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    The Eternal Empire of Toril speaks:

    Barbarian scum of Oerth, and you worshippers of the Dark (a reference to the Shadow Empire) ...

    Keep your wars to your own planet, and keep your primitive and filthy ways to yourselves.

    You are not welcome on our world, and especially you are not welcome in our lands.

    When you decide to embrace the ways of civilized men and women, when you abandon your madness and your wars, and you learn to behave yourselves as gentlemen and ladies should, then we will deign to talk to you.

    If you bring your war into our country, you will pay a dear price for your insolence.
    We will send our army to your world, and then you will learn the TRUE meaning of War.

    Keep your barbarious, filthy ways, and your insane dreams of conquest and war, on your own unfortunate world.
    Our world has suffered enough.

    This is your only warning.
    It will not be repeated.
    You next warning will be when you are killed.

    When you decide to behave yourselves like civilized people do, then we will talk.
    And not before.

    The Church of Shade, which you refer to as the Shadow Empire, will be crushed on Toril like a bug is crushed underfoot.
    What it does on your world, is not our concern.

    The Eternal Empire of Toril
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    Deep below the surface of Oerth a great Balor sits upon a throne made of the bones of the fallen.

    The images and sendings of many people dance across his mind. When it is done his tremendous intellect instantly turns to work. Telepathic messages glash from his mind in response Gates are opened allowing his allies through and the dead are risen and put to work. When this is done there is a flash of light and Lizandred the Lich appears before him, both dissapear to a meeting with Silverphase and the Formain congregation, before teleporting to the United Commonwealth meeting. Once the council is over they will return below the mountain range and continue their planning. Any panic among the Drow is quickly quelled by the Priestesses and Demon's, those who insist on foolishness are killed and Raised as Undead or given to the demons.

    Far away the leader of the Yuan-ti sits in thought after recieving the message of the Wanderer, suddenly his eyes widen as he recieves a message from Kalanyr, the Yuan-ti begin to move.

    In Rauxes Ivid sits on his great throne his army scurrying about him grinning with joy at the Destruction soon to be unleashed.

    The Drow will share technology with the following powers:
    Dark Union

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    The fleets of the Dark Union are heading towards the sea of Gearnat.
    The church of Mystra is publicly ridiculed. "Mystra is more than any other diety a goddess of Toril. Her power lies in the weave of magic of Toril. There is no weave on Oerth, therefore Mystra has no power on oerth and her followers are fools."
    The other new religions of Toril are also persecuted. The church of Hextor joins the Church of Aerdi in this endeavor, since the new religions are considered a potentially serious threat to them both.
    The Emperor continues to call himself a God and religious propaganda is omnipresent in the Dark Union. The Church of Aerdi (worshiping the Emperor) is given the task of administrating all aid to the needy and all healthcare and food distribution is put in their hands. It also involves itself deeply in the armies to breed an especially deep loyalty there.
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    (Several of you will have received messages that I forwarded at the request of Edena. Valkys is having severe e-mail headaches. Edena can verify that I have done so. Also, when will turn 1 likely start?)

    Lord Ronald of Keoland turns to Archcleric Hazen. "What do you think of the tidings from the Eternal Empire of Kara Tur?"

    "They seem to think poorly of us," Hazen says wearily. "Perhaps in time they can learn to see us otherwise. However, I think the Church of Shade has truly helped its cause on Toril. I imagine the Eternal Empire is more vigilantly seeking their members."

    "I am also sending a message to the League of Warlords. Our non-agression pact extends to them as well. I hope they realize there are threats which could crush all our lands -- if we are not careful. Until we sort out the Torillian issue, war is folly."
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    Toril religions....

    It goes what without saying that anyone found worshiping any Toril god within the boundaries of the Iuz/Ket/Bright Lands empire is goind to quietly dissapear inot those big black towers belching out black smoke along Skull Road.

    3:00 a.m. here, going to bed now. Must work tomorrow. Be back around 5:00 p.m. CST.
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    Any Drow found worshipping any god of Toril accept the gods of the Drow will meet a very sticky end on the altar. Any humanoids,Yuan-ti,undead worshipping Torillian Dieties will be put to Death (again if necessary)

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    Call to arms.

    To. Terrible Kas, Great God Emperor of Aerdi, Omnipotent Iuz, Honored Lord Melkor, Respected Turrosh, SilverPhase and Kalanyr.

    We have plotted, planned and scemed. Follow the plans and stand together as the Tides of Darkness will wash over the Flaeness as a Tempest in Midsummer Yuanti lands.
    We all know what to do we all know when to start so let's stand together and unleash that that has lain restlest beneath Oerth for so long and let Oerth know what they should truly fear.


    OOC: we all have our targets and we all have been over this the primary target has been set and let's go for it hard and fast.

    As the hive clustern brimms with energy, gates open portals open and the Swarm of formians and thralls rushes out into the vastness of the underdark and for every formian or unseelie that leaves the cluster another one appears summoned though a portal eading to a distant realm. Modrons apear and are set to work. But as the massive 35 PL swarm rushes out of the hive cluster another Swarm sets into motion. The Spelljammer forces waiting above Oerth are coming swarming down upon the continent to their preset targets. As the skies darken and screech, the world beneath trembles from a army marching below and who knows where they will come out. The Backlunish and Keoland are able to see and feel these to Swarms Converging on some point around the mountainrange in the southwest of Oerth.

