5E Depth of Felk Mor?
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    Depth of Felk Mor?

    Has anyone else bought this?


    I took a punt on it for $10 and its a 256 page megadungoen form the look of it. Reading through it now. Looks very IOSR in presentation using the old 1E font and B/W art

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    My review is here: http://merricb.com/2016/02/12/5e-adv...s-of-felk-mor/

    Lots of good stuff. Excellent art. But enough stuff doesn't click for me, which is a pity.

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    I picked it up about a week ago and my impressions are pretty much spot on with MerricB's review. The use of Lovecraft-inspired horror works well and adds a ton of character to what could otherwise feel like a generic megadungeon. There is a lot of great art for a third party product. The Felk Mor section itself is pretty cool. But too much of the dungeon feels like it exists for no other reason than to be an obstacle course for adventures to overcome. Also, the writing often feels like a first draft that never got properly reviewed or edited.

    Overall I don't think I would run the whole thing as written, but there is more than enough good material there to justify the $10.

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