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    I have it placed in a chamber off from the roof of the main lair of Glazhael. The passage entrance is almost entirely blocked off by ice and frost, and is heavily obscured by ice stalagtites and frozen debris. Vampires should not be so easy to destroy so is likely going to be an ongoing threat even after they chase her off the castle. Many have cirticised the Op nature of skyreach - particularly with a vampire jsut as night patrol duty. I am leaving her in at full strength/threat but giving the party some slack through roleplay.

    Sandyssel wasnt asked to guard/watch, but was offered a safe place for a lair that she coudl easily travel without the threat of being found by adventurers in wagons etc when travelling from town to town.

    She doesnt care for Tiamat, living dragons or the Severin and his flunkies at all.
    She has a long term goal - a dragon mount that suits her taste.
    She has a short term goal - replace the two male elf spawn from the current PC group.

    She selected the barbarian for business time/lair protection
    She selected the warlock half-elf with 20 Chrarisma for party time

    neither of them are her swawn yet... but the barbarian remains charmed, open and receptive
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    Skyreach isn't the dragon's lair. Why wouldn't it just flee to save its own life when it got hurt bad enough to think its life was in danger?

    However, if the players are having fun it hardly matters.
    I agree and that was my initial position, however the chief headkickers (rezmir etc.. ) were all still at full strength when dragon was told to flee and recover so would conceivably return next day to investigate. If Sandyssyl gets the chance she will finish off the dragon and raise it as a vampire spawn thrall!

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