DM/GMs- Most memorable Villians/Anagontists you've created.

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    DM/GMs- Most memorable Villians/Anagontists you've created.

    Well I know that I've not managed to do much prep time stuff for a campaign nor much gaming period BUT I have been mulling around ideas for new and interesting NPCs, especially villians.

    Now I think we can skip the usual pleasentries about what makes a great villian and/or antagonist. What I'D like to see is some villains and/or anatongists you have used, (can be from ANY edition but PLEASE keep it D&D for the sake of easy of use. But d20 systems are welcome so Star Wars, Wheel of Time CoC are fine). Just like to see what you come up with. I'll post mine a little later on.
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    A 1e title so awesome it's not in the book (Lvl 21)

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    An old, patriotic Mind Flayer who knows his time is going to be up soon, and that the rest of his people are willing to be whittled away at by the incursions of the surface. He wants to die a hero, so for the last five years of his life, he orchestrates an intensely complicated plot that will lead his people back to glory. His goal is to make every inhabitant of the surface become enraged, cursed by the infernal light of their own sun.
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    a lvl 12 psionic warr (party of lvl 10) who had whirlwind and buffed out on psychofeedback- str. Jumped into the crowd of PCs and whirlwind once- took 70 pts per person...

    and then high armor and melee feats helped last for a while...

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    A necromancer Donald Trump wannabe who was hellbent on building a huge domain for rich merchants over the sacred grove of a PC druid.

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    My favorite villain was a guy molded somehow after Vin Diesel's character from Pitch Black.
    His name was Reddick, and he was a lawful evil Half-Orc Ranger/Monk. The best part was that the PCs were forced to work with and for him, and being majorly bugged by him. All towards beating a yet greater villain.

    They despised him as much as they loved him. Actually, they later met him again, and Reddick had lost an arm and an eye, and was totally unkempt and dirty.

    One player even invested his hard-earned money to get a new magical arm for him, crafting it to Reddick's arm stump in a bloody operation.

    Then, the big villain resurfaced, and Reddick got his groove back, and gathered the "old guys" to kill him once and for all.

    They left to face the villain, and reddick showed he was even more unbearable than before, now bearing spite and hatred towards his own weakness.

    Yet, even though Reddick was selfish, unforgiving, brutal, arrogant, and uncaring - my players respected him, and followed him!

    It was so great. They waited for him to screw them, yet they followed his every word...

    Then, they met a Fang Dragon in Cormanthor.

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    I didnt create him but he drove me nuts.

    He was....


    the HALFLING Deathnight.

    Yep, and he was a pain in the butt to deal with.

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    The noble mother of one of the player characters. She wanted the best for her son, did not like the people he was hanging with, wanted him to marry and settle down!

    She worked from the shadows and used henchmen mostly. Some of the advendures, kidnapped a princess (hope for a wife), help the king (get a real job), clean up a keep (buy a house/rent an appartment), up a station (clean up your act), take out the trash (death to the rest of the party).
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    Hmmm, lessee. From my Planescape campaign:

    - The Arcanatum. A sect of technomancers, led by Elisandra Tormax (lvl 12 wizard) and her old adventuring party. Quite interesting to run because though they were the villains, they were all LN, N or CN - no evils.

    The PC's destroyed their bases in Mechanus, Arcadia and Acheron, and their Planar Rifter sitting in a huge rift between the planes of water and fire. After toasting the entire organisation, they still couldn't stop Elisandra from getting away. The Arcanatum's master plan was a nasty one involving an 'ideavirus' - a magical energy that sought out life-forms when released, and which could be tailored with other spells laden on it (like charm spells ).

    - Kilshanor, Archmage of the City of Splinters in Baator. One absolute terror of a villain, he was a level 18 red abishai with amazing stats and absolutely min/maxed into a death-dealing machine, as well as carrying more magic items on him than most wizard see in a lifetime (over 30 scrolls, plus all sorts of neat high-powered items, including a Staf of the Magi and an Orb of Dragonkind). Remember - he was a baatorian *archmage* and mastermind of a baatezu invasion of Mount Celestia.

    The players were in absolute awe of him, thought he was immensely cool (he was very arrogant, but also incredibly charismatic and suave), and hated him, all at the same time. I think they realised just how hard he was when he beat up a fair number of factols in Sigil during raids on faction HQ's to steal items for his masterplan (Attempting to recover the pieces of an artifact which could shift entire planes around).

    Eventually and with much luck taken out on Mount Celestia. But damn, he was tough. Kept on time stopping. When they mazed him, he time stopped while in the maze and used the rounds to nip back out again. The killing blow was as follows (after a long and massive battle) - hasted enchantress uses Ring of the Ram to bull-rush him through his own prismatic wall, then uses a free action dimension door from her magic cloak to nip over to the other side and bull-rushes him back through herself (she was poly'd into a giant). A noble act of sacrifice but she luckily survived, while Kilshanor didn't...

    - Lots of new villains in my new campaign - see the story hour link in my sig and see if you can predict any individuals who've appeared so far that might end up as important villains
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    In my campaign the PCs are basicly in the army and I have their section, if you will, divided up into 4 companies. They are company B and their rivals are company A. Its always great when the PCs arrive at their loctaioin and see their reaction to company A being their right before and scering the The PCs.
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    One addendum to my previous post, I almost forgot:

    Reddick was always at the PCs level or one below! They could have beaten him one-on-one, much less as a group! Still they thought they'd never have a chance in a direct fight...

    I loved that guy,

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