ZEITGEIST Kickstarter Act 1 quality level
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    Kickstarter Act 1 quality level

    Hi All

    Hopefully a simple question, I want to finish my Zeitgeist collection, I only backed for the first hardcover - dully received. However there are two options for the Act 2 and 3, and I'd like the internals to match. So can anyone tell me if the 1st Act sent to kickstarter backers was Premium Heavyweight or Standard Heavyweight?

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    It was Standard. The Standard Heavyweight option wasn't available until 2015, I think. I'm pretty sure we no longer offer 'standard,' since it was only a dollar or so cheaper.

    RPGNow explains the differences here: https://support.rpgnow.com/hc/en-us/...tandard-Color-

    So Act 1 was shipped as Standard (50# paper), while Acts 2 and 3 were Standard Heavyweight (70# paper), but all of them had the same ink quality: Standard.

    The pledge level was $60 for the book, and just printing the Premium heavyweights costs about $70. I got them for my own copies, and they're nice. But they're my babies, and I wanted them perfect.
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    RPGNow has changed the types at some point. I dont know if they mean the same thing they did in 2015. I know quality has in general increased with their PoD stuff.

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    Thanks guys I will just go with the Standard then, the quality of other standard stuff I have is good enough! And it won't be too different colour wise, just paper thickness

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