I am very excited to run a Starfinder campaign. I was hoping to use something like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. I was also hoping for video for everyone too. Just audio isn't enough to really capture that tabletop feel.
I love what they have done with Starfinder. I am big Pathfinder fan but 5e has shown me it's a bit complicated. Starfinder does a great job reducing some of that I think.

Would LOVE to run a Star Trek concept, though I'm certainly not opposed to running the Adventure Path or just the standard setting detailed in the rulebook. As faar as Star Trek I am imagining some time in the future of Trek where we could have "magic" and new aliens and ships and such.

I'm 42 and have been gaming solid since I was 30. 3.0, 3.5, pathfinder. Started gaming with the red box when I was 11 and stopped after the military. One catch is you must be okay with my 12 year old son playing. He saw the Starfinder book and about fell off his chair in excitement, so I promised him I would let him try.

Not sure what night would work but this will end up being an after 9pm EST thing for me weekly or biweeekly. I wasn't thinking of livestreaming or anything but again that's one of those things we could consider if there is interest.