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    Sunken Temple

    I only just recently stumbled across the Kickstarter for this game. Unfortunately I missed the window to pledge... so I am trying to figure out how close to sale the adventure PDF is. Is anyone in the know as regards to how close to sale it is?


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    Calling @LucasC! He's the architect of that product and Kickstarter.

    I backed it and have the PDF; I think the softcover version is on it's way.

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    Thanks Morrus, I got in contact with the creator and he was quite helpfully informative. Though the product is mostly completed (he mentioned a few typos) he is waiting to fulfill all parts of the kick-starter before releasing the books into the wild.

    The info on this adventure makes it look really cool and I look forward to running my PCs through it as they make their first foray into the Anvil Galaxy and the home of the Star Elves.

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