5E A mystic half orc that I need help on
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    A mystic half orc that I need help on

    So for a campaign that I am in, I have chosen to be a half orc soul knife mystic with a revised mystic class. We are level three and I had to fight against two parties members one champion fighter and one gunslinger. I used hone the blade and elemental weapon but I feel that I am not doing a ton of damage. I am also thinking of multiclassinf and my final build would be 9 soul knife mystic 5 fighter samurai and 6 rogue assassin. If any one has any ideas on how I can up my damage or my multiclassing options please feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong or right. My displanes as elemental weapon and nomadic chameleon and my talents are mind thrust and mystic hand. I am trying to make him like zeratul or artanis from Starcraft

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    Is it a 3-way PVP? Being at Lv3 is actually in your favour, as they don't have extra attack yet.

    One thing to note about Hone the Blade is that it is NOT a psionic discipline, so the Psi-Limit does not apply. You can always use 7 points to get the +4 bonus. But the offset is you don't get to heal from Mystical Recovery.

    Are you building just for this fight? If so, Elemental weapon is quite pointless, I dont think its a that good a discipline either. Take Mastery of Light and Darkness, Mastery of Force. Just put on Inertial Armour, Darkness, Hone the Blade and go to town.

    I'm not sure why you complain about damage, when you did not even choose an optimised race for it. Half-orc is quite bad for a soul knife, as they don't get any bonuses to Dex or Int, the two attributes they need the most.
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