I have noticed a trend, and it is very disheartening. Why do people who dislike something jump into threads to stop people from talking about it?

This is the new face of edition wars... this week alone I have:

1) been told 4e roles where made up only for 4e, and have no place in pre or post 4e discusions... in a thread asking about roles.

2) been told the only way to play 4e is a way no fan of the system plays it (HP)

3) been told that there is no place in D&D for my fav class

4) been told that "real" D&D is not 4e...

5) 5e is most likely failing

6) True D&D is owned by piazo

Now it would be bad enough if this was only this week, but in general I've found this form has become less and less friendly, and more and more adversarial.

SO why is the edition wars heating up again?