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    Sub-Epic Offerings

    Hey guys I decided to post my subepic stuff here, These are the Zards, my first created race from when I was a teenager, they've gone from highly magical, to more gritty, terrifying, and 'real' I hope you enjoy.

    Zard, CR 10

    This daunting reptilian biped looks like a humanoid cross between a dragon, and a velociraptor. It's scaled hide glints lacquer black and it's eyes glow with a blinding light giving it a truly ferocious appearance.

    XP: 9,600
    N Large Dragon (Humanoid)
    Init+7, Senses: Low Light Vision, Darkvision 60, Scent, Perception

    AC:23 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +5 Natural, +6 Breastplate) Touch: 12, FlatFooted: 20
    Hit Dice: 8d12+32 (86 hp)
    Fort+10, Ref +9, Will +8
    Immune:Fear, Sleep, Paralysis; +4 resistance to poison and disease.
    Resist:Acid and Sonic 5
    Spell Resistance: 14
    Defensive Abilities: Ferocity

    Speed: 40 ft, 60 ft if wearing no or light armor. Climb 30 feet
    Melee: 2 claws + 13 (1d6+5 p) and Bite +13 (1d8+7), tail slap +5 (1d8+2), or Titanium Bastard Sword + 14 (2d8+5), Javelin +11 (1d8+5)
    Space: 10ft.; Reach 10ft.
    Special Attacks: Rend (2 claws, 1d6+7), Roar, Acid Spit, Eye Rays, EyeFlash

    Str: 20 +5
    Dex: 16 +3
    Con: 18 +4
    Int: 16 +3
    Wis: 14 +2
    Cha: 14 +2

    Base Attack+8; CMB +14; CMD 27

    Feats: Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Combat Reflexes, Skill focus: Perception, Intimidating Prowess*, Multi attack*
    Skills: Acrobatics +18, Appraise +14, Bluff +14, Climb +26, Craft (any) +8, Diplomacy +6, Fly +6, Heal +5, Intimidate +20 , Knowledge (all) +8,Linguistics +6, Perception +17, Sense Motive +15, Spellcraft +6, Stealth +14, Survival +13, Swim +14, Use Magic Device +6; Racial Modifiers: +4 Acrobatics, +10 Climb, +2 Crafts, +4 Intimidate, +4 Perception, +2 Sense Motive, +6 Swim, +2 all knowledges
    Languages: Common, Zard, Draconic, Undercommon, Elven, +1 more
    SQ: Vocal Semiosis, Militant, Deep Sleeper, Educated, Hold Breath, Hot-Blooded

    Environment: Tundra, underground, or any.
    Organization: Solitary, Pair, squad (3-4, +50% chance of 1-10 Kobolds), Patrol (5-8 +2-20 Kobolds), Raiding Party (10-40 + 10-100 Kobolds),
    Treasure: Standard (Titanium Breastplate, Titanium Bastard Sword, 1d4 Javelins ,other treasure)

    Special Abilities:

    Rend: If a Zard hits with both claw attacks in one round it immediately deals an additional 2d6+7 damage

    Roar (su): Zards can produce an immense array of vocal effects some of which at such high decibels that it can actually damage objects with it's voice alone.

    This ability has three distinct forms:

    Cone: As a full round action once ever 1d4+1 rounds, a Zard may release a 30ft cone of sonic force dealing 4d4 points of sonic damage and deafening opponents for 1d4 rounds. A DC 18 Fort Save reduces the damage by half and negates the deafening effect.

    Spread: As a full round action once per day the Zard may emit a sonic concussion that causes every creature in a 30ft spread to make a DC18 fort save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds, a successful save negates the effect.

    Grand Roar: By combining the above mentioned effects, the Zard can produce an earth shattering bellow that can be heard for miles like the sound of thunder. By spending 5 consecutive rounds just drawing air into the lungs (a move equivalent action) the Zard can release a blast of sonic energy in a 60 ft spread dealing 8d4 damage to all caught in the blast, permanently deafening them, knocking them prone, andstunning them for 1d4 rounds. A DC 18 Fort save negates the deafening and prone effects and reduces the damage by ½. Regardless of the outcome of the saving throw, both the Zard and all creatures caught in the effect are dazed for one round. Once a Zard uses this ability, they cannot use their Roar ability for one day.

    Acid Spit (ex):As a standard action, 3 times per day a Zard may spit a glob a sticky corrosive acid as a ranged touch attack dealing 4d8 points of acid damage and dealing half this amount for an additional 1d4 rounds,this ability has a 5ft splash effect dealing 4 points of acid damage with no lingering effect. This ability has a 60ft range.

    Eye Rays (su): Zards, though resistant to magic, are born with rudimentary magical abilities. This takes the form of rays fired from the eyes. The rays work like a free action Magic Missile spell with a range of 250 ft dealing 1d4+1 force damage, there is no save againstthis effect but a shield spell or similar force effect will negate it. The Zard may also opt to use up one (or more if he has the Combat reflexes feat) