Characters for Emerald's Game

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    Characters for Emerald's Game

    Jarrad, Human Fighter 3
    Str: 16 Dex: 12 Con: 14 Int: 10 Wis: 9 Cha: 10
    AL: N HP: 28
    Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Combat Reflexes, Dodge
    Skills: Ride (5/+6), Swim (3/+6), Climb (4/+7), Handle Animal (4/+3)
    BAB: +3 Melee: +6 Ranged: +4
    Fort: +5 Ref: +3 Will: +0
    Armor: Chain Mail and Large Steel Shield (AC: 18)
    Weapon: MW Longsword (+8/1d8+3/19-20x2)
    Long Bow (+4/1d8/x3)
    Dagger (+6/1d4+3/19-20x2)
    Eqpt: Hemp Rope, Rations (10), 10 Torches, Waterskin, Traveler's Outfit, Oil flask (3)
    Light Horse: Gallant
    Riding Saddle
    XP: 4500
    GP: 87 gp

    Jarrad used to be a farmhand who was bored of his work. He decided to try his hand as a mercenary, stowing away with a caravan one day and venturing off into the unknown. He trained with a band of soldiers
    and has seen some fighting. He learnt of the hoard and was hired to aid in its retrieval, hoping to use the moneys to buy himself a good suit of armor and a nice
    sword. Surely the lady Magnar would not reject him seeing how fine he looked...
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    Reinert of Ken
    Male Dwarf Rogue 2/ Fighter 1
    Alignment: Unknown Move 20 feet
    HP 16 AC 15 (Masterwork Studded Leather + Dex)
    17 (add Large Wooden Sheild)
    S 14 D 14 C 15 I 14 W 10 Ch 6
    Feats: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Lightening Reflexes [evasion, sneak attack]
    Skills - including masterwork tools,silk rope, but not shield, & ability adjustments (rank)
    Appraise 4(2), Balance 4(2), Climb 7(5), Disable Devise 9(5), Escape Artist 6(4), Hide 7(5), Jump 4(2), Listen 3(3), Move Silently 7(5), Open Locks 9(5), Search 7(5), Sense Motive 4(4), Spot 5(5), Use Rope 6(2)

    Saves: F 4, R 7, W 0
    Long Sword +4(1d8)+2 (or +3 dmg if used two handed)
    Mighty comp long bow +4(1d8)+2 - +5(1d8)+3 if w/in 30 feet

    Reinert is an ugly dwarf. His body is muscular & agile, but his face is covered with thick wrinkles, like a fat old man. He generally refuses to answer questions about his past. He has skin the color of Gap Khakis & dark brown hair with grey strands & an unkempt beard that falls to mid chest. His eyes are black.

    At this point in the adventure, he keeps his gear & his sheild in Kaltide's cart, which include his backpack, waterskin, silk rope, bedroll, grappling hook, & two gallons of ale. He keeps his longsword strapped over his broad back, along with a quiver full of barbed shafts. He keeps his bow at hand. He keeps his masterwork theives tools in a belt pouch, & a dagger sheathed in his boot.
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    Cattivo, Male Half-Elf
    Hit Dice: (3d6)+3
    Hit Points: 16
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: Walk 30'
    AC: 12
    Attacks: Dagger +2; Dagger (Thrown) +4; *Crossbow (Light) +4; Whip +4;
    Damage: Dagger 1d4; Dagger (Thrown) 1d4; *Crossbow (Light) 1d8; Whip 1d2(s);
    Special Qualities: Bardic knowledge (+5), Bardic music 3/day, Elven Blood, Immunity to sleep, save +2 vs enchantment spells
    Saves: Fortitude: +2, Reflex: +5, Will: +2
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 14
    Skills: Appraise 4; Balance 2; Bluff 5; Climb 0; Concentration 5; Decipher Script 6; Diplomacy 2; Disguise 2; Escape Artist 5; Forgery 2; Gather Information 2; Heal -1; Hide 2; Intimidate 2; Jump 0; Knowledge (Arcana) 4; Knowledge (Religion) 4; Knowledge (Streetwise) 4; Listen 2; Move Silently 2; Perform 8; Ride 2; Search 3; Sense Motive 0; Spellcraft 6; Spot 0; Swim -1; Use Rope 2; Tumble 3; Wilderness Lore -1; Craft (Untrained) 2;
    Feats: Spell Focus (Enchantment); Exotic Weapon (Whip)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Possessions: Bolts (Crossbow/10); Outfit (Traveler's); Jewelled Dagger; Crossbow (Light); Mirror; backpack; belt pouch; bedroll; flint & steel; ink & pen; alchemist's fire (3); soap; waterskin; masterwork harp; spell component pouch; courtier's outfit (3); entertainer's outfit; scroll case; paper (10 sheets); potion of cure light wounds (2); scroll of charm person (2); scroll of sleep (2); potion of spider climb; potion of alter self; whip; coins (113.8 gp).

    If Cattivo lived in the 21st century, he'd be one of those people who wears all black, smokes foreign cigarettes, and spends far too much time in coffee shops talking about their tortured existence as an artist while grossly misquoting people who actually knew how to write.

    Fortunately, he lives in a time and place which tends to chew people like that up and spit them out, so he has had just enough sense knocked into him that he is not a total waste of space (not quite).

    He is, however, extremely moody and sarcastic, though with a certain innate style that makes it hard for others to dislike him.

    Unlike most half-elves, Cattivo demonstrates no interest in, or respect for, the natural world. He is resolutely a 'city boy' and treats all kinds of wilderness and nature with a cold and indiscriminate disdain.
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    Kaltide Kalamari
    Male Human Fisherwizard (Conjurer) Level 3
    Alignment: NG
    Age: 24 | Height: 5'5' | Weight: 145lbs | Hair: dirty | Eyes: brown

    HD: 3d4+6 (Conjurer)
    HP: 16
    AC: 11 (+1 Dex)
    Initiative: +1 (Dex)
    Base Attack Bonus: +1
    Melee Attack Bonus: +0 (+1 BAB, -1 Str)
    Ranged Attack Bonus: +2 (+1 BAB, +1 Dex)

    Feats: Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Still Spell, Heighten Spell

    Short Spear (melee) +0, Damage: 1d8-1, Critical: x3
    Short Spear (ranged) +2, Damage: 1d8, Critical: x3, RangeIncr: 20'
    Thunderstone (ranged) +2, Damage: deafness 10' burst Fort save DC 15 to resist), RangeIncr: 20'

    Str: 9 (-1)
    Dex: 12 (+1)
    Con: 14 (+2)
    Int: 17 (+3)
    Wis: 8 (-1)
    Cha: 9 (+0)

    Reflex: +2
    Will: +2

    Specilization: Conjuration (silver); Forbidden: Evocation
    0th (DC 13): Resistance, Ray of Frost, Detect Poison, Daze, Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Disrupt Undead, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Read Magic.
    1st (DC 14): Endure Elements, Obscuring Mist, Summon Monster I, Ventriloquism, True Strike, Animate Rope, Color Spray.
    2nd (DC 15): Summon Monster II, Invisibility.

    Typically Memorized:
    (0) Ray of Frost, Detect Magic, Dancing Lights, Mending, Ray of Frost (school)
    (1) Animate Rope, Color Spray x2, Obscuring Mist (school)
    (2) Heightened Color Spray, Invisibility, Summon Monster II (school)

    2 thunderstones (carried)
    4 shortspears (1 carried, 3 tied to horse)

    component pouch (worn)

    Rowboat (back at home)

    5 light horses (graciously sharing with the rest of the party)

    backpack (worn) containing:
    Flint and Steel
    6 sacks
    50' hemp rope
    hooded lantern
    2 flasks of oil
    1 waterskin
    5 days rations
    1 Potions of Endure Elements (cold)

    scroll case (worn) containing:
    Scroll of Summon Monster I
    Scroll of Color Spray
    Scroll of Obscuring Mist

    Cash: 175 gp
    Gems and Valuables: none
    Experience: 3000
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    Chaotic Good Cleric of the Purging Sun 2982/6000 experience
    Hit Dice: 3d8 (17 hp)
    Initiative: -1 (Dex)
    Speed: 30 ft.
    AC: 17 (-1 Dex, +6 Armor, +2 Shield)
    Attacks: Masterwork Mace +4 melee, Quarterstaff +3 melee, +1 ranged.
    Damage: Masterwork Mace 1d8+1, Quarterstaff 1d6+1
    Class Abilities: Turn Undead, Cleric Spells (4/3+1/2+1), Domains (Destruction, Sun)
    Race Abilities: Human
    Saves: Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +4
    Abilities: Str 13, Dex 8, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 15
    Skills: Concentration +5 [5], Heal +8 [6], Knowledge (religion) +3 [3], Spellcraft +4 [4]
    Feats: Brew Potion, Extra Turning, Scribe Scroll

    Golden Holy Symbol
    Prayer Book

    Spell Preparation
    Normal: 0th -- Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic. 1st -- Bless, Detect Evil, *Endure Elements, Protection from Evil. 2nd -- Resist Elements, Shatter, Shield Other.
    Combat: 0th -- Detect Magic, Detect Poison x2, Light. 1st -- Bless, Inflict Light Wounds, Magic Stone, Protection from Evil. 2nd -- Bull's Strength, Endurance, Shatter.
    Non-Combat: 0th -- Detect Magic, Guidance x2, Read Magic. 1st -- Comprehend Languages, *Endure Elements, Sanctuary, Protection from Evil. 2nd -- Augury, Enthrall, Shatter.
    Church Inquisitor: 0th -- Detect Magic x2, Guidance x2. 1st -- Comprehend Languages, Detect Evil, Detect Undead, Inflict Light Wounds. 2nd -- Enthrall, Heat Metal, Zone of Truth.
    Healer: 0th -- Create Water, Detect Poison, Guidance, Purify Food and Drink. 1st -- Deathwatch, *Endure Elements, Remove Fear, Protection from Evil. 2nd -- Delay Poison, Lesser Restoration, Shatter.
    Rogue: 0th -- Detect Magic, Light, Guidance, Read Magic. 1st -- *Endure Elements, Invisibility to Undead, Obscuring Mist, Shield of Faith 2nd -- Find Traps, Shatter, Undetectable Alignment.
    *Endure cold or fire only.

    Birth: Bless Water, Create Water, Deathwatch, Guidance, Shield Other x2.
    Wedding: Animal Messenger x2, Bless, Guidance.
    Funeral: Bless Water, Create Water, Consecrate, Enthrall, Guidance.

    Scrolls Prepared
    8 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds (100 gp)
    2 Scrolls of Endure Elements (25 gp)
    2 Scrolls of Magic Weapon (25 gp)
    2 Scrolls of Magic Stone (25 gp)
    2 Scrolls of Detect Evil (25 gp)
    2 Scrolls of Shield of Faith (25 gp)

    134 Gold Pieces
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    I can delete posts that are no-longer necessary in this thread for the DM if wanted. Just tell me if you need that done. Also, I did my level-up, but for now I'm still level 2 until I gain 8 more experience points ().

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    You can get in a fistfight with Kaltide if it'll push you into level 3!

    Or you can walk next to the wagon, stomping on bugs... You might have to find a lot of bugs together though so the EL will be high enough...
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