AMA: Richard Baker, author of lots of stuff!
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    AMA: Richard Baker, author of lots of stuff!

    Hi, there! I'm game designer and author Richard Baker. Starting Wednesday on May 4th, I'll tackle an Ask-Me-Anything here on EN World! Iĺll answer your questions for 3 days, wrapping up at noon PST on Friday, May 6th.

    You may know me from work such as:

    • Birthright Campaign Setting (2e)
    • Alternity Science Fiction Roleplaying Game
    • 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons
    • 3rd edition Forgotten Realms (I was the creative director)
    • Dark Sun Campaign Setting (4e)
    • Gamma World Roleplaying Game (4e)
    • Lost Mines of Phandelver (5e)
    • Princes of the Apocalypse (5e)
    • Primeval Thule Campaign Setting (lots of editions)
    • Conquest of Nerath and Axis & Allies Miniatures
    • A dozen Forgotten Realms novels, including the LAST MYTHAL and BLADES OF THE MOONSEA trilogies

    Oh, and I am currently Kickstarting my brand-new boardgame Ultimate Scheme. Check it out at:

    Stop on by and ask me anything!

    Richard Baker
    Sasquatch Game Studio

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    Hi Rich

    I will be the first to say what a great honor it is for you to be here.

    Question: GW 4E--did they make you put in that collectible card component, or did you see that as intrinsic to the game?

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    Good Morning. I loved Alternity, but thought it may have been a bit ahead of its time. Can you talk a little about how the idea came about and if there are any plans for Alternity moving forward?
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    Looking forward to Ultimate Scheme. Can we expect some D&D or Gamma World Easter eggs in the game? Maybe it would break the flavor of the game, but there are certainly some fantasy ultimate-scheme tropes one could have a lot of fun with.

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    Good Morning,

    I really love Primeval Thule (5e)... are you guys planning any follow-up product to this campaign setting?
    Bill W.
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    Why in the Forgotten Realms are there no Human Empire builders (Like a Barbarossa or a NapolÚon Bonaparte) as part of cannon? I understand that it makes the fantasy setting pretty clear cut Good vs Evil, when Orcs, Undead, and Shades try to do it

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    Love Birthright, still my fav setting even though no support since years.

    Question 1: Is Game of Thrones inspired by Birthright?
    Anduiras symbol is Golden Lion on a Red Field (Lannister)
    Iron Throne (Iron Throne)
    Ed Stark (Ned Stark!)

    Question 2: How would you handle Bloodlines, Blood Abilities etc in 5e, without using feats?

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    Did you ever develop plans for the lands at the edge of the Cerilian map, in case the BR product line continued?

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    Hi, and thanks for being here!

    1) Are you and Vincent "Apocalypse World" Baker relatives?

    2) (Totally shameless) Do you like my DMsGuild products set in FR?

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    Beyond the edges of the Conquest of Nerath map - did you ever sketch out continental shapes for the rest of the planet?
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