Hi All! I am an Adult player here looking for a game! I am located in Groton, CT. I'm a good natured 40 year old nerd. I am a corporate professional by day, have a love for the game and even bring snacks! I am a non-smoker, love pets, no allergies and show up to games!

I am seeking a weekly game, ideally 3 games in a 4 week period would be awesome but I am willing to comit to a weekly game. My job has me working long hours but with most weekday evenings & weekends off. I can join a weekday evening game or weekend anytime.

The games I prefer are fantasy setting, LOVE the forgotten realms and my priority list for type of game play I enjoy are (in order) 1) Exploration/Investigation 2) Combat & 3) NPC Interaction/Roleplaying. I prefer wilderness settings to urban but a good mix is best. Roleplaying is still a bit foreign to me but I try.

If your a DM or a group seeking a player please message me here, im pretty responsive