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    Hmmm lurking and the changes of lifes fortunes

    I will make this one short.

    Back in the day, 1973 in a Northwestern US town, that at the time was very small and crouched in the shadows of the cascades. Us locals used to go up on the 'middle fork' road which dated before the 1920's and supported logging, fishing, mining and hunting.

    Of course this was the 70's and we were quite the roudy bunch of misfits. It was decided late one night about 1 AM, as we were unable to get anyone to buy us beer and we had no other mischief (herbal), save our on going obsession with LotR. So we hopped into the old 71 Cougar and booked out into night.

    Now the Middle fork has a reputation; but not one we were aware of and a history that goes back quite a ways, but it was only after this night and asking alot of questions, this made sense.

    It was decided not to go too far as it still was late spring and the wash outs up further would have reaped havoc on the car finding a spur road that lead out to a wide spot in the narrow valley so we could look at the stars and try to convince one of the girls to 'make out'. The loneliness and darkness was sure to work on them, (alas, it did not) shutting off the car and waiting abit for our eyes to get used to the moon light, we talked of the usual stuff. Galadriel and Frodo and how no one could ever make a movie that could even encompass the depth of the story.

    The night was warm enough you could get away with a sweatshirt and soon we walked out on to the huge sandbar. People seperated to 'talk' and others tried to show off and build interest from the one other present and unattached girl.

    I would say we got out about 300 yards out onto the gravel, when the couple in front of us stopped and instead of holding hands and all that they looked around as if startled.

    As we approached the sound of the rushing water that filled the background with a soft echo seemed to stop. When we got closer, the air seemed to chill and we could see our breath when tha moon suddenly drooped behind a cloud everybody jumped and we looked about but could see nothing. Now youth played into this, we decided it was the moon and although the light breeze stopped it was just we needed to make a fire.

    Turning to the northeast, for some reason we walked towards a stand of willows clustered around a log embedded in the sand. There forty feet away was an old fire ring with charred wood in it, we can do something and look cool. Then one of the other guys pulled out a pint of whiskey, he stole from his gramps and the adventure began.

    We suddenly felt invulerable and every one scattered to find firewood, except the couple of whom the girl was still disturbed about the strange, cold spot. Her friend amazingly went off by herself looking, so we could not be shown up. The search for wood, was a noisy affair perhaps brought on by the moment earlier and the burning burbon in our stomachs.

    The fire going and the fight over the last of the whiskey over, we got warm the only sound was the popping of the burning wood and the soft movement of the water echoing off the tall ring of trees, far away. We got quiet, and other than occasional bits of conversation we mostly sat and stared into the flames.

    The wind suddenly started the trees to rustle and move and drown out the river as we looked about, some of us stood, suddenly a loud bang came from up close. Sounding like our friends small caliber pistol or larger, we all turned at him he sat look at us a shocked look on his face.

    Now everybody was moving in the direction we thought was towards the car. The wind had stopped and the night got very cold, and fingers of mist were creeping out of the trees. "God!" We cannot leave the fire and our folks would be more angry at the fire left than the girls and the booze. So we head back and as we start to kick sand over it another loud report goes off and a hot rock comes flying out of the fire.

    "Some one is shooting at us! Screw the fire we are booking!!" Now we are trying to move at a dignified scramble what was once an easy walk turned into struggle for every step. Once again we get stopped in the same spot a chill that just seems to take your breath away and all sound seems muted except your breath and the sensation of something watching and it was evil the hair stood up on my neck.

    Strange you could look about there was no movement save the mist and the trees stood as if watching and waiting for something. Then the relief as I saw the reflection of the now setting moon on the chrome bumper of the car as a brief gap in the fog formed.

    The cold spot was investigated during the day and out on that sand and gravel bar it was always colder and sound seemed deadened. Even in the daylight you felt it.

    But we did however solve the mystery of the 'shots'.

    The explosion was a phenomina from what are called "clay babies" natural concretions in clay that in this case was formed during the last ice age. The water trapped in the concretion super heats then explodes throwing red hot fragments out. Frightening the heck out of dumb a******
    that should have known better.

    The area on the 'middle fork' that we decided to stop at had a rock formation hidden in the hills nearby, that according to tradition was made from the hair of some sisters abducted by 'spirits from the moon' to be their brides.

    The women grew their hair long and made a rope in order to climb down from the moon and they pulled the rope down so as to stop the 'spirits' from following. The hair fell and made the rocks.

    Oh the name of the tribe the women come from translates to "Childern of the Moon." or Snoqualmie.

    The broken half circle of mountain called Mount Si, is supposed to be a portion of the moon that fell from the sky. It was called "Twin Peaks" on TV.

    The name of the river is also the Snoqualmie and the famous satquatch tracks were made in the 80's by a good, and very drunk friend of mine. Who cut off some old cross counrty skies and made a plywood feet nailed to it and on the bottom was cardboard, cause even a drunk knows a plywood print has to have something on it.

    Lubricated with Jack Daniels he puts them on his feet only to discover the stiff plywood feet caused him spring board, in a marvelous show of luck and dexterity to wind up making huge drunken strides into the river. Where he barely survived drowning with those monstrosites attached to his feet only to finally remove them 40 yards down stream and drag his wet self out onto the rocks.

    News crews, researchers, plaster castings, and a very drunk wet friend. Now you cannot say that is not scary.

    You know Twin Peaks was filmed in part there and in that year about 8 miles away Ted Bundy' first victims were found. And the truth about the cherry pies made famous during the filming was, made from a can. Ted continued his terror for many years to come.

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    *thread necromancy*
    The following story is fiction, as far as I can tell, but it's the same flavor as some of the other stories on this thread. Some of you may have read this before, when I posted it on WoTC's CoC forums.


    Personally, I haven't had many weird encounters. I had sleep paralysis once, and premonitions a half-dozen time in my life (nothing major). I do have Deja Vu often, though. Sometimes I have it 2-3 times a day.

    And what's up with Dave-O? Has anything else happened at your house? Are you still moving in May?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ^Graff
    *thread necromancy*
    The following story is fiction, as far as I can tell, but it's the same flavor as some of the other stories on this thread. Some of you may have read this before, when I posted it on WoTC's CoC forums.


    Personally, I haven't had many weird encounters. I had sleep paralysis once, and premonitions a half-dozen time in my life (nothing major). I do have Deja Vu often, though. Sometimes I have it 2-3 times a day.

    And what's up with Dave-O? Has anything else happened at your house? Are you still moving in May?
    I am assuming that the author intentionally leaves the 11th page unloadable?

    Very clever. Creepy, too. It's no doorthudder or Black-eyed kids, but definitely scary. Too much seems contrived to be true, but it makes a great story. If anybody knows 'Ted,' send him by the boards!

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    Freaky story I've never really told anyone...


    My grandmother wasn't the most positive of people... in fact, I would go so far as to say, for most of her life, she was a very bad person. She cheated on my grandfather for years and years, aborted a baby for not logical reason and showed no remorse, abused her children, and managed though her illness to make the lives of her children and grandchildren completely miserable.

    However, in the two years before her death at the young age of 61, her and I became close. She and I visited weekly--she told me about her entire life. And, I felt bad for her. She had emphasima (spelling?) and was suffering from liver failure due to her years and years of alchohol abuse and chain smoking...
    As she grew sicker and sicker, I tried to ask her about the afterlife... what she thought was going to happen after she died--it could no longer be denied that she would, in the very near future, pass away.
    I got little to no reply. She was raised Catholic. My grandfather made a large show of having the priest there to read her her last rights and whatnot every time she came close to death... but, she never really took it seriously.

    When I was called out of the classroom on an early May afternoon, I knew what the principal was going to tell me... Gram was dead... it was no surprise...
    Her funeral was rough... I consider myself to be christian... though, no preacher... I knew that she had not accepted God into her heart... and, if anyone has been placed in that situation before-- you know... it hurts worse than anything.

    The night after her funeral, I had the most vivid dream I've ever had in my entire life... my grandmother screaming in brutal pain... her frail body, twisted and contorted and she writhed in what shifted from flames to snow... she wept and cried out... and begged for it to stop. I just stood... or floated... and there was nothing I could do. I reached out for her but the heat or cold would be too extreme for me to get to her.

    I awoke weeping in a way that I've never wept before. I can't say that I know for sure... but, after that dream, I became almost certain that my grandmother went to Hell.

    I don't know if this story really applies... it is the closest I have to a story about the afterlife reaching out and touching me directly.
    I've never really told anyone as it's depressing... but, there's a first time for everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackshirt5
    Blackshirt, what happened to the story you had here earlier today?! I didn't get a chance to read it, and now it's gone! YARGH!

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    Here's a weird story that I just remembered while looking through this thread again..

    My ex-boyfriend and a friend of his-- both named Jon-- were traveling through Madison, WI a couple years ago... while stopped at a gas station, they noticed a man in the rear of the 7-11 ramming repeatedly into the large brick wall... apparently he was slamming into it so hard that he was knocking his own teeth out and appeared to have broken his nose.
    Jon and Jon, both generally caring people, were a little weirded out--but, at the same time, were very concerned. As they walked back toward the man, he cried out in a very un-humanly deep voice to stay away. His voice changed very suddenly and he started to weep-- claiming to be possessed by demons. He said that he was attempting to get the demons OUT by slamming himself into the wall.

    When Jon and Jon offered to get help, his voice went back to the deep scary hell voice and he demanded they leave him immediately. Then, he started to run at them...

    Needless to say, they were incredibly terrified. Ran back to their car, and quickly drove away.

    The Jons called me right away afterwards to tell me about their brush with the freak man behind the 7-11...

    I'm sure that I am missing some very creepy details... but, my memory does not always serve me as well as I would like...
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    More weird stuff that I forgot to mention back in October...

    One night, at the old apartment, about 2-3 AM, I felt something, that I'd have to describe as a cat leaping off my bed. Well, we had a cat that came in for feeding and petting, but Chairman Mao didn't come to the door that night. Now that I think about it, it was about that time that my pet cat at home would've died (my parents, of course, forgot to tell me until I asked how she was doing).

    Another thing, back in 2001. I mentioned in an earlier post that a friend Saw Things in her bedroom. Well, we'll call her Georgia Girl, since she was, at the time, living in Savannah, GA. At night, she saw things in her bedroom...like pictures of her and her mother and sister changing into those of rural black slaves or sharecroppers (she's of Polish extraction). A pile of laundry on a chair became a little boy, etc. It seems, though, that this started after she inherited some furniture from her grandfather, who'd also lived in Savannah, and put the chairs in her room.

    I'd had some weird things happen in college and after, so I took what my witch friend suggested it and relayed to Georgia Girl...take some ivy and orange peel and stuff, say some prayers over it, and then swish it around the room while praying with the ivy. She never went into details, but it apparently worked. (Note that when I tried it, I didn't see any demons frying, but there was a nice lemony scent!)


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    I love this thread. I have no events that I can add (for which I am thankful, despite how damn interesting it would be) but I did experience sleep paralysis once only.

    It was mid-afternoon, I was napping on the couch, and I woke up completely immobile. I heard someone fumbling with the front door. After 10-20 seconds it stopped, and I lay there waiting to see if anyone had come in for about five minutes. I eventually decided to fall asleep again. I think my head probably made up the doorknob sounds, and I'm really glad it didn't make up more. Keep the stories coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Universe
    Blackshirt, what happened to the story you had here earlier today?! I didn't get a chance to read it, and now it's gone! YARGH!
    Realized that it didn't really seem supernatural(but for the short version, my girlfriend, her mother, her mother's mother, and her mother's grandmother all look EXACTLY ALIKE; as in, mistaking old pictures of Great-Grandma Hilda for my Brooke). Also, wanna look more into how often things fall on the remaining three, Brooke, Talba(her mom), and Grandma Heller(stuff around the house ALWAYS falls on those three, and just those three; never Brooke's stepdad, Keith, or her sisters, or anyone who comes to visit; it's never anything dangerous or life-threatening, at least not toomuchso, just irritating and annoying), before I post that part of the story; all I know is that I've spent plenty of time in that house and even walking to the fridge in the middle of the night, nothing falls on me.

    Plus, it just seems spooooooky! My story DISAPPEARED! *waggles fingers and makes spooky moaning sounds*
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