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    The foam board sounds great and does make it feel more epic. These are things that should have been in the book!

    I filled in the meetings with reports from 2 other groups of Adventurers and other fluff from the realms. Sean over at http://thecampaign20xx.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 had a group called Darks Company, I used the characters from his Tyranny of Dragons campaign. The PCs hated competition and the running joke throughout our subsequent campaigns is that everyone sings songs about Darkís company rather than the PCs.
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    Hi all, I just wanted to add my small contribution since I got so many great ideas from all of you guys. I was disappointed with all the Draakhorn idea: the first time players hear the sound it was really scary, and they soon went to the Sea of Moving Ice to find out more about it, even if in the end Maccath provides no real additional information, at least in the adventure as it is written. So I pimped it up a little, and decided that the horn has a secondary effect that only Maccath knows: not only it calls back all chromatic dragons, but it can also knock out metallic ones. This makes it a much more valuable asset for the Cult forces. Moreover it turned out pretty well in the Metallic Dragon episode, since right in the middle of the Metallic Dragon Council the Cult forces kicked in, flying on Skyreach Castle (my players did not succeed to crash it at the end of the previous book), blasting all the Draakhorn power, and trying to kill all the stunned metallic dragons there. The players had to sneak in the castle , find the Draakhorn and stop its sound before the Metalic Dragons were slained.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grob76 View Post
    I was disappointed with all the Draakhorn idea
    The player with a Ranger character wasn't happy that I "played his character for him" when I tried to foreshadow the Final Battle a little bit (by giving them a clue where the Cult's base is).

    The group had heard the initial call of the horn while they were in Waterdeep.
    The group heard it again, one day out from Waterdeep, and I told them the sound might be coming from somewhere southeast.
    Just before they tracked down Varram, I had the Ranger wake up to watch the sunrise. He could hear the horn sound in the quiet moment between the night creatures going a-bed and day creatures stirring in the morning. It seemed to be coming from the east.

    None of the group thought to get out a map and run a rough plot. If the campaign had lasted all the way through, I would have had the Council send the group off on some mission and have a member (probably whoever they didn't especially like) tell them "by the way, find out where the Draakhorn IS when you get a chance, would ya?"

    edit: The truly ancient dragons who just sit on the sidelines for both Tiamat and Storm King, should probably awaken and stir from their ages-long slumber because the Draakhorn buzzes in their ears like a nasty alarm clock.
    The metallic dragons on their Council should mention it too. An additional way to gain favor with the metallic dragons could be to create / invent an "aspirin" or "earmuffs" for them...
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