I'm wondering because I'm revamping my world setting. In mine, there's only one type of magic(like Arcana Unearthed); there's no divide between arcane and divine, there's just magic, although it get channelled in different ways.

Psionics, on the other hand, are innate abilities that in theory anybody who's taught to use them can get; I'm gonna modify Ken Hood's Psionics System for this purpose, but I'm giving all character classes a few extra skill points so that you can have a nice balance between your psionic skills and your non-psionics, although you could load up either end if you want.

Magic is rare, but powerful. "True" mages probably number somewhere in the low hundreds for the entire world, but some are capable of devastating entire countries with their magics; all "true" mages have at least a handful of spells unique to themselves. Almost all "true" mages are incredibly ruthless and evil; you can't have much of a conscience if you're making deals with fiends and devastating the landscape in battles against other mages.

Other mages include the ranks of the battlemages, apothecaries, hedge mages, and the like; while their magic can be powerful, they can't match the sheer power wielded by the handful of "true" mages in the world.

So, how does it work in your world? I'm especially interested in the dynamic between Magic and Psionics.