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    good stuff guys, keep it going . . .

    anyone read that news article which details cia's remote viewers in their role in the lockerbie plane crash? interesting stuff for sure.

    more news from the strange from me . . .

    last night i woke up in the middle of the night because and old man in my dream told me to read up on a specific medical abnoramality. very odd, but i did it. i should have been sleeping, because i am in the ER now for at least 10 more hours, but i had to get to the internet to post this.

    needless to say it was a pedia surgical procedure. and of course, something i didn't know how to do.

    well, a few hours ago some kid came in, and of course, i was the only doc available. yup, he had exactly what i studied the night before.

    the kicker, of course, is that later on his family came to see him in the hospital. his grandfather was the man in my dream.

    now i have to get back to work.
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    I got a bit more info out of my fiance this weekend. We were at her cousin's wedding and afterward went to her aunt and uncle's house. They were all quite drunk (I stayed sober as I was the designated driver) and started talking about a lot of their aboriginal beliefs (some of which involve a family member trying to kill other family members with "medicine"...basically "magical" items/tokens/whatever designed to cause bad luck; her uncle also wanted them all to refrain from drinking for four days so he could consult a medicine man as he thought the family was cursed and wanted to find out how). Well, my fiance started saying more about the "little black man" that haunts their family. I had though it looked like the goblin from Cat's Eye, but apparently when they said that they just meant the scene where it is hiding in the hole in the wall and all you can see is it's vague shape and glowing red eyes-my missunderstanding there. She says that when she used to see it in her room (this was her old place, she lives with me now) she is paralyzed. She says others (including two of her cousins who were there and confirmed this) have experienced this while staying at her old house. At first I was going to explain to her that sleep disorder that has been referred to in this thread, but I was hesitant when I found out that these people had never experienced this except when at this house. I gotta say I find that a little odd.

    She went on to say that she thinks the shape is linked to a dream she had. In the dream she went into someone's basement (she didn't know who's it was) and saw a little aboriginal boy in a residential school uniform (I may be using the wrong term there...basically the uniforms for aboriginal kids back when they had schools on the reserves that were run by the government, not the reserve). She says the boy had large (as in much larger than a regular boy's) solid black eyes! Now, I haven't told her about that black eyed kids story on this thread as I was afraid to creep her out (she gets scared by ghost stories), so when I heard that I was quite alarmed. She says the next day she went into her friend's basement (I think for the first time) and it was the basement from her dream. She later talked to a different friend (or family member...I'm not sure which, it was loud and like 3 am) who had dreamt about a small aboriginal boy in a residential school outfit who got hit by a train.

    Now they continued to say a relative of theirs was in some sort of medicine purifying ritual during which the elders determined she had two extra spirits within her. She had to leave the medicine circle in a contrary fashion as everone else, and as she left the medicine man (not sure if that is the right term) sucked a spirit out of her elbow. He said one of the spirits in her was good, one was bad, and he wasn't sure which one he got.

    So, my fiance thinks that the two aborinal boys in the dreams are twins and her family is being haunted by the soul of the one the medicine man didn't get. Now, they were all quite drunk it is true, but the seriousness of the discussion and the consistency of their accounts was rather unnerving to me. But, I'm trying to keep an open mind on this both ways, until it is proven to me one way or another (much like my Dad's philosophy ).
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    Originally posted by WillTheBuddhist

    2.) This is the biggest one, and yet by all measures the smallest one. I have this weird habit of causing street lights to turn off. I know it sounds absurd, but hear me out. This happens almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I drive when street lights are on. Now, of course not every light turns off, but almost every single time I drive a light will turn off or on.

    This has been going on for about 4 years or so. It happens at all times, too. 8 in the morning, 10 at night, 2 in the morning. It happens when there's a lot of traffic, when there's no traffic. Rural areas, urban areas. I've picked this apart ad naseum trying to find a pattern to it all, but I can't, and that's a big admission from someone who's mind is so pattern oriented.

    My friends thought I was nuts when I told them this. But now every time I'm with them at night and a light turns off, I point it out to them. Granted, it happens to everyone, and it happens to my friends also, but this happens almost every time I go out and there's a street light on.

    The only logical (?) explanation I can think of is a certain emanation or sorts that everyone has, something that I think interferes with the lights. It seems stronger in me. That's not a good or bad thing, just a thing. I know that sounds crazy, but I can't think of anything else. It's just not plausible that these are all coincidences.
    This one happens to me all the time, only it is when I am walking at night/early morning and not driving. It usually happens when the one that goes out is the closest one to me on the street.

    I joke that it rates a 1 point quirk on the GURPS super powers scale.

    As a superpower it is pretty lame, but as an identifier of a supernatural being it is pretty cool and I've always wanted to use it in a modern magic game like Mage.