    And what do the people of the Backlunish, the orcs in the hold of the seaprinces and the commoners of the kingdom of keoland do when they see and feel.... the Swarm?
    The Drow and SilverPhase and my other allies know what the time is and what they should do.

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    Forrester: We will send an envoy to you, too.

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    Forsaken One speaks right! We seem to have common enemies: Lortmilis, Kevellond League, elven alliance, Ulek. Shade will strike in the few days time( game time, it means 1st turn) before our enemies manage to fully moblize their forces! I think we have the rough battle plan already prepared. There are pernament Shade ambassadors in realms of our aliies.

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    A bier of curved arches rises silently over a silent city. This is the capital of Celene, a land that has been known by its arrogance and hatred of the races that are not elven (or as they say, olven). A delicately carved swan poses above the balcony, its wings outspread, welcoming the dawn.

    On top this lonely perch sits a council of three. First among them is a tall elf dressed in red clothing. He bends, brooding, forward on his chair, a glass of fine elven wine deftly perched on his right hand. His left hand, enclosed by a pale red glove, clenches and releases in turn.

    The Queen Yolande is dressed in a near transparent gown of white. Her features are fierce, haughty, and at the same time a flicker of fear burns in one of her eyes. Her back is straight, however. No dreadful tidings may ever change that steel-made determination from her. Her drink sits on the wood-wrought table before her, untouched.

    The Prince Melf sits tall in his chair also, his eyes burnished with pride. The symbol of Luna sits easily on his chest, strong and unrent by that many, many battles the proud prince has been forced to overcome. A soft smile sits lightly on lips used to such a friendly embrace of joy.

    The red one speaks. His voice is soft, and full of conviction. This is a man who inspires loyalty in even the most unlikely of places. He is the attribute of character personified, a master of gentle persuasion. The sword on his belt looks out of place, and always will; no matter how often it is used in the harsh conflicts that abound on Oerth.

    He speaks; “I thank you for your support Yolande. I think that the whole of Oerth will one day, as well.

    She responds; “Jand, I have considered the views of my brother for years beyond measure. I do not choose to act for him now, on a whim. I act because Celene would fall if I do not.” Pointedly, she ignores the proud prince, her eyes only on the Red Elf.

    The prince smiles on, despite this stark slight. “My queen, no matter your motive, you have saved Celene from the conflict that will soon rage all around, and inside, our borders.”

    The queen shifts her gaze to him, cold, immeasurable. Then she smiles, a frosty diplomat’s smile that all rulers learn before they take their first breath. “Celene will survive, that is true. No matter the cost.”

    Jand, The Red Elf, frowns heavily. Then he begins to speak, the first of many words. “It begins tonight…”


    The sun is at high noon in the west, banishing shadows and gloom. Harsh sunlight scatters off sails aplenty, bearing the symbols of Lendore and Varnaith, floating on the still, sunlit sea. Anfaren stands calmly on a jutting spar of his ship, the /Sunchaser/. His right hand holds lightly onto a rope that curls about the main mast, his left holds a compass to his eye. A soft nimbus of light surrounds him. Whether it is the sun playing tricks or some other power, an observer could not say.

    “Well well.” He mutters in the clear voice of a ship’s captain, a profession that requires near-perfect lungs during the darkest of storms, when the wind howls like an elven Banshee roused from her lair.

    The deck of the /Sunchaser/ is clear, on war footing, free from disrupting chaos. This will be the first battle undertaken by the ship, and not a small one. The /Sunchaser/ has three ballista decks; each crewed by forty elves who have been born and raised on water. The lower two decks are armed with Bore Shot, heavy ballista bolts meant to punch holes under the waterline of any opposing ships. The top deck is loaded with Chain Shot, a ballista that releases a flurry of snapping links that rip and tear at an enemy’s sails, snarling ropes and bringing the fastest ship to a dead halt in the water. An elven mage sits at the mage-seat of each craft, a location amidships least vulnerable to outside attacks, allowing the launch of fireballs and lightning bolts at will. Each wizard also has fog spells memorized, and gusts of wind to snatch enemy bolts out of the air.

    The elven crews are experienced, having fought pirates and wars time and time again. The Lendores are not idle when it comes to waterborne conflict, as any ships they face would ultimately realize, to a sinking doom.

    And when it comes to land conflict, well, Varnaith has never been a slouch at asserting its power in that regard. The elven battalions are trained forces, if rigid in their command structures. Few forces can stand against the unsheathing of all their bright swords at once.

    “Well, well. If the Yuan-ti are wise, they will give up their southern lands immedietly. If not, then a reckoning is to be paid, at long last."

    He smiles, one eye still on the spyglass.


    The oriental kingdoms are not idle. But it is the rare spy indeed that can slip into empires as closed and monitored as the Orients unnoticed.

    And no spy could ever slip OUT.

    All is unseen in the west.


    “It would come to this, wouldn’t it?” Says one mage to another.

    “Of course.”

    “We must act.”

    “Of course.”

    So they do.
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