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    Shar Stormbreeze
    Female Smoke Genasi
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Age: 17

    HD: 1d8+3d6
    HP: 25 (max @ first, ½ thereafter)

    Classes/Levels: ECL1/Rogue3

    Init: +4 [+4 Dex]
    Speed: 30 ft.

    STR 12 (+1) [4 pts]
    DEX 19 (+4) [10 pts +2 racial +1 level]
    CON 14 (+2) [6 pts]
    INT 12 (+1) [4 Pts +2 racial]
    WIS 12 (+1) [4 Pts]
    CHA 12 (+1) [6 Pts -2 racial]
    [Total=32 points]

    AC: 19
    [10 base +4 Dex +5 armor]

    ~ Dodge: +1 to AC vs one opponent when declared
    ~ Uncanny Dodge (Dex to AC)

    Fort +2 [1 base +1 Con]
    Ref +7 [3 base +4 Dex]
    Will +2 [1 base +1 Wis]

    ~ Evasion (no damage with successful Ref save)

    Base Attack: +2
    Grapple: +3 [2 base +1 Str]

    Starlight +7 [+2 base +4 Dex +1 Magic]
    Critical 18-20/x2
    Damage 1d6+2
    This +1 rapier is a cold dark grey color which shines faintly when in darkness. The hilt is wrapped in white leather and the pommel is engraved with a seven-pointed star.

    Dagger +6 [+2 base +4 Dex]
    Critical 19-20/x2
    Damage: 1d4+1

    ~ Weapon Finesse

    Balance +6 [2 ranks +4 Dex]
    Climb +3 [2 ranks +1 Str]
    Disable Device +10 [7 ranks +1 Int +2 MW]
    Gather Information +2 [1 ranks +1 Cha]
    Hide +11/+13 shadows [7 ranks +4 Dex +2 racial in shadows/dark]
    Listen +6 [5 ranks +1 Wis]
    Move Silently +13 [7 ranks +4 Dex +2 racial]
    Open Lock +13 [7 ranks +4 Dex +2 MW]
    Perform (lute, sing, mandolin, storytelling, harp) +6/+8 lute [5 ranks +1 Cha /+2 MW]
    Pick Pocket +8 [4 ranks +4 Dex]
    Search +8 [7 ranks +1 Int]
    Spot +6 [5 ranks +1 Wis]
    Tumble +8 [4 ranks + 4 Dex]

    ~ Weapon Finesse
    ~ Dodge

    Racial Abilities:
    Smoke Genasi:
    ~ Size: Medium
    ~ Speed: 30 ft.
    ~ 1d8 HD
    ~ +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Cha
    ~ Darkvision 60’
    ~ Smoke Sight (can see through smoke 120’)
    ~ +1 racial to saves vs. smoke and cloud-type effects. Bonus increases by +1 for every 5 character levels.
    ~ Do not have to breathe.
    ~ +2 to Hide checks when trying to hide in shadows or darkness
    ~ +2 to Move Silently checks
    ~ Smoke Cloud, 1/day. (20-foot radius cloud of smoke centered on herself. This cloud grants concealment, granting a 20% miss chance to any creature more than 5 ft. away from another within the cloud, and all creatures except the smoke para-genasi must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 level + Cha mod) or begin coughing uncontrollably. This coughing imposes a -2 penalty to attacks and skill checks and it lasts until the victim leaves the cloud. The dust cloud lasts for 5 minutes.)
    ~ Considered Native Outsider
    ~ Automatic Languages: Common, Ignan, Auran
    ~ Favored Class: Rogue
    ~ ECL: +1

    Class Abilities:
    ~ Sneak Attack +2d6
    ~ Evasion (no damage with successful Ref save)
    ~ Uncanny Dodge (Dex to AC)

    Languages Spoken:
    ~ Common [racial]
    ~ Ignan [racial]
    ~ Auran [racial]
    ~ Elven [Int]

