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    I recently started playing Warband: Mount & Blade.

    I'm highly enjoying it.

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    Need For Speed Most Wanted
    Witcher 3
    Half Life

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    Civilization II, IV and V
    Neverwinter Nights
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Space Invaders
    Missile Command
    Empire in Arms
    Civilization Board Game (not Sid Meier's version, the 1981 Avalon Hill version)

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    Currently I concentrate on League of Legends. I play a lot now because it's a casual way for me to pass time. Moreover the game is very entertaining esp if you play with friends. By the way I often hang out on https://dreamteam.gg/lol platform now as it's a great way to find new players. Soon this is a tournament, our team wants to participate.

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