WOIN Trial run of O.L.D
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    Trial run of O.L.D

    Last night one of my gaming groups had a trial run of O.L.D. I have been following the game for a while and just bought the complete pdf for O.L.D. We had a few members missing, so we where looking for something new to try since we couldn't move forward on our SW Necessary Evil campaign. Thought I would share some of our experiences.

    Character creation took nearly 3 hours to create 2 characters, though I don't really consider this a bad thing as there was a lot of discussion as we went along. Both players where impressed with the diversity of choices and how the careers can be mixed to come up with unique variations.

    The first player made an Orc Barbarian/Thug that was pretty much focused on combat but ended up highly intuitive and had a fair amount of natural SOAK.

    The second player took a completely different approach and made is character randomly, re-rolling if he came to an option he didn't qualify for. He ended up as a Small-folk Urchin/Musketeer/Archer/Smith/Barbarian and had a diversity of skills.

    Both players had a great time. They went through the included dungeon modified for two. They had some great successes and hilarious failures. The game played naturally using equal part mechanics and storytelling to move things along. To the two players, it felt more like they created individuals that had a place in the world, and not just characters that did stuff because ...! Both of them felt there were only minor changes the would do if creating a character for a full campaign and look forward to digging in deeper when we take a break from our current game.

    I found the GMing easy to pick up and was able to answer most questions as they arose and the game played quick even when needing to look stuff up. In general I like to play a little free with what attribute/skills and necessary for different actions and the game seem to play well into that. Will need to brush up some of the combat rules before doing a full campaign. The PDF has everything one could want in a single book game and look forward to using the tools to build a living world with it. My initial impression of an interesting setting is Renaissance age with a Colonial American type campaign.

    I hope you find my first impressions interesting and will follow-up when we get a chance to try the game further.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this! I've been eager to hear of other's experiences with the game. My first session with my group starts tomorrow and I will submit an after-action report right away. If you decide to continue the game or start another, I would love to read more of your tales!

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    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Keep us posted about any other sessions!

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