    Steam, Light Warhorse, dapple grey (150 gp)
    Bit and Bridle, dyed silver-grey (2 gp)
    Military Saddle, dyed silver-grey (60 gp)
    Saddlebags, dyed blue (4 gp)
    Clothing, various outfits (150 gp)
    Cloak, blue velvet and silver-grey silk, sewn with interior pockets (20 gp) (worn; 2 lb)
    MW Thieves' Tools (100 gp) (carried about person; 2 lb)
    Weighted dice, black (3 sp) (belt pouch; > lb)
    Normal dice, black (3 cp) (belt pouch; > lb)
    Deck of marked cards (3 sp) (cloak pocket; > lb)
    Deck of unmarked cards (3 cp) (cloak pocket; > lb)
    Bedroll (1 sp)
    Caltrops x2 bags (2 gp)
    Flint & Steel (1 gp) (belt pouch; > lb)
    Grappling Hook, collapsible (3 gp)
    Lantern, Hooded (7 gp)
    Oil, 5 pints (5 sp)
    Silver Tankard, inscribed with ornate "S" (1 gp)
    Belt Pouch, black leather, x2 (2 gp) (worn; 1 lb )
    Silk Rope, 50 ft (10 gp)
    Tent, one person (5 gp)
    Waterskin x2 (2 gp)
    Whetstone (2 cp) (belt pouch; 1 lb)
    Acid flask (10 gp)
    Thunderstone x3 (90 gp) (belt pouch; 3 lb)
    Wrist sheath, black leather x2 (40 gp) (worn; > lb)
    Boot sheath x2, brown leather (40 gp) (worn; > lb)
    Songbird, MW Lute (100 gp) Songbird is a finely made lute, with images of birds in flight carved in the honey-colored wood.(carried; 3 lb)
    Mandolin, common (5 gp)
    Small Harp, common (5 gp)
    Moonlight Web, +1 Mithral Shirt (2,100 gp) This chain shirt as bright and as light as moonbeams. It is decorated at cuffs and collar with symbols of the moon’s various stages. (worn under clothes; 10 lb)
    Starlight, +1 Rapier (2,320 gp) This weapon is a cold dark grey color which shines faintly when in darkness. The hilt is wrapped in white leather and the pommel is engraved with a seven-pointed star. (worn; 2 lb)
    Tymora’s Luck x2 (100 gp) As per Potions of Cure Light Wounds, these draughts contain the goddess’ favor. (1 is carried in cloak pocket)
    Daggers, Steel x2 (6 gp) (worn; 3 lb)
    Dagger, Cold Iron x2 (8 gp) (worn; 2 lb)

    GP: 7
    SP: 7
    CP: 2
    Money sent back to family: 50 gp

    Any EQ not listed as ‘worn’ is carried in saddlebags, which are generally left locked in her room.

    Shar is a lean and athletic young woman with dusky skin and exotic almond-shaped eyes the color of a storm cloud. Her hair is very fine and a dusty grey color, and floats around her head much like a cloud of smoke. She keeps it cut short so that it does not interfere too much with her daily activities. She also trails a slight acrid burning odor that, more than anything else, gives away her ancestry. Until she reached maturity and came into her full powers, she looked to be a normal human girl save for her unusual coloring.

    She tends to wear black and silver, although she will sometimes wear muted and dark colors to complement her dark coloring while performing. Her clothing tends to be somewhat form-fitting to allow her freer movement through crowds (without heavy skirts to get in her way), although she has the sleeves of her outfits flared and loose as is the fashion (and the better to hide items up). Her lute is often carried prominently, as well as her rapier and crossbow. She usually carries a dagger hidden strapped to her forearm under each sleeve (1 cold iron, 1 steel), and bootknives (1 cold iron, 1 steel) in each of the nearly knee-high brown leather boots she wears.

    The earliest place that Shar can remember is the city of Andeluvay. She was just a child, and her mother Shialla worked in a tavern there. Shar’s mother had little time for her child, as she worked from before the sun rose until long after it set. As a result, Shar was left on her own for a good portion of the time, and it wasn’t long before she created her own games. She found that she had a talent for hiding and sneaking – and she also noticed that when doing such, she could learn far more than she ever could normally.

    Shar knew from a young age that she was neither like her mother nor most of the rest of the children on her block; it wasn’t until she was 12, when she fully came into her powers and appearance, that she learned why she was different. She had been drafted into working in the common room as well, now that she was old enough to do so; and one of the patrons that day asked her if she were a genasi. She gazed at him, blinking in surprise, before her mother rushed over and drew her away. “Go into the kitchen, now.” Shialla shoved her tray atop Shar’s empty one and pointed. Obedient, Shar went, looking back to see her mother talking quietly with the patron.

    Later that day, Shialla quietly explained to Shar what a genasi was, and Shar’s own history. She was a smoke genasi, her father having been a half-smoke-elemental. Shialla was human, and hadn’t seen Shar’s father for long before she realized she was pregnant. Shar had always known that she was different from others, but never really realized how different. Shialla also told Shar how much it was important to her that Shar make something of herself, unlike Shialla. “Don’t be a tavern-wench for your whole life, dearheart. Make something of yourself.” Shar had a lot to think about that day.

