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    Murder Myster Dinner Files for Zeitgeist

    I spent a lot of time on this, and it was a hit for both my Zeitgeist players and the friends who showed up knowing absolutely nothing about the campaign. So, if you are interested in hosting a murder mystery dinner set in the Bole train station (maybe as a flashback if you are already past that point?) here is everything you need to convert "Curse of the Pharaoh" from free form games into "Curse of the Ancients" in the Zeitgeist Campaign Setting. Plot wise, the events fit in Chapter 3 "Digging for Lies" in the Bole Train station just prior to the party hoofing it to Agate to find the Ziggurat of Apet.

    Purchase "Curse of the Pharaoh" from Freeform Games in order to make use of this conversion.


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    Chapter 3 Journal (Finally!) And some news about the future of my campaign

    Ladies and Gents,

    I know its been a couple of months, but with school and moving and life, I've had enough time to GM the campaign in person, but not stay on top of the Journal. Sadly, this means I didn't have time to embellish as much on the epic events that took place.

    But, because I'm moving to another state, to keep my campaign going, I convinced my table top group to continue the game via play-by-post on Role Play Online. So we will be picking up with Chapter 4 around Monday of next week. So far, I have 5 players, 4 of which were from the original live sessions, but as some of these players have never done play-by-post, there may be some fatigue that sets in, requiring new players. So if you are interested in being put on a waitlist, feel free to send me RTJ over rMail if you are on Role Play Online.

    Or if you just want to lurk and read the adventures each week, you can follow along. I'll provide links to the game as well as the wiki. Enjoy. As for posts here, I'll probably only post newspapers or just make general conversation from this point on.

    Game Link: https://www.rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=69817&date=1498740481

    Wiki: http://wiki.rpol.net/69817

    See you around!
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    Saw this trailer just in time for inspiration for chapter 4, "Always on Time.". Rangerwicket, did you name "Mister Mapple" as a nod to Agatha Christie's "Ms Marple?"


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    Orcus on an Off-Day (Lvl 22)

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    I wasn't primary author on that adventure, so I didn't choose most of the names.

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    I just got this question today, any official answer?

    "The Player's Guide mentions 'One noteworthy exception is the city-state of Orithea, which has managed to prosper in a small pocket of stable, albeit weakened magic.' How do the rules work in that city? It it like Danor, where magic items cannot be crafted or used, but spells work normally? Or are there some other rules?"

    The easiest answer would be that Orithea follows the same rules as Danor, but the wording does make it sound like there is something special about Orithea that allows magic devices to be used long term.

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    Chapter 4 Newspapers: Danor

    I'm fleshing out around 4 Newspapers for Chapter 4: Always on Time.

    The idea is to try to make a newspaper for each of the major hubs along the Avery Coast Railway, so the players can get a sense of the different cultures and governments along the route.

    Attached here is the Paper my party picks up in Danor (French "Danorian" common language copy and a "Primordial" English version).
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    Chapter 4 Newspapers: Orithea

    Attached is the paper for Orithea.
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    Checking in with everyone. I just finished DMing a D&D campaign, and thinking about coming back to this in 5e. Any plans to sell a PDF of Act I in 5e? Or post a consolidated PDF of the player's guide for 5e?
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    @Morrus, have you discussed compiling the EN5ider articles of ZEITGEIST into a product on DriveThruRPG?
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