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I think that's been changed for 5E -- the description in Out of the Abyss says "Yeenoghu's lair in the Abyss is called the Death Dells, its barren hills and ravines serving as one great hunting ground, where he pursues captured mortals in a cruel game" and "there are few structures or signs of civilization on his layer of the Abyss".

They probably changed it because gnolls in 5E are really animalistic/berserk.
I guess it fits the new gnolls, doesn't seem as original though.

Wow...Interesting, I always assumed Zuggtmoy and Juiblex were the weakest demon lords since their main attentions were focused on mindless creatures rather than either gathering souls from the Material worlds or conquest within the Abyss.
Zuggtmoy is/was the one running the (original) Temple of Elemental Evil 'scam' with Iuz.

(In 5E, Baphomet, Fraz-Urb'luu, Juiblex, and Zuggtmoy are CR 23; Graz'zt and Yeenoghu are CR 24; Demogorgon and Orcus are CR 26.)
I don't know why they change these things I guess maybe they just don't care about the past interpretations.

OK-but is there a formula for those?
Nope...but I just though of one.

-100 years + Culture's Lifespan...then take the square root of that number.

So 1000 year society (to be considered a society needs over 1 million people that is) would have 30 immortals.

15 = Level 21, 7 = L22, 3 = L23, 1 = L24, 1 = L25, 1 = L26, 1 = L27, 1 = L28

Note that some of those immortals could have been destroyed/imprisoned etc.

And how do different natural lifespans (human/half-orc vs elf/dwarf) affect it?
They don't. Otherwise Elves would be better at everything. I suspect a rational answer is that Elves get bored easily and simply don't adventure as much BECAUSE of their long life-spans.