    That night, after the tavern closed, Shialla handed Shar an old lute and slowly began to teach her to play. The lessons continued every night for a while until Shar learned enough songs to make a night of playing in the tavern. From that time forth, she played instead of worked as a waitress. The addition of a minstrel, even if she was rather unskilled at first, to the common room was a welcome addition, and after a few months had passed the tavern-keeper (not a bad sort) gifted her with a newer, better-sounding lute.

    Shar might still be in that inn playing and singing for the patrons were it not for a locksmith named Deaneth. He visited the tavern one night for dinner, and happened to notice Shar as she finished her set and left the stage. Noticing her innate grace and habit of nearly fading into the shadows, he noted her and watched her covertly for two weeks before approaching Shialla and offering to give her daughter an apprenticeship.

    Shialla talked it over with Shar before agreeing. “I think that this is the best course for you to follow, dearheart. You’ll be learning a trade, and Master Deaneth has agreed to teach you swordwork – you’ll be able to defend yourself.”

    Whether or not Shialla knew that Master Deaneth was more than just a locksmith is something Shar wondered often since her apprenticeship. For Master Deaneth was indeed more than that; he also was a thief, a fence, and a through rogue. However, he did indeed teach her a trade, a way to make a living, and how to defend herself – for which she would always be grateful. He also opened her eyes to the rest of the world. Shar’s mother had kept her remarkably sheltered, perhaps hoping to protect her from some unnamed threat.

    Once her apprenticeship ended, Shar elected to travel and see the world, taking the name Stormbreeze to reflect her new attitude of travel. She enjoys playing the lute, but has increased her knowledge of different instruments and often acts as a minstrel to pay her way in inns and taverns. She also sends money back to her mother, always thinking of her family and trying to help support the woman who raised her.
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    Brigitte Firestarre
    Magma Genasi 1, Fighter 3

    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Eyes: Gold
    Hair: Fiery red
    Skin: Deeply tanned

    STR: 16 [+3] (14 base + 2 racial, 6 points)
    DEX: 15 [+2] (8 points)
    CON: 16 [+3] (14 base +2 racial, 6 points)
    INT: 10 [+0] (14 base –2 racial, 4 points)
    WIS: 10 [+0] (14 base –2 racial, 4 points)
    CHA: 12 [+1] (4 points)

    Hit Dice: 1d8 + 3d10 + 12
    HP: 41 (6 + 10 + 7 + 6 + 12)
    Armor Class: 17 {10 base + 2 Dex +5 Armor)
    Initiative: +2
    BAB: +3
    - Melee: +6
    - Ranged: +5

    Speed: 30’

    FORT: +6 (3 Base + 3 Con)
    REFL: +3 (1 Base + 2 Dex)
    WILL: +1 (1 Base + 0 Wis)

    Racial abilities:
    - +2 Con, +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis
    - Medium Size
    -+1 racial bonus against fire spells and effects
    -Dark vision 60 feet
    -Heat metal 1/day as sorcerer of their level
    -Fire resistance 5
    -+2 racial bonus to Craft (Blacksmithing, armorsmithing, weaponsmithing), pertaining to metal.

    1st Level
    - Simple Weapons Proficiency
    - Martial Weapons Proficiency
    -Shield Proficiency
    -Light Armor Proficiency
    -Medium Armor Proficiency
    -Heavy Armor Proficiency

    2nd Level
    - Two Weapon Fighting
    3rd Level

    Climb +7 (4 ranks + 3 Str)
    Intimidate +5 (4 ranks + 1 Cha)
    Tumble +4 (4 ranks + 2 Dex)

    - Common

    Melee weapons
    -Fiery soul (+1 Longsword, Melee +7, 19-20, x2) 4 lb A longsword with a black hilt, the blade glows as if it had just been pulled from the forge.

    -Sunbeam (MW Short sword, Melee +7, 19-20, 22) 3 lb A short sword with gold filigree, it bears on the hilt a red crystal that swirls with gold specks.

