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    pdf version


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    Thanks indeed ... It has greatly lessened my time on the net ... now I've got the book I'm doing my best to give some back

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    iSilo version for PalmOS

    In case anyone else uses the PalmOS PDA's, here is an iSilo version for you to enjoy...
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    Thanks for keeping up with this, Olgar. I was losing my mind surfing the WoTC boards and Andy Collins' just to keep up with updates. Having all the info in one place has been nice.

    Enjoy your Independence Day weekend, prepare for our next game, and then I think you have some finals to study for.

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    Here's a simple response to the adamantine argument.

    What do you use to cut a diamond?

    Another diamond.

    What do you use to cut adamantine?

    More adamantine.
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    Thanks Olgar. I really appreciate it.
    -Lela, Dweller in Story.

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    any changes to the holy avenger???



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    It was said further up the thread, that the Holy Avenger is now made of cold iron.

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    Originally posted by Olgar Shiverstone
    And with that I think I'm done.

    The full books will be out soon, and there are enough folks with their hands on them that any further compilation will just be reproducing what will soon be available in the books themselevs -- I suspect that the majority of what is left are specific changes to individual spells or monsters, which aren't worth my further time to reproduce.
    Yeah, thanks man!

    While I agree with you on monsters, I'm still interested in a list of ALL changes to spells. When I get the 3.5 books, your doc file will make that MUCH easier!

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    What's the Happy Fun Ball?

    This must be an in-joke I'm not aware of... (beholder, maybe? nah - they can't need epic weapons to hurt them)
    I roll how many botch dice?

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