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    returning player

    so there is a lot to sort through on this site, so if I am asking a question that has been asked 1000 times, I am sorry. I am a returning player to the saga edition of star wars rpg, and i only have the core rule book and starships book, i am looking to reacquire my collection but it will take time and money. so my question is, is there a link or source that has stats to random monsters or creatures that are not in any of the books? i have found the old wizards forum postings, but it does not have that much to it.

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    D20 SW seems to have gone the way of the do-do since FFG took over. WEG d6 still has a big following and has had a surge in new retroclones and home-brew material.

    You should probably post your question in some of the Google+ Star Wars gaming communities. I still see a bit of d20 chatter now and again on the ones that are not for a specific game version.
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    D20 SW was dead a long time ago...
    SWSE still has a bit of a following, but little support on the web I've seen (other than pirate scans).

    WEG and FFG seem to be the official versions of choice for most.

    Savage Worlds seems to have a strong following for use of unofficial fan-offerings.

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    The Wikia site is being updated, but there are still a lot of holes.

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