The Lion of the White Sky, the Hyperborean High Legionarre
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    The Lion of the White Sky, the Hyperborean High Legionarre

    The Hyperboreans have their soldiers, powerful fighters able to tangle with Demiurges, then they have their Legionnaires. These unfathomable beings lead vast armies, legions if you will, of Hyperborean Soldiers on campaigns throughout the Pleroma. They are considered to be some of the fiercest beings in White Space who's vast power makes them able to demolish almost any threat from mighty Nehaschimic Dragons to the swarms of Neutronium Golems of the Insurmountable Time Lords, few things would welcome an encounter on the wrong side of these juggernauts as in nearly any scenario it would spell certain doom.

    Narahsa, The Hyperborean High Legionnaire

    ďThe Last Bastion, The Unyielding Ones, The Lions of the White SkyĒ


    A Brilliant flash of light and suddenly before you stands a mighty Spartanesque bearded man with rippling muscle and flowing jet black hair not unlike a lionís mane, He stands a foot taller than the largest man you've ever seen. He is jeweled in fine orichalcum and massive fist sized gems, and is dressed in flowing silken monk like pants but wears no shirt, and wears no shoes, on his fists he wears plated knuckles of bubbling gray non Newtonian metal, burning with strange light, however, his massive rippling muscles and gaudy jewelry utterly fails to impress in comparison to the palpable aura of gravitic force and spacial distortion surrounding him that makes his edges blur into a blinding corona of light not unlike the corona of light surrounding around a black hole that has recently swallowed a star. Itís hard to look at him as if his energy threatens to burn your eyes from your head, the energy around him seems to pucker space-time, though through this all, you see his fierce and piercing eyes, burning with righteous might, intensity, and fury. He looks through you, a disappointed smirk crosses over his face followed by a cruel grin, a mix of sadness and mockery as his burning eyes narrow, he takes a fighting pose, and the energy around him brightens sharply and begins to tear at and rend the universe itself to pieces.

    Large Augmented Humanoid

    Hit Dice: 1000d1000+ 200,000 x100 (180,000,000 hp)
    Initiative: Always First
    Speed: Superluminal
    Armor Class: Infinite/ 7800 (+4000 natural, +1200 Deflection, +200 Perfection, +1200 Deflection, +1200 (+600 Defending Kestus x2))

    Base Attack/Grapple: 1000/ 2400
    -+600 5 Strike Neutronium Kestus of Defending and Impact: Always Hits: x2 (+5400 Melee) 10000d1000 +1200 str, +250d1000x4 Prana Strike x12 (492,000,000 damage)

    -Prana Ray: Always Hits: (+3850 Ranged Touch) 500d1000 x24 (12,000,000 x Telluric Effect damage)

    Full Attack: 400 attacks (200 attacks each arm), + 1 Ray (x2 Time Dilation), or 3 Prana Rays (x2 Time Dilation)

    Special Attacks: Prana Blast. Wish
    Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 1,000,000/-, SR 1200, Adaption, Immunity to Elemental Damage and Magic, Starflight

    Saves: Fort +3700, Ref +3150, Will +3200
    Abilities: Str 2400, Dex 500, Con 1600, Int 600, Wis 600, Cha 2400

    Skills: All skills are at 1200+ relevant ability modifier.
    Feats: Anyfeat x10
    Epic Feats: Combat Mastery, Haleness, Inedia, Insomnious, Reflect Arrows, Infinite Deflection, Exceptional Deflection, Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting

    Divine Abilities: Third Eye, Anyfeat x10, Enlarge Aura x20, Quantum Effect, Soldier of Fortune, Uncanny Whirlwind Attack, Regeneration, X-Ray Vision, Perfect Initiative, Telluric Effect, Telelocation, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Chaotic Mind, Chaotic Soul, Chaotic Spirit, Heavy Handed, Strong Mind, Strong Spirit, Strong Soul, Uncanny Kinetic Effect

    Cosmic Abilities: Slipstream, Abrogate, Cosmic Consciousness, Assimilate, Oblique Strike, Learned Ability Immunity, Inner Eye, Elusion, Perfect Critical Multiplier, Time Dilation, Unearthly Weapon Focus, Unearthly Weapon Specialization, Unearthly Reach, Unearthly Effect, Apostasy, Hyperostosis, Dominance

    Transcendental Abilities: Legendary Strength, Legendary Charisma, Perfect Defense, Ultimate Weapon Focus, Amaranthine, Greater Dominance, Ultimate Weapon Specialization

    Environment: The Ivory Infinity of the Pleroma
    Organization: Solitary, Pair, Scout (1 High Legionnaire +1d4 Soldiers) or Squad (2d20 Soldiers+1d4 High Legionnaires)
    Challenge Rating: (official CR 1300)

    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Effective Class Level: 2000

    Combat: The Hyperborean High Legion represent their strongest single soldiers besides the Hierarchs, the leaders of Hyperborea. They are master tacticians and each one has varied abilities and tactics suited for each of their purposes. Narahsa, the Legionnaire presented here commands an army of over 20 legions of Soldiers (100,000), each soldier presides over a single galaxy in Universal (non Pleromic) space.

