Anti Scry Ideas needed....

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    Anti Scry Ideas needed....

    Recently our group fought some Frost Giants. They had a couple of high powered wizards with them (probably around 14th-15th level). We destroyed about half of the Frost Giants and took alot of their treasure.

    I am a 7th level Rogue/6th level Acrobat-Thief Halfling. Recently their have been two robed elves asking about our exploits regarding these giants and I've noticed that I'm constantly being scryed.

    In our world we can have magic items created but we have a cap on magic items, and I only have about 5,000gps available that I can use to buy a magic item.

    Any ideas on how I can foil the scrying attempts?


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    Next time you see those robed guys poke them in the eyes with a sword.

    Seriously though, unless you have a pretty competent wizard available willing to lose slots to cast anti-scrying spells, there isn't a whole lot to be done by you yourself; except to assault the scrying party and make them understand that it's very rude and you won't stand for it...death works well as a persuader.

    Otherwise, prepare to buy expensive items or just deal with it.

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    Too bad the amulet is 35,000 gp...that would work wonders.

    So it would take 17,000 gp and 1400 xps to make....
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    Know any sorcerors?

    You could potentially buy a wand of Detect Scrying (1400 gp), usuably by anyone with a level of Sorc/Wiz/Bard. The duration is 24 hours, so such an item would last you at least 50 days.

    How high is your Use Magic Device skill? If it's +10 or better, you could reliably use the wand yourself (even if you roll a 1, you'll not suffer the mishap. Worst case scenario is that you'll roll a 1 and be unable to use the wand for a day).

    Then you come up with detailed plans (using that high Bluff skill!) for when you're scried upon. When those beasties start checking in on you, you start talking about how well your "Mind control ray" is coming, and how you're having great success controlling one of the robed wizards.

    Or you could just buy a few smokesticks, and create a nice fog around you whenever you feel like you're being scried upon.

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    Get a Mind Blank item.
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    Originally posted by Tom Cashel
    Get a Mind Blank item.
    Mink Blank is real cheap too. Even a cheap, exploited item that cats the spell once per day would cost 48000. A more fair price might be over 200k.

    Nondetection provides a chance to beat divinations. Detect Scrying in the hands of someone with a good scry skill is quite good. You might be able to retaliate with the counter scrying from above, or use Nightmare to harass and annoy them.

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    A funny story:

    Our DM's Flat Earth Campaign: We are about to undertake a mission to kill the Count of Romania (No, it's not Dracula). We KNOW that we are being scried upon, thanks to half the party having detect scrying spells.

    So, we sit in our headquarters, playing cards, cooking, etc. until the enemy is no longer scrying. At a command, we all jump up, suit up, grab our equipment, and teleport into the heart of Romania, loaded with scrolls and wands of non-detection. We only had a limited amount of time to complete our mission, but we succeeded.

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    If you have someone with the Scry skill, the cheapest approach would be an item that gives +10 to Scry...for 2000gp you greatly improve your chance of perceiving the scry attempts.

    Otherwise, I would vote for Detect Scrying + Kick Scryer's Butt.

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