    Ranged weapons
    -Willow (MW Longbow, Ranged +6, 20, x3) 3 lb

    -+1 Chain shirt (+5 to AC)

    - Cure light wounds x5
    -Cure moderate wounds x2

    Mundane equipment
    -Arrows x50
    -Flint and steel
    -Trail rations x5 days
    -Hemp rope
    -Explorers outfit
    -Wooden holy symbol

    Total weight: 72.5 lb
    Remain money: 440 gp, 4 silver

    Character Background

    Brigitte was born from the unlikely union of a fire genasi by the name of Delita, and an earth genasi by the name of Kirak. Kirak was a mercenary, who had made a deal with the evil god Hextor early in his life. In exchange for power and wealth, he would use his sword, Fiery Soul, to bring violence upon whomever Hextor commanded.

    It was on one such mission that he met Delita, who worked in the gardens of Pelor, growing healing herbs. Kirak was fascinated by the gentle gardener, and sat down next to her, watching her work. They talked for many hours, until she had to retire to the temple at sunset. He returned the next day, and the day after that, completely forgetting about his mission. It was soon clear that Kirak and Delita had fallen in love, but Delita refused to wed any who willingly served an evil god.

    Not willing to give up so easily, Kirak petitioned his deity, begging for a way out of their deal. After a long silence, Hextor agreed. But, there was a catch. Kirak would be free to live his life as he pleased, and could even keep Fiery Soul, the symbol of their contract. However, in exchange, Kirak owed Hextor a favor, one that could be called in at any time the dark deity chose.

    Kirak and Delita were wed soon afterward, but he did not mention to her the price of his freedom. Together they had one child, Brigitte. They were a happy family, but that came to an end not long after Brigitte’s 22nd birthday. She returned home after weapons training one day to find both of her parents slaughtered. She was understandably upset, and vowed to avenge the deaths of her parents. After their funerals, she sold the family home and most of the possessions, though she did keep a few things. To remember her father, she kept Fiery Soul, a strange longsword with a black hilt and a burning red blade that appeared to have been just pulled from the forge. She also kept the holy symbol that he had always worn, though she did not know to which deity it belonged. Of her mother’s possessions, she kept Sunbeam, a short sword with a red crystal set into the hilt.

    Like her mother, she was unaware of her father’s promise to Hextor. As such, she is blissfully unaware that when she inherited her father’s sword, she might have inherited his debt as well.
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    Character Name: Pottofer Placidpool
    Player Name: Ashy
    Race, Gender: Water Gensai, Male
    Class & Level: Cleric3
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Deity: Eldath
    Size: Medium
    Age: 23
    Height: 4'7"
    Weight: 287 lbs.
    Skin & Eyes: Pale (almost sickly looking) skin, completely blue eyes
    Hair: green-tinged brown hair (which is very thin – he is nearly bald)

    Strength: 8 (-1)
    Dexterity: 14 (+2)
    Constitution: 10 (+0)
    Intelligence: 15 (+2)
    Wisdom: 16 (+3)
    Charisma: 9 (-1)

    Fortitude Save: +3 (+3 Base, +0 Con)
    Reflex Save: +3 (+1 Base, +2 Dex)
    Will Save: +6 (+3 Base, +3 Wis)

    Melee Attack: +1 (+2 Base, -1 Str)
    Ranged Attack: +4 (+2 Base, +2 Dex)
    Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)
    Movement Speed: 30/x4, 20/x4, 20/x3; swim 30 ft

    Armor Class: 16 (+0 Armor, +2 Shield, +2 Dex, +2 Magic)
    Hit Points: 23
    Experience: 3000 (need 6000)

    Languages (*= Racial):
    Common, Aquan*, Elven, Auran

    Concentration 6 (6 ranks, +0 Con)
    Heal 9 (6 ranks, +3 Wis)
    Listen 5 (2 ranks, +3 Wis)
    Spot 5 (2 ranks, +3 Wis)
    Spellcraft 6 (4 ranks, +2 Int)
    Swim 10 (0 ranks, +0 Str, +10 racial ability)

    Class Abilities:
    Weapon Proficiency: All Simple
    Armor Proficiency: All Armor and Shields
    Domains: Water, Good
    Spontaneous Casting: Cure Spells
    Alignment Spells: No Evil Spells
    Turn or Rebuke Undead: Turn Undead

    Water Gensai Traits:
    Water genasi are touched by the Elemental Plane of Water. They have high endurance, but are cold and emotionally distant. +2 Con, -2 Cha. They can create water once per day. +1 racial bonus vs water spells and effects, increases every five levels. They can breathe water. They have a +10 to Swim checks. Cold resistance 5. They have Aquan as a free bonus language. Height and weight categories like humans.

