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    Enseth & Tommi

    Enseth joined the fray, hurling the head of one of the hobgoblin captains down the stairs and then turning his attention on the old worg. He hammered it in the side as ORB3 buzzed about its head. Then Tommi slid under the beast and slit it open with General Shorgg's big cleaver. The old worg cussed, coughed, and then fell over dead.

    Chef & the Goblins

    The hobgoblin head bounced down the stairs and the hobgoblin chef ignored it as he ran up them. On the other hand, the three goblins behind him stopped in their tracks when they saw the head and the stared wide-eyed and frightened.

    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) Worg 5 & 9 (Dead);
    (PCs) None; (NPCs) None

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    Titus & Morwin

    Sensibly worried that a Red Wizard might have some dangerous spells at his call, Titus began to usher the Julkounians down the stairs and across the room, suggesting that they seek cover. He sent his familiar, Morwin to harass the hobgoblin chef.

    Theggar Grynn vs Tarthagal

    Spotting a chance to take out the chef, Tarthagal spun his swords and leapt over the fallen worg, heading for the stairs. Suddenly the Red Wizard stepped out into the hall from the T-junction and sent three bursts of fire hurtling past the frightened goblins. Flames burst about the elf scout, singing him badly. He was forced to give up going after the hobgoblin and take cover at the top of the stairs instead.

    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) None; (PCs) None;
    (NPCs) Tarthagal 10 & 5 Fire

    Theggar's Scorching Rays:

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    Location: Warehouse Basement; Encounter: Red Wizard, Kitchen Staff, Worg

    End Round One; Begin Round Two

    Party (PCs)

    Name * (Space) * Perc * AC * HP * Hit Dice * Notes
    Angis (K9) PP14* AC14 HP 7/31 HD 2/3
    Dandin (G12) PP14 AC14 HP 16/18 HD 3/3
    Enseth (L11) PP14 AC20* HP 20/22 HD 0/3
    Titus (F10) PP11 AC18* HP 6/27 HD 1/3
    Tommi (L8) PP14 AC14 HP 7/21 HD 3/3

    Allies (NPCs)

    Averiel (M11) PP15* AC14 HP 9/27 HD 2/3
    Ganalan (J11) PP11* AC14 HP 10/13 HD 0/2
    Tarthagal (M7) PP15* AC13 HP 1/22 HD 2/3
    Morwin (P8) PP15* AC12 HP 5/5
    ORB3 (N9) PP13* AC11 HP 1/1
    Julkounians (Various)

    Enemies (BGs)

    Theggar (Red Wizard) (AI7)
    Worg (L9M10) HP less 36 (Dead)
    Hobgoblin Chef (O8)
    Goblin1 (R8)
    Goblin2 (S9) HP less 3
    Goblin3 (U8)

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    Angis Honack
    Julkoun/Goblin barracks
    3:08 PM
    Round 2

    Angis growled in pain as the wargís jaws closed on him, but he managed to keep his spell up. However, weakened by his prior injuries, he couldnít maintain his feet and the warg slammed him into the ground.

    However, the others finished the warg off and Angis dragged himself to his feet again. ďBluidy beast,Ē he muttered, kicking the warg. He moved his mark to the goblin chef as he strode forward. His two axes cleaved at the chef and the other leading goblin in the corridor.

    Angisí Actions

    Save: Strength save: 1d20+4 9
    Concentration save: 1d20+2 16
    Move: Stand from prone, then move to N9
    Free Object Interaction:
    Action: Attack Goblin Chef
    Handaxe: 1d20+4 11
    Damage: 1d6+2 6
    Bonus Action: Move Hunterís Mark to Goblin Chef
    Horde Breaker: Attack Goblin O10
    Handaxe: 1d20+4 8
    Damage: 1d6+2 5
    Reaction: Absorb Elements or Opportunity Attack
    Concentration: Hunterís Mark (Goblin Chef)

    Mini Stats

    Initiative: +1
    Perception: +4
    Speed: 25
    AC: 14
    HP: 7/31 HD: 2/3d10+2

    Bolts: 15
    Bolts used:

    1) 0/3 Absorb Elements, Cure Wounds, Hunterís Mark
    4/4 Boon of the Elk. Can cast Knock four times (without the loud sound) as an Action. Until he uses the last one, non-good aligned Fey count among his Favoured Enemies.

    Party Loot

    428 gp (Dandin)
    Boots of Striding and Springing (Tommi)
    Cloak of the Wolf (Dandin)
    Electrum brooch, 200 gp (Titus)


    Stop at Julkoun and ask about Estor the priest for Hadesha, the priestess of Chauntea in Daggerford. DEAD
    Find out the fate of the storyteller Findledan (Jesterís Pride tavern) for the dryad Oyfanen outside Julkoun.


    Tommi - human rogue urban bounty hunter
    Dandin - halfling bard guild merchant
    Enseth - warforged war cleric shield guardian
    Angis Honack - dwarven ranger outlander merchant
    Drui Holderhock - dwarven cleric of Tempus soldier
    Titus - human Waterdhavian noble fighter

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    Tommi watches as his stone knocks the Warg to the floor. As it drops, he sees the looming figure of the chef behind it.

    "One more," he says, rushing towards him and tossing another stone, underhanded towards it, before pressing himself into the shadows.

    OOC: Move to L8.
    Attack: vs Chef. (1d20+5)[20]. If a hit, damage (since there's an ally on the other side, SA counts) = (3d6+3)[12].)
    Bonus action: Hide: (1d20+4)[10].

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    Enseth steps over the worg's body and, using the Cheff as cover smashes him.

    OOC: Movement: N8
    Action: Battlefist (1d20+5)[6](1d20+5)[13]
    Damage: (1d8+3)[10]

    ORB3: Help & Flyby

    HP: 20/22 HD:0/1d8 - 0/2d6
    AC: 20 (22 Shield of Faith, 25 Shield, 27 both)
    PP: 14
    Arcane Ward: 6/6 HP
    Speed. 40 ft.
    Spell slots:
    1st: 1/4
    2nd: 0/2
    Active Spell:
    War Priest: 2/2
    Arcane Recovery: 0/1
    Darts: 20/20
    Javelins: 4/5
    Caltrops: 100/100
    Health Potions: 0
    Coins: 272 gp, 9 sp.

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    Dandin eyes the chef and notes the greasy apron before breaking out into laughter. "Oh, now they're sending their cooks after us? This is rich, what next, the 'skullery goblins? We killed your general, best run away. Wizard or no, we're coming through!"

    The last part came out a bit more high pitched than Dandin's already tenor voice usually sounded.

    OOC: Viscious Mockery on the chef. DC 13 wis or (1d4)[2] psychic damage. Can I throw out a random intimidation check as well? See if we can't encourage mr Wizard to rethink his position?

    If so... Intimidation (1d20+4)[5][/roll]
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