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    A few not too notable strange things in my life

    I have always had a strange connection to every dog we have owned. I generally chalked it up to spending lots of time with dogs, as I know what they are thinking, and can basicly talk to my dog. Every dog we have owned has died while I wasn't home, but every time I know instantly when they die. An example is when I was on vacation in Atlanta (250 miles away) and I suddenly just knew that my Doberman named Duke was dead. When I came home I found it out to be true, that he had died on the same day that I realized it. I have always found it strange how dogs can anticipate when their masters return 5-10 minutes before they get home, even if you return at random times during the day.

    I also wake up at 3am almost every night, and have on occasion seen the "shadow men" while being paralyzed. Most likely the REM oddity mentioned before, but that doesnt make it any less scary when it is happening

    The scaryiest thing that happened to me was playing capture the flag around 2am way out in the middle of the woods at camp. It was so dark you could barely see your hand in front of your face and there were no city lights around, just starlight and moon light, but that was the point! Anyway, I was out in the woods alone when a very large dark manshaped figure approached me out of literally no where. The thing seemed like a void of light. I just stood staring at it for the longest time and decided it was in my best interest to leave it alone and just go back to the base. As soon as I thought it, the thing dropped on all fours and ran around me to cut off my retreat. Suddenly, a friend of mine came towards me from a field, to whom I called out to. I slowly backed away from the shadow thing towards my friend. I stood next to him and pointed the thing out and he saw it. We both stared, and the thing started to stand up and move away. My friend turned on his flashlight and pointed it at the now standing shadow... and it wasnt there. We pretty much agreed to not mention it to anyone, and I havent. No explination as to what the thing was. The best I can come up with is a mountain cat of some kind, but they dont live in Georgia, much less stand on 2 legs (over 6 feet tall) or dissapear into shadows when you shine a light on them.

    That black eyes kids thing is scary by the way!
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    First - a quick tidibt my step-Dad told me about a local legend in Papua New Guinea (if i recall correctly). In one area of town there was an extremely sharp turn that was next to a cliff, the tales have it that a man would stand to ahead of the turn on the side of the road (like he was trying to hitch a ride) with one of the legs on his pants lifted up. Here's the thing: The leg that you could see was a goat leg and the story has it that the man was either Satan or some evil spirit (probably depending on the religion of the person telling the story) and that if you looked at the leg that you wouldn't make the turn and you would drive off the cliff.

    Second - I haven't seen anything per se - but apparently one of the houses my family used to live in in Laguna Nigel, CA was supposed to be one of the most haunted places on the west coast. Maybe I should count myself lucky that because of the visitation schedule between my mom and dad I didn't spend more time at the place because from what I have heard some bad stuff happened there.

    My mom and step-dad still won't tell me all of the stories but what they tell me I do believe and makes me want to learn more about what happened. Here is some of the stuff they say that happened in the place:

    1) A giant blue "man" would walk through the halls of the place. The same "man" apparently could also be found standing over my bed when I was sleeping in it and had a menecing air about him the times my mother walked in and found him doing so. I slept through the entire thing of course. (Then again, i've been through my fair share of earth quakes and slept through them too).

    2) The family cats would get picked up off of whatever they were laying on and get thrown across the room. At times this was done by an invisible force, other times it was the the blue man.

    3) There were other odd things seen around the house....shapes, blurs, smears of color that would float around the place. They didn't do anything, they would just appear and dissapear.

    4) In the master bedroom was some sort of "portal"...the story I was told was that this was were all energy came from that caused the "hauntings". I guess some ghost hunters that my parents hired verified this two ways: 1) Their were noticible tempature drops around this portal, 2) other instruments they used to find "ghostly" activity acted scrwery around the "portal" 3) Since the portal was by a window they tried to put stuff through the window (like a ladder, pole, etc), anything that was put from the inside of the house to the outside of the house didn't appear, it went into said "portal". My mom tells me they tried to put a 10 foot ladder through the thing and even though they had 6 feet of the ladder in the window not a lick of it showed outside the house.

    5) All of the people that stayed in the house before us came to horrible fates. Most of them became extremely ill and ended up taking the big dirt nap. The ones that moved in after we left became very sick, but ended up moving out soon afterward and recouped.

    6) Once my parents decided to get out of the house it took them almost a month to do so, not a big thing in itself, but the reasons why are off. First, the movers they hired to move us out were in an accident on the way to the house and died. The second set of movers got into an accident on the way to the house and their truck was totalled. Then, when they asked family to help every car that came to the house had a problem at the house. Everything from batteries going dead, hoses busting, belts breaking to tires being flat.

    7) This isn't "paranormal" per se, but still odd. The house was two stories, or so we all thought (even the owners of the place that we were renting it from). Apparently there was a basement to the place that had been sealed up, the stairway to hit from the first floor covered and the doorway from the backyard had been cinder-blocked over with dirt and a flower bed put in front of it. In other words - this thing was completely hidden. The only way to get into it was a small access "window" like you'd find to get into a small crawl space underneath a house. A repairman "found" it when he had to fix a pipe and i guess my step-dad also went down to check it out. It was a large basement that was divided up into rooms with cinderblock walls, with a dirt floor, and in some of the rooms were boxes of old stuff you might find in an attic or the like - old books, old clothes, stuff like that. He said he also felt very like there was a very oppresive "force" down there. After his one trip he never went back down, and it was shortly afterwords that they decided to move.

    From what I hear the place burned down sometime in the 90's, so I can't go back and try to get my own look at the place know that I am older.

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    I have had a few interesting experiences. Mainly with ghosts. It would probably take too long to explain them here.

    I do have a good link to stories from investigators and legends.


    Go down the page about halfway and click any of the stories.

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    Forgot to mention this, Hellbender should be interested.

    I tried the thing you described several times with no success until the other day.

    I was laying quietly and alone and had been trying to open the door, when I tried it one last time. From the begining I could tell it was different, because the room I was in was "mine" I'll describe it best I can as there are some aspects I dont understand myself.

    I am decending a wooden stair case into a half circular wood room. The floors and walls are all made of very rough wood, like railroad plank things. There is a wooden door, shoddily made which I can almost see lights through the cracks and hear whispering behind and it makes me very nervous. I raise my left hand (I'm very right handed, so it feels weird, but normal somehow) and in it there is a strange tool which I have no idea what it is. It is sort of like a knife in general shape, but instead of a blade is a sort of quarter circle of a pipe with a sharp edge and point on the end. I have no idea what this is, but its what I have. I reach up to the door and inscribe the symbol described and the whispers stop and the lights go off. When I have finished making the symbol I open the door, and the room fills with rushing violent water and I drown. I have never drowned or even had any trouble in water, so I'm not sure I know what it feels like to drown but I can feel it with every part of my body. After that there is no more image and its over. Any help would be appreciated, as I am very curious as to what the tool I am holding is... Now every time I try it that is all I can get out of it and it is very ... odd to feel drowning so I have stopped.
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    Originally posted by hellbender

    Actually, there is a girl clairvoyant that they make excuses not to pay. It is not the fact that there is nothing to prove, it is that they find reasons not to pay. Which opens up the theory that they do believe that there are supernatural occurences and that they are getting the people to perform them so that they can get the people to work for them. The source of the little girl is the Coast to Coast show, Randi is a bit of an eccentric oddball. Who really knows what he is up to? To much weird stuff happens for people to not be able to prove unnatural abilities. There has to be more than one Wolf Messing on the planet.
    Hellbender, I'd like to see some further proof of that. I've been following the career of James Randi for years, and he's not some eccentric with more money than sense. He's actually an ex-magician ("The Amazing Randi"), who became disenchanted with some of the "psychics" and "paranormalists" who were really conmen fleecing the public. He's exposed many a charlatan, and in fact, one of my favorite articles about him is where he picked up the broadcast being sent to a televangelist on a hearing aid and played it over the speakers... "Honey, honey, can you see the old guy in the wheelchair? He's from Duluth and was in a carwreck 10 years ago."... the man would take the information and pretend that he got it in messages from God when it came from a questionnaire filled out beforehand.

    As for the $1 million challenge, Randi has always said "I don't offer this because I'm such a skeptic that I'm willing to put a million dollars against the possibility of the paranormal, it's because I more than anyone want to see proof of the paranormal, and am willing to pay a million to the person who can without any doubt show it to me."
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    Another dream-related oddity I forgot earlier. It likely means absolutely nothing, but here goes.

    March 16*, 1947.

    What was on that date, you may ask? Well, I had an extraordinarily vivid dream in which I was I detective investigating a murder in a small town, and I had a definite idea that this was the date on which this was happening. Said murder was exceptionally brutal (images of a person's head being smashed through a bannister for a stairwell), and I recall buildings with specific names, specific characters, and lots of disturbing imagery (blood pouring from the walls of a room, a building under whose floor were buried hundreds of corpses). Needless to say, it really disturbed me and I searched on the Internet for things that happened on that day. Closest thing I found was a huge fire in Maine that burnt acres of land and killed many people.

    * (I believe that was the date. The fire is accurate, so whatever date that was).
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    I tried the diagram but did not work till now. But my breathing and pulse quickens a lot when I try it. How long did it take other guys until it worked?
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