WOIN Another day another out of date Chi question...
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    Another day another out of date Chi question...

    I know there are a few powers that allow you to roll Chi to add to damage and such. But Chi isn't what you roll for activation... correct?

    I realize that things are in the process of being reworked, but since I'm working with what I have for now.

    If I want to activate the first Chi power of Hin (lift great weight) I roll Str... versus a 10 diff. Or do I add any skill to it? Kung Fu or Martial Arts?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Wowzers. Big font!

    The Chi stances ended up being *totally* different in execution. Now, entering a stance gives you a bunch of abilities (able to walk on water, double speed, do extra damage, immovable, stuff like that) straight off.

    You can see a preview of sorts by looking at Eternal Senpai's stat block.


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    Tried to fix the font size hope that's better.

    Oooh I like what I read. Very nice. Waiting eagerly for N.O.W.
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