    Toughness (+3 hp)
    Combat Casting

    Spells per Day: 4/3+1/2+1
    0th (DC13)
    1st (DC14)
    2nd (DC15)

    Typical Spell Lists [* = domain spell]
    0-level: create water, detect magic, light, purify food and drink
    1st-level: bless water, detect evil, obscuring mist*, comprehend languages
    2nd-level: augury, calm emotions, fog cloud*

    Adventuring: Offensive
    0-level: detect magic, inflict minor wounds, resistance, virtue
    1st-level: divine favor, inflict light wounds, magic weapon, summon monster I
    2nd-level: spiritual weapon, summon monster II, fog cloud*

    Adventuring: Defensive
    0-level: cure minor wounds, resistance, virtue, guidance
    1st-level: bless, cause fear, obscuring mist*, sanctuary
    2nd-level: aid, enthrall, fog cloud*

    Th' Holyghost - Heavy aspergillum, 1d8, crit x2, 10 ft. range, 12 lb., one-handed, bludgeoning

    Amulet of natural armor +1
    Bracers of armor +1
    Heavy wooden shield (Armor +2, Check -2, 15lb)

    Equipment: Equipment: Clothing (simple blue-green flaxen robe, inscribed with the poorly hand-stitched symbol of Eldath, open-toed boots (to make room for his webbed toes), very thick black leather belt [the buckle is made of beaten copper and is Eldath’s symbol]), holy symbol (made of wood, lovingly painted), heavy aspergillum (Th' Holyghost) (with holy water load onboard), heavy wooden shield (Armor Check Penalty -2, 15 lbs. - adorned with Eldath’s symbol, also hand painted), Amulet of natural armor +1, Bracers of armor +1, Handy Haversack [trail rations (4 days worth), waterskin (full of holy water), winter blanket, bedroll, universal solvent, 1 vial, flint and steel] = Medium load (42 lbs.)

    Money: 0pp, 350gp, 0p, 0cp

    Description and Personality: Pottofer, by appearances, is about the most unlikely type of adventurer that one is ever likely to see. Short and terribly rotund, Pottofer is often seen huffing and puffing his way along any one of the winding roads of the realms, preaching the word of his introspective and peacable divine Father to all whom he meets. Pottofer has pale (almost sickly looking) skin and green-tinged brown hair (which is very thin – he is nearly bald) that usually appears damp or greasy, smeared across his head haphazardly. His thin goatee (which is also green-tinged) frames a bow-like mouth that is custom made for talking and laughing endlessly. Pottofer also has dark blue eyes (the entire eye is blue) and his pudgy fingers and toes are webbed from the second knuckle back, giving his hands and feet the appearance of wearing fingerless gloves from a distance.

    Genteel and calm in all situations, Pottofer is an unexpected boon to adventuring parties, as he is at once a rock of solid foundation for all who lean upon him as well as a cool and level head in any and all kinds of situations. Pottofer loves life and partakes of it generously and is quick to smile and laugh; above all he tries to see the good in all those he meets.

    Background: Pottofer hails from very humble origins and to his credit, he has never forgotten the lessons learned thereby. Born into a simple fishing community, Pottofer was the pride and joy of his father, a fisherman by the name of Zakkieus as well as his mother, a seamstress named Joy. From the moment of his birth, his parents knew that he was different and they immediately suspected that their baby boy had inherited traits from the sea, a boon both to them and their small, poor community. Pottofer grew strong, smart and confident, but none ever thought that he would be anything other than a fisherman like his father, and his father before him. One had but to look at the pale-skinned, rotund lad to see that he would never be a powerful swordsman or a domineering archmage; no one ever considered a life of servitude to the cloth and no one ever expected that Pottofer would become an adventurer.

    Yet, that is precisely what the lad did…

    Early on in his life, Pottofer felt the call of the calm waters that dominated his life. Slowly, those waters gained a voice within his soul – a voice that he would one day realize to be the voice of Eldath. He knew instantly that he would dedicate his life and his soul to serving her and nothing has deterred him from that course since. “As surely as the streams meet the sea”, as Pottofer himself would say, “I’ll be serving Eldath ‘til the day I see her blessed face.” The water gensai is what could be termed a “lay preacher” among the more formal church organization of Eldath; that is, he has never received any sort of canonized training or instruction. Rather, he simply gathered his things one day and in his own, unflinching way, left the only home he had ever known and set out on his “mission”.