    Narahsa's tactics are brutal and effective focusing on straight combat, though other Legionnaire's tactics will vary. He takes full advantage of his Third Eye, Inner Eye, Quantum Effect, Ultimate Weapon Focus, Perfect Critical Multiplier and Unearthly Effect abilities. Allowing him to deal x6 damage with each hit, and x4 again after that. Against anything less than Stage 3 Demiurges, he simply cannot easily lose and knows this strength and takes advantage of this fully. He wields twin Neutronium Kestuses, severed hands, torn from the arms of the first Neutronium Golem he defeated in single combat. Against Stage 3 Demiurges and Nehaschimic dragons, he simply closes with them, neutralizes their greatest ability with Abrogate and beats them to a pulp with a barrage of massive attacks with his Neutronium Kestuses, against foes to slippery to fight so straight forwardly he uses his Prana Blasts to soften up foes from a distance and Oblique strike to simply target something else as the massive hp damage he deals is usually too much to handle for most creatures.

    Like other Hyperboreans, his Unearthly Weapon Specialization, Unearthly Reach, Elusion, Uncanny Whirlwind Attack, Anyfeat, Perfect Defense and other defensive and offensive capabilities abilities allow him to crush most foes, including massive armies arrayed against them, in seconds. Even a Time Lord itself would find itself worried when faced with a High Legionnaire, though such an encounter would be suicide for the Legionnaire by itself unless the conditions were right.

    Prana Blast (Su): Treated as the Uncanny Omnific Effect (d1000s) however unlike the standard Transcendental Damage, it does not instantly destroy shields or defenses. It does, however blind foes for 500 rounds on a failed Fort save of 3200. His Enlarge Aura Divine ability taken 20 times extends many of these effects to a range of roughly 8,750,000 miles. His Kinetic effect applies to his Prana Blast, knocking foes back 10ft per hd of the Legionnaire and dealing an amount of extra blud/slsh/prc damage, His choice, equal in d6s to the dice numbers written below.

    Beam (Ray) 1000d1000x 24 (6 Unearthly Weapon Spec x4 Quantum Effect) (24,000,000) Line of Sight range

    Blast 500d1000x4 (2,000,000) 8,750,000 mile range./ 2600ft radius blast, Standard action DC 3200/half

    Blood 250d1000x4 (1,000,000) Melee Free action DC 3200/half

    Breath* 1000d1000x4 (4,000,000) 8,750,000 mile range (cone) Line of Sight. (line) Standard 3200/half

    Hand 1500d1000x24 (36,000,000) Melee Touch

    Immolation 1500d1000x4 (6,000,000) 8,750,000 mile range. radius Free 3200/half

    Storm 250d1000x4 (2,000,000) 8,750,000 mile range. radius Free -

    Strike 250d1000x24 (6,000,000) Melee (bonus) Free -

    Wrath (Gaze) 500d1000x4 (4,000,000) 8,750,000 mile range, Both 3200/none

    Unearthly Reach (Ex): Your reach is equal to the range of your divine aura,

    Unearthly Effect (Ex): All Effect powers ranges are increased to the range of your divine aura. Lines and ray effect powers have a range equal to line of sight. This coupled with Cosmic Consciousness gives effect power ray and lines Infinite range.

    Starflight(Sp): Can reach any place in the multiverse in 3d20 days.

    Adaption (Ex): Immune to damaging natural effects and you can no longer die from natural aging, however he is affected normally by non damaging effects. With enough time, he can adapt to any environment.

    Legendary Strength: Str is doubled

    Legendary Cha: Cha is doubled.

    Perfect Defense: Infinite AC

    Elusion: Ref save to avoid any damage

    Ultimate Weapon Focus: Infinite Attack Bonus

    Oblique Strike: Can foil an opponent's defenses by hitting something else.

    Time Dialtion: Double actions every round

    Inner Eye: Always rolling maximum on all dice rolls

    Quantum Effect: Variable damage with attacks. (x4 permanently with Inner Eye)

    Unearthly Weapon Focus: Only need to roll touch to hit with melee.

    Unearthly Weapon Specialization: Damage multiplied by crit multiplier.

    Dominance: Creatures with less than half The Legionnaireís HD fail all saves against his attacks.

    Apostasy: You are beyond alignment. He is not affected by Alignment based attacks and cannot be undermined though alignment based means.

    Perfect Critical Multiplier: +4 crit multiplier steps

    -Wish: at will, Caster Level equal to 20+ HD+ Perfection Bonus


    New Transcendental Ability:

    Amaranthine: You possess an unyielding physical exterior that is nearly indestructible.
    Gain Natural AC = to 4x hit dice and all DR is considered /--.
    Prerequisite: Hyperostosis
    Normal: gain ľ hit dice to AC
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