Gray Elves (In Greyhawk)

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    Gray Elves (In Greyhawk)

    Not sure if it should be in rules or General... but here we go...

    I'm not familure with Greyhawk, so where in the World do Gray Elves live? What are some cities they live in etc.

    I play in a Greyhawk campaign, but I don't have any of the campaign sorce books (aside the PHB
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    Gray Elves are predominant in Celene (capital Enstad).
    In contrast, High Elves are predominant in Highfolk.

    There are also significant Gray Elves in the County of Sunndi, with minor numbers in some other places.

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    Also the Island nation the elves took over, whatisname, is basically run by grey elves.

    Only one grey elf clan in the Vesve, and far less involved in forest matters with their neighbors.

    Ruling class of Celene.

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    The Lendore Isles as they are known now but at one time IIRC they were also known as the Spindrift Isles.
    Wait, what did I just post?

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