    Now, wandering along through the wilderness, with only Eldath as his guide, there is no telling what this strange little fellow will walk into!
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    Virgil Sorrengate Winsyth III

    Virgil Sorrengate Winsyth III
    Human Bard 4

    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 205
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Skin: Fair

    STR: 12 [+1] (4 points)
    DEX: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    CON: 13 [+1] (5 points)
    INT: 12 [+1] (4 points)
    WIS: 8 [-1] (0 points)
    CHA: 18 [+4] (13 points, +1 lvl)

    Hit Dice: 4d6 + 4
    HP: 21
    Armor Class: 16 (10 base + 2 Dex + 4 Armor)
    Initiative: +6
    BAB: +3
    - Melee: +4
    - Ranged: +5

    Speed: 30'

    FORT: +2 (0 Base + 1 Con + 1 Res)
    REFL: +6 (3 Base + 2 Dex + 1 Res)
    WILL: +3 (3 Base - 1 Wis + 1 Res)

    - Bonus Feat at 1st level
    - 4 Bonus skill points at 1st level, +1 sp per level
    - Bardic Music 4/day
    - Bardic Knowledge +4
    - Countersong
    - Fascinate
    - Inspire Competence

    1st Level
    - Improved Initiative
    - Spell Focus: Enchantment
    3rd Level
    - Eschew Materials

    Spellcraft +7 (7 ranks + 0 Int)
    Concentration +9 (7 ranks, +2 Con)
    Perform (song) +11 (7 ranks, +4 Cha)
    Diplomacy +19 (7 ranks, +4 Cha, +8 Syn)
    Knowledge (nobility) +5 (5 ranks, +0 Int)
    Bluff (7 ranks, +4 Cha)
    Sense Motive +6 (7 ranks, -1 Wis)
    Gather Information +6 (2 ranks, +4 Cha)
    Use Magic Device +11 (7 ranks, +4 Cha)

    - Common, Undercommon

    Oth level - (3/day) Lullaby, Daze, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound
    1st level - (3/day) Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Charm Person, Disguise Self
    2nd level - (1/day) Shatter, Suggestion

    Melee weapons
    -Weeping Dirge Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword +5 (1d8+1, 19-20/x2) Forged of cold iron, this masterwork longsword is adorned with a gold-plated hilt, a copper wrapped ivory grip, and the thin blade is etched with silver scrolling. The blade is fluted in a way to always produce a perfectly pitched C note when swung. (330gp, 4lb)

    -Dagger +4 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2) (2gp, 1lb)
    -Silvered Dagger +4 (1d4, 19-20/x2) (22gp, 1lb)

    Ranged weapons
    -Heavy Crossbow +5 (1d10, 19-20/x2, 110ft.) (50gp, 8 lb)
    -50 Bolts (5gp, 5lb)

    Miscellaneous Magic Items
    -Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000gp)
    -Ring of Endure Elements 1/day (200gp)
    -Ring of Mending (1/day) (100gp)

    -Shield of Faith (2) (100gp)

    -Wand of Cure Light Wounds (25/50chg) (375gp, 1oz)
    -Wand of Magic Missile (25/50chg) (375gp, 1oz)
    -Wand of Invisibility (5/50chg) (450gp, 1oz)
    -Wand of Glitterdust (1/50chg) (90gp, 1oz)

    -Identify (2) (50gp)
    -Comprehend Languages (25gp)

    Mundane equipment
    -Mithril Shirt (1100gp, 10lb)
    -Courtier's Outfit (30gp, 6lb)
    -Signet Ring (5gp)
    -Various Jewelry (100gp)
    -Pipe and Tabac (10gp, 1lb)
    -Tindertwigs (20) (20gp)
    -Scrollcase (1gp, ½ lb)

    -Light Warhorse (150gp)
    -Riding Saddle (10gp)
    -Bit and Bridle (2gp)
    -Studded Leather Barding (100gp)

    -Mule (8gp)
    -Pack Saddle (5gp)
    -Bit and Bridle (2gp)
    -2 Fine Bottles of Red Wine (20gp)
    -Everburning Hooded Lantern (110gp)
    -Book (blank) (15gp)
    -Inkpens (10) (1gp)
    -3 Vials of Ink (24gp)
    -Sealing Wax (1gp)
    -Tent (10gp)
    -Fine Winter Blanket (1gp)
    -Fine Bedroll (1gp)
    -Small Steel Mirror (10gp)
    -Waterskin (1gp)
    -Fine Trail Rations- 6 days (6gp)
    -Noble's Outfit (75gp)
    -Courtier's Outfits, 3 (90gp)
    -Backpack (2gp)

    Weight Carried: 32lb
    Remain money: 129gp

    Character Background
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