Homebrew White Wolf's "Demon: The Fallen" to d20
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    White Wolf's "Demon: The Fallen" to d20

    I've just picked up a copy of Demon: The Fallen, from White Wolf, and I have to say I really like the back story I've read so far. I'm famliar with the Storyteller system (it was one of the first systems I ran), and I'm just starting to get to the powers of these fallen angels...

    How might I translate some of the mechanics into d20? I'd really like to use some of this in a d20 Modern campaign. Is anyone else familiar with this book or possibly has converted some of the mechanics already?

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    Try using Advanced Classes.

    I would use supernaturals as Advanced Classes. Sort of start out with Basic Classes for the occupation and archetype. Most WOD games give you a ocupation and archetype. The personality and demeanor is more role-playing pinache. If you look at WOD's Orpheus-a remake of Wraith, well sort of a sequel), they have ghosts and humans who leave their bodies.

    To me Orpheus is the closest thing to d20 for WOD, and seeing how this is the latest game before WOD 2.0-the revision of Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage, I think Orpheus is the next step for WOD in the rules system becoming d20 Lite, actually more like BESM d20 or Spycraft mechanics.

    Anyhoot, sorry for rambling on.

    Back to Orpheus, they three or four types of ghosts and three or four type of Skimmers-Humans who enter the Ethereal as spirits.

    As for Demon: The Fallen, use the different Houses as Advanced Classes- think of the Demon powers like Talent Trees in d20 Modern.

    Take the Talent Trees and run from there.

    As for actual Game Mechanics-use d20 Modern, but with heavy Storyteller-style.

    As there is no d20 Modern WOD, you will have to know the WOD Storyteller Gaming plus the d20 Modern mechanics. Think of it like a cocktail drink, one part BESM d20, two parts Storyteller, and one part d20 Modern.

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    Wod d20

    I thought about that and one of my friends eggs me to do just that (adapt Modern d20), but upward spiralling hit points, along with White Wolf healing capabilites, and the ability to soak damage just make the game two great tastes that don't taste great together.

    In the conversion I am writing I am using CoCd20 as my core system rather than Modern d20. However hps are equal to Con and generally don't go up (I basically use the BRP system from Chaosium for hit points, except I use Modern d20 for damage). Characters that can soak damage have DR -(5+Con)/aggravated. I've added a combat option for those who want to fight more (fighter BAB, one intermediate save, two poor saves, 5+Int skill points, eight core skills, defensive defense bonus, and a bonus weapon proficiency). I give a bonus feat every level and I make all the powers feats, each of which is in a feat chain. The GURPs WoD books are also good for helping with the conversion and I use a smattering of Mutants & Masterminds to help with converting disciplines (as a feat is worth 2 character points). One of these days I will buy Demon and Orpheus just to see what they are like.

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