Gamers Wanted! Starfinder via Skype
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    Starfinder via Skype

    Looking to start a Starfinder game soon, have 2-3 player spots open.
    Looking to be Wednesday evenings, 9-12pm EST.

    Using Skype and Fantasy Ground (You can use demo version)

    Must have webcam and be fine with streaming.

    Will be running the first Adventure Path.


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    Good luck. I would love to give it a try but my hours mean you are playing after I've gone to bed.

    I've played over Fantasy Grounds for years, but never with a web cam. Could be hilarious with a tight friendly group. Adding in streaming might be a bit too much for this old dog... though, obviously, I was still interested in seeing what Starfinder is all about.

    Will the streaming only be live or will recordings be available somewhere to watch later?

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