EN World Maps and Other Campaign Resources (Updated 12/04/2004)
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    Maps and Other Campaign Resources (Updated 12/04/2004)

    PLEASE CONTRIBUTE LINKS ON ANY CAMPAIGN OR GAME THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING HERE!! (I will update this occassionally, and try to remove non-functioning links and add new links.)


    As I promised in Edena of Neith's To My Friends in the IR thread, I promised to create a list of resources for WoTC's current and past settings. So here is what I have found. Let me know what you think, and please add any resources that you think would make the games in Gaming Action more enjoyable. Of course, do check out anything new on the Forgotten Realms and World of Greyhawk Settings over at Wizards of the Coast: http://www.wizards.com

    Your help on links is GREATLY appreciated.

    WotC's Map of the Week

    Official Wizards of the Coast Product Downloads

    Maps and other campaign setting resources

    Genonomicon: http://www.geonomicon.com/portal/
    (This site is very good for time lines for many of the published WOTC settings..)

    Chronology of the Planes:

    Places -- Planet Names of the Settings:
    (This thread lists planet names for various settings such as the planets in Realmspace and Greyspace.)

    Fantasy Name Generator

    More Fantasy Names

    Real World Names -By Culture:

    Twenty Thousand Names:



    Dictionaries for many real and invented languages.

    Ardalambion, a Tolkien linguistic site

    Forgotten Realms:

    Perilous Gateways

    Rand's Travelogue

    Perilous Gateways

    Rand's Travelogue


    Realms Personalities

    Wyrms of the North

    Thistledown Hall

    Master Ao

    Virtual Fantasy: The Forgotten Realms Index

    Yet Another Forgotten Realms Page!

    Project Silverymoon

    An Overview of the Realms

    3E Map of Toril

    Abeir-Toril from Space: http://boards.wizards.com/rpg-bin/ul...f=168;t=000414

    Dual Scimitars: http://www.xtreme-gaming.com/dualscimitars/main.htm

    Candlekeep: http://www.candlekeep.com

    Toril: http://www.chez.com/bossk/map/toril.htm

    More Realms maps:

    Toril Map: http://boards.wizards.com/rpg-bin/ul...f=168;t=000528
    (Really about one of the continents.)




    Al-Qaadim Map

    Map of Zakhara- NE

    Map of Zakhara -- NW

    Map of Zakhara -- SE

    Map of Zakhara -- SE


    Crosswinds- Kara-Tur


    Kara-Tur Timeline

    Wizards of the Coast Oriental Adventures boards

    Wizards of the Coast Kara-Tur boards

    Map of Shou Lung- NW

    Map of Shou Lung -NE

    Map of Shou Lung -SW

    Map of Shou Lung -SE



    Realmsspace Toril

    Maztican Timeline

    The World of Greyhawk:

    The Living Greyhawk Homepage

    A Short Introduction to the World of Greyhawk NyrDyv.com http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=lg/welcome]Official Living Greyhawk site[/URL]
    World of Greyhawk Maps: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/5878/wogmaps.html
    Greyhawk Maps: http://www.thewatchman.de/spidersweb/oerik.htm
    Oerth and Greyhawk maps: http://www.sodabob.com/roleplay/Campaigns/GreyhawkMaps/
    Oerth map: http://members.aol.com/cathbhadhx/tsroerth.gif
    Oerik Continent: http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/g.../supermap.html
    World of Greyhawk Map: http://www.arrantdestiny.com/maps.htm
    Greyhawk Maps: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/5878/wogmaps.html
    (One shows latitude.)
    Living Greyhawk Maps: http://ca.geocities.com/kanisl/
    World of Greyhawk Maps: http://talmeta.net/maps/wog.htm
    The Grodog's Greyhawk Adventures

    Robilar Message Board

    Gord's Greyhawk

    Falconer's Greyhawk Bibliography

    Gene Wiegel's List of Pure Greyhawk

    Greyhawk Support

    Castle Blackmoor


    Dragonlance Nexus (the OFFICIAL 3rd Edition site.):

    Dark Sun:
    The Burnt World of Athas (Official site): http://www.athas.org


    Okay, I know that I have been a little lax. However, here is some links for WotC's newest campaign setting -- Eberron.

    Official WotC Eberron website

    Keith Baker( creator of Eberron) Q&A thread

    The Breland Ledger

    WotC's Eberron Map Gallery

    Sebby's Eberron Map

    Kildaere007's Eberron Map

    Jhonen Olain's Eberron Journal Map

    Khorvaire Map (JPG)

    Eberron Map (8-sections for easy printing; please click the link on the page)

    Vaults of Pandius (Official Mystara Site): http://dnd.starflung.com/

    Secrets of the Kargatane (Official Campaign site): http://www.kargatane.com

    Birthright.net (Official site): http://www.birthright.net

    Planewalker. Com (The Official site): http://www.planewalker.com

    Beyond the Moons: http://www.darkwood.org/sj/

    Legend of the Five Rings:
    Official Updates: http://l5r.alderac.com/
    The Emerald Empire [Map]: http://www.westnet.com.au/mdewar/knklargemap.html
    Self Describing Map: http://www.kolumbus.fi/ksaarto/map/Map.html

    Kingdoms of Kalamar:

    Kenzer and Company
    Kingdoms of Kalamar official siteHubertian Maps: The Known World of Tellene A Kingdoms of Kalamar fan site
    Kinslayer's Kingdoms of Kalamar
    Finsteel's Kalamar

    Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed:

    Malhavoc Press

    The Diamond Throne



    Tekumel Press Release
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