1E AD&D 1E Players Handbook In PDF
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    AD&D 1E Players Handbook In PDF

    The AD&D 1st Edition Players Handbook has just his DnDClassics - which means that you can now buy it in PDF format. Originally published in 1978, with an iconic cover by Dave Trampier, the book is 128 pages and available for $9.99.

    Grab it right here!

    The 1st Edition Player's Handbook is back!

    No more searching through stacks of books and magazines to find out what you need to know. The Player's Handbook puts it all at your fingertips, including: All recommended character classes: Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, Magic-Users, and more.

    Character Races: Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Humans, and more.
    Character Level Statistics.
    Equipment lists with costs.
    Spell listings by level and descriptions of effects (including many new spells!).

    As a dungeon adventurer or Dungeon Master, you will find the contents of this book to be what you have been waiting for. All useful material is now compiled under one cover, especially for players!

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    Here's the iconic original cover:

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    Although I'm personally fond of this one:

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    now they just need to release 2e ad&d, and i will be very happy!

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    Nice. So hopefully 2E and 0E will not be far behind...or even 4E, for that matter.

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    Sweet. Still waiting on the 2e World-builder's Guide, though.

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    Or, I don't know, the current edition PHB might be nice.

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    I'm impressed by the price. $10 for a core book PDF seems fair.

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    Wow. $10 is fair! Nice one WotC!

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    Hopefully this means WotC will be re-releasing the DMG and MM as well as the booklets and supplements for the OED that they released and then pulled 10 years ago.

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    Yeah, but when are they going to do PDFs for 5e??? That's one big reason why I'm not seriously checking out the new system.

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    Does anyone know if it contains the errata and updates?

    @Johh Miller-Wells: I purchased the .pdf when it was first released, and I received this release automatically. So it seems so.

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