Players reading DM-only material

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View Poll Results: DMs--what is your opinion about players reading DM-only materials?

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  • It's fine with me--in fact, I encourage them to buy the adventures I'm currently running and read them cover to cover.

    3 2.34%
  • I don't really care one way or the other. Players will do what they'll do

    11 8.59%
  • It's hard to monitor what players read, especially when some are DMs also. I just have to trust them.

    36 28.13%
  • I encourage them not to read the materials and trust that they won't.

    36 28.13%
  • I never use published materials, so it doesn't apply to me.

    18 14.06%
  • I make enough changes to published materials that they'll just screw themselves if they do read them.

    16 12.50%
  • Not in my campaign! *boot*

    6 4.69%
  • Other

    2 1.56%
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    Players reading DM-only material

    Recently in another thread I blew up about a group of players reading a thread that the DM had clearly marked as containing sensitive material, clearly warning his players away from it. This made me wonder about what the general policy was toward players reading such DM-only material, such as modules and Dungeon magazines.
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