ready for a new round of Ceramic DM?(judgements in, check in for finals...) - Page 8

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    Just saying hi, folks.

    After having to duck out last round, there is no way I would have tried to compete again this round. But I wish all the writers luck, and I remain an avid reader of the tales.

    Great pictures, as always, alsih2o .



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    because of yesterdays sowness i feel the need to give our 2 latecomers some time, at least a couple of more hours...

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    I'm back and up to the challenge. I'll be home all day due to a bad knee and awful weather.
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    well, i sent out emails wihtout replies, i just emailed nooc, and if he shows i will start him aginst auroragyps, and whoever else signs up against kahuna

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    I'm in.

    This should be interesting.

    My anal-retentive attention to detail should prove useful.
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    round 1

    angcuru vs auroragyps

    pic 1
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    angcuru vs auroragyps

    pic 2
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    angcuru vs auroragyps

    pic 3
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    angcuru vs auroragyps

    pic 4, 72 hours form this post!
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    I must say, those pics are, while individually Bizarre, put together, downright wacky. This'll be verry interesting, indeed...

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