WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
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    WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?

    Forbes spoke to WotC's Brand Director & Executive Producer for Dungeons & Dragons, who talked about the 5th Edition launch and his vision for D&D's future. The interview is fairly interesting - it confirms or repeats some information we already know, and also delves a little into the topic of D&D as a wider brand, rather than as a tabletop roleplaying game.

    In the interview, he reiterates previous statements that this is the biggest D&D launch ever, in terms of both money and units sold.

    We are story, story, story. The story drives everything.

    He repeats WoTC's emphasis on storylines, confirming the 1-2 stories per year philosphy. "We are story, story, story. The story drives everything. The need for new rules, the new races, new classes is just based on whats going to really make this adventure, this story, this kind kind of theme happen." He goes on to say that "Were not interested in putting out more books for books sake... theres zero plans for a Players Handbook 2 any time on the horizon."

    As for settings, he confirms that "were going to stay in the Forgotten Realms for the foreseeable future." That'll disappoint some folks, I'm sure, but it is their biggest setting, commercially.

    Stewart is not "a hundred percent comfortable" with the status of digital tools because he felt like "we took a great step backwards."

    Dungeons and Dragons stopped being a tabletop game years or decades ago.

    His thoughts on D&D's identity are interesting, too. He mentions that "Dungeons and Dragons stopped being a tabletop game years or decades ago". I'm not sure what that means. His view for the future of the brand includes video games, movies, action figures, and more: "This is no secret for anyone here, but the big thing I want to see is just a triple-A RPG video game. I want to see Baldurs Gate 3, I want to see a huge open-world RPG. I would love movies about Dungeons and Dragons, or better yet, serialized entertainment where were doing seasons of D&D stories and things like Forgotten Realms action figures of course Id love that, Im the biggest geek there is. But at the end of the day, the games what were missing in the portfolio."

    You can read the full interview here.
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    I like what I'm reading, with one caveat: There does need to be a psionics product, if only for the support of previous edition campaign conversions. But yeah, I agree that splat needs to have purpose. 75% of all the prestige classes in 3.x were gimmicky, silly, and contrived. There were a few gems, but these were highly thematic and probably best belonged in a campaign book or adventure path.
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    I'm pretty pleased with the direction D&D is going at the moment. I would like to see some shorter adventures published though, preferably tying into the bigger story arcs.

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    I really hope they alternate between big stories, smaller adventures, and campaign settings, but it doesn't look hopeful. It seems to me that's the best way to keep fans of multiple styles of D&D happy, rather than focusing solely on Realms-flavored monolithic-campaign-style D&D.
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    I am thrilled on the story story story idea with not just doing another phb, just cuz.
    That will make some people unhappy. If we get more UA's helping on how to create things that will work for me. I am the few not happy on FR setting focus, as I want official eberrron. Oh well just gotta do it myself, which is fun too but time consuming.

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    Staying in the Forgotten Realms...

    Thank God!

    My dream of regional books in one form or another is still alive.

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    I don't understand why this is making everyone cheer. They basically said that we aren't getting anything to use in MY stories. Just stuff I have to steal from theirs. I don't want their stories. I want tools for making my own.

    It's great that they want to give us video games but it doesn't do anything for my home game.

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    I am a little puzzled by the tabletop game remark. Not sure what he is saying there.

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    Sounds like the are considering one-shots in addition to APs, "I wouldnt be surprised if we do some books here and there that pick up things that the fanbase wants in between stories, because of the feedback were hearing. But by and large everything were delivering is supporting that annual story"

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    I don't mean to be a downer here, but are D&D stories really any good? I have only limited experience, but all the pre-made stories I've seen come out of WotC, including lost mine of Phandelver, are cheesy as hell.

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