Just wondering how you guys would deal with the following:

You are organising a new game and purchase a very good module.

One of the players finds out that you are going to be playing that module and starts posting on forums (you know his tag), most likely looking at spoilers and hell, for all I know he may of gone out and bought it as well to find out the information in the module.

Do You:
a) Blast him about it and tell him to find another group or wait for you to run a new adventure.
b) Do nothing.
c) Don't say anything but alter some of the things in the module.
d) Have a talk to him and say that you'll be monitoring his use of out of game info and penalising him if he plays on it.
e) Run a different module - even though the one you got fits really nicely into your campaign world.
f) Not be quite so paranoid about it.
g) Something else?

In the end, if he wants to affect his own enjoyment of the module by knowing most of the secrets, that's his problem. However, when it means it will be affecting everyone elses enjoyment because he's taking all the thought out of the adventure, you do have a problem that needs a solution.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards
Herremann the Wise