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    Compiled 3.5 Revisions

    Here is a running, compiled list of changes to the D&D 3.0 rules for the revised edition (aka D&D 3.5). Sources include: Shadowstar's scoops, Dragon, Dungeon, WOTC web site, WOTC Chat, Ed Stark interview, Andy Collins boards, Andy Collins, Ed Stark, and David Noonan via WOTC boards, and 3.5 compatible books.

    Usual disclaimer: there may be errors; nothing is compete or final until you get the books in your hot little hands.

    Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Rules Changes

    0. Frequently Asked Questions

    a. When will 3.5 be available?
    A: The current official street date is 18 July.

    b. What books are being updated?
    A: The Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual. A revised Psionics Handbook is scheduled for release in 2004, as well as a Forgotten Realms Player's Gudie, which will update the FRCS to 3.5.

    c. Are any of the other books being updated (splatbooks, MotP etc)?
    A: Not at this time, though updated versions of information in those books may eventually be released in later products (like the Complete Warrior).

    d. Do we have to pay full price for the revised books if we have the originals?
    A. Yes and no. If you want the books you have to purchase them. The System Reference Document will also be updated, however, which will allow you to freely review the revisions if you want a preview before purchasing the books.

    e. Will the SRD be updated to 3.5, and when?
    A. Yes. The 3.5 SRD will be posted at about the same time the revised rulebooks are released.

    f. How hard will it be to convert from 3.0 to 3.5?
    A. Not hard according to WOTC R&D. WOTC will release a free document designed to assist in conversion at about the time the rulebooks are released.

    g. Will there be any electronics support?
    A. Code Monkey Publishing will be producing a 3.5 rules data set for E-Tools that will be available for $5. Current release date for this data set is unknown.

    h. Will the new rulebooks contain errors like the first 3.0 books?
    A. There will undoubtably be some errors in the rulebooks (see below for already identified errata). Hopefully there will be significantly fewer errors than in the 3.0 books.

    i. Has rule xxxxx changed?
    A. See the list of compiled changes below. If it's not on the list, it either (1) hasn't changed, or (2) has changed and WOTC R&D hasn't admitted to it yet, or (3) has changed, and has been confirmed, but hasn't made it into this thread yet.

    j. Is this information official? Do you have any affiliation with WOTC?
    A. No, and no. This is a fan compiled list developed from information released in WOTC products and by its employees. Nothing is truly official until you see it in print in the new rulebooks.

    1. Races

    a. Races with racial weapons now have automatic Weapon Familiarity with those weapons. This means that the character can treat the weapon as if it were on the Martial Weapon list, rather than the Exotic Weapon list. Note that the character must still have martial weapon proficiency to use the weapon without penalty. This applies to:
    - Orcs (NOT half-orcs): Orc Double Axe
    - Dwarves: Dwarven waraxe, dwarven ugrosh
    - Gnomes: gnome hooked hammer

    b. Dwarves get a +4 stability bonus against being bull-rushed or tripped; dwarves retain their full movement rate (20) in medium or heavy armor.

    c. Gnomes now get +1 DC to illusion spells saving throws, and have favored class: Bard. Gnome spell-like abilities are now based on Charisma.

    d. Half-Elves now get +2 on all Diplomacy and Gather Information checks.

    e. Halflings aren't innately proficient with slings, though they will get a +1 bonus to attacks with slings and thrown weapons.

    f. Elves get automatic proficiency with both longsword and rapier.
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