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    I'm running the Neirid trilogy which introduces the concept of psi-tech...
    There are only a couple of examples in the game. A ships weapon that is potentially devastating and a hover board (of sorts) which seems to allow for psychic controlled flight.

    As I am sure my players will want to work with some of this I am considering porting most of artifact creation from O.L.D. namely the cost of the psi-enhancement is roughly the square of the cost in psi points x1,000 cr.

    Unlike artifacts I want to change the extra costing. Standard pricing might net you an item that facilitates use of a power by reducing psi cost per use by a quarter, at +2 the psi cost it could reduce price by half and at +5 it could be free...

    Does this sound workable? Too iffy? Anyone else introduced something similar?

    Let me know... and if you can think of or have heard of some cool psi-tech I can appropriate... share please...

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    Not familiar with the series, but that approach sounds reasonable.

    Have you checked out Chaositech my Monte Cook? One of my favorite 3.x supplements and it has a bunch of creepy, awesome ideas within for "alternate tech". You have to do some conversion but the free d20 conversion guide in the downloads section should help.

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    Thanks TreChriron. The series is part of the the EONS Patreon stuff... if you have a buck or two to spare and the inclination check it out. It's pretty cool.


    I'm gonna try to find Chaositech, I have a fondness for Mr. Cooks works so thanks for the suggestion.

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    OK, just gave that a quick look and although it is soooo not what I was looking for it is none the less something I am going to introduce to my game. I am currently blending OLD and NEW in a RIFTS - esque setting (cough... Phase World. Cough.... Three Galaxies). Part of my story involved Rifts travel attracting the attention of other worldly Denizens of Madness. I like the idea of their followers carrying Chaositech. Off to read about it now : )

    Thanks, though if anyone else can thing of anything psi-techy... I am still in the market : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by yrtalien View Post
    I'm running the Neirid trilogy which introduces the concept of psi-tech...
    Talking of the Nereid trilogy, that's coming out as a softcover book (and PDF) soon with a bonus 15-page Nereid sector gazetteer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
    Talking of the Nereid trilogy, that's coming out as a softcover book (and PDF) soon with a bonus 15-page Nereid sector gazetteer!
    Oh WoW! I really like that adventure too. Neirid fits so nicely into my world... Thanks for letting me know Morrus. Depending upon release it may be too late for me to use the adventure info but I definitely want the system gazeteer !

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    Part of the theme of the adventures is that Psi-tech is pretty much a lost technology, even for the Virosa. And if you wanted the characters to research a new device, I would probably treat that a bit differently than mass producing a particular device. You'd probably want an engineer and a psionicist and they'd both need to do extended tasks. Then the device would consume resonant crystals equal to the PP required to power the psionic ability that was being replicated.

    I think you're on the right track with costing the device if it was going to be sold, though.

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