Some players just can't stand not being able to do things during a battle sequence. From what I've seen, this is more of a player thing, than a character thing. Usually it is the same player who acts this way, regardless of his or her characters. You know, those guys who seem to go totally stir crazy when their character is paralyzed, unconscious, or held. Or start running around the dungeon randomly when they are cut off from the action. I've seen it in many players over the years.

A couple of examples from some combats with an old group:

Against wraiths attacking our camp in the middle of the night, one PC couldn't stand the idea that he had nothing to do. [The wraiths were making "pop-up attacks" then dropping back into the ground for a couple rounds.] Two other PCs had magical weapons, and another had lots of magic missles. The "useless" character wanted to body-check or grapple a wraith so maybe his +2 breastplate armor could hurt it. We talked him out of attempting it (but it was a hard sell). He kept calling to the other two PCs to give him their weapons. He ran all over the battlefield all combat long, doing essentially nothing but taking time for his turn.

Another player, when cut off from the main battle by a ill-placed wall of fire, and a dead gelatinous cube, started running down unexplored corridors looking for another fight. Each round he'd open a door, saying aloud that he hoped to find more enemies. When it was apparent that the area was clear, he started searching a fireplace. (The battle could have been over much faster had he not forced the DM to draw in the other passages and rooms, and roll search checks.)

What is the funniest or most annoying instance of a player who has no patience?