, they will chime in here and in the story hour.

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