AMA with Bruce R Cordell (The Strange, D&D, Monte Cook Games)
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    AMA with Bruce R Cordell (The Strange, D&D, Monte Cook Games)

    Starting Tuesday March 1st, 2016, I will be holding an AMA right here on EN World! So, what would you guys like to talk about? Ill be answering questions for 3 days, wrapping up at noon PST on Thursday, March 3rd.

    Of interest to ENWorlders, I've been professionally designing games for 23 years, and have worked on D&D 2E, 3E, 4E and yes, even 5E. Ive worked on Planescape, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Gamma World, and tons of other games. Ive written nine published novels, mostly set in the Forgotten Realms. I wrote the award-winning Return to the Tomb of Horrors and co-designed the ENnie-award winning The Strange with Monte Cook. I worked full time at TSR, Wizards of the Coast, and now at Monte Cook Games. In fact, On Feb 29th, MCG launched the Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter, which will feature one (or more?) RPG books written by me.

    TL;DR Worked on a lot of games and some novels

    (I do other stuff, but probably not of interest for most of you.)

    Bring on the questions!

    Bruce R Cordell
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    First off, congratulations with your successful move over to Monte Cook Games, with working on The Strange, and additional Cypher System games, and all the fun stuff that goes with making your own RPG, and with throwing a few new surprises out there for players and GM's alike into the RPG world! It's always a pleasure to see innovative, and award winning New RPG Design. I have just three questions to getting this AMA going...

    1) I noticed you all are about ready to start your new Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter. Are there any provisions with this for players to contribute to an Open Source World that is shared online for all GMs to use?

    2) Also noticed you returned from Italy not to long ago from a gaming convention with a new award as well for Monte Cook Games! Is there anything you would like your American audience to know about this? Planning on returning to Europe anytime soon? Also what other languages are Cypher system games being published in these days?

    3) So you have successfully flight tested your aerial drone. Have you had any additional fun with it, or conducted recon flights, or just had some fun with some X sports style moviemaking using the drone? Any good stories to tell with this?

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    If it was up to you, what would be the composition of the adventuring party (race/class, etc...) for the next D&D movie?

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    Hi Bruce,

    1. How will first Tier characters in Gods of the Fall compare to first tier characters in The Strange (are they more powerful/use Power shifts?)
    2. What fascinates you about Psionics?
    3. If you had to pick another career, what would it be?
    4. Do you have any professional activities outside of MCG?
    5. Is it true your license plate is PSIONIC?
    6. What other rpg's do you find innovative?
    7. Ever study marital arts?
    8. What is next for The Strange?

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    Oh, and could you put in a good word over there at MCG and get Ari Marmell (our in house Mouseferatu) on deck as a Stretch Goal to write a setting book for the Cypher System for the current Kickstarter, maybe when you hit 100k?

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    One of my favourite things about 4E Realms was the world of Abeir. Was Abeir your creation? Was it very fleshed out as a world?

    I would love to see an "Abeir campaign setting" but probably very unlikely. (Maybe someone will write one and put up on the Dungeon Masters Guild.)

    Also, was the City of Stormport in the AD&D 2E Illithiad trilogy of modules based off anything? Was it a city in your own campaign world? Is there any city - real or fictional - that you think would be a good fit for Stormport?


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    Hi Bruce!

    What is your realistic dream stretch goal for the current Kickstarter? Yes, we'd all love a JJ Abrams production of The Strange as a TV show, but barring that.

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    What are your favorite non-D&D/WotC (or MCG) TableTop RPG settings?

    You worked on the Psionics Handbook for Wizard's 3rd Edition D&D as well as Mindscapes for Malhavoc Press. Do you plan on bringing a psionic campaign setting and expanded rules for the Cypher System? What might that setting look like?

    What appeals to you most about the Cypher System as 1) a player, 2) a GM, and 3) a game designer?

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    Psionics and 5e - Cypher System

    Hi Bruce,

    1) With the OGL for 5e and the DM's guild available, are you planning in filling the psionic void of 5e?

    2) I'm intrigued by the Cypher System, and there is a lot of support for Numenera and The Strange. Are there any short, introductory adventures available for the generic system as well, a learn the rules type of adventure?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonBelow View Post
    Hi Bruce,

    2) I'm intrigued by the cypher system, and there is a lot of support for the Numenera and The Strange. Are there any short, introductory adventures available for the generic system as well, a learn the rules type of adventure?
    I would like to second this suggestion.

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