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    Encounters with the Supernatural

    I'm trying to collect some good stories on peoples' brushes with unexplained phenomena for some D20 Modern I intend to run soon. How prevalent are these experiences? Does everyone have one? Just for fun of the topic, let's declare this a skepticism-free zone. I'm a big skeptic myself, but we all know about Ockham's Razor and kids in wheatfields with boards and rope. Let's just have some fun.

    I'll get the ball rolling. I've seen a UFO, near Area 51 in fact! About five years ago, my friends and I took a weeklong road trip to Vegas. Being big X-Files fans at the time, we just had to take a day trip out to Area 51. Night had fallen by the time we made it to the valley on the other side of the ridge from the Area. We stopped at the Little Al'e-Inn in Rachel and spent about an hour there browsing the store and talking to the owner (neat guy, BTW). We bought our souvenirs and headed out, wanting to stop at the Black Mailbox on our way.

    We pulled our van up to the Black Mailbox (which was white at the time, incidentally) and I hopped out. Immediately, I noticed a bright white light above me, and a whir of helicopter blades hovering above our van. We were being buzzed! The whir became noticeably quieter after only about a 100 feet when it left us. That in itself seemed noteworthy, as you can usually hear a helicopter a mile away.

    We had apparently picked a very interesting night to be out in the valley. It looked like there were some kind of maneuvers going on. We could see the lights of a couple dozen helicopters moving along the ridge all around us. They didn't appear to be doing much more than that though, so we started stargazing (an absolutely AMAZING place to do that, as there are no city lights around for like 100 miles).

    Something caught my eye along the hill line across from us. It was a dim orange light suspended above a hilltop, which looked somewhat like a flare. I pointed it out to my friends, and no sooner had they turned to look when suddenly it started doing the most bizarre gyrations I've ever seen. It would bob up and down in the air like a cork in water, and side to side, making 90 degree and 180 degree turns with no curves! I noticed that two helicopters were flanking the hill around it. This orange light danced about for 2 minutes or so, and the comments all around were "That can't possibly be a plane or helicopter. NOTHING moves like that." After it had stopped for awhile, we packed it in and drove back to our hotel.

    When we got home the next week, I told my boss about it, who was an aviation buff. He told me that he'd read in Popular Mechanics (or something similar) about spy drones the size of toasters which are light enough to move like the object we saw. Still, you gotta wonder...

    Before anyone asks, this is not BS. We really saw this.

    So anyone else have a UFO/Ghost/Poltergeist/Flukeman story? Does anyone see werewolves anymore? Those seem to have fallen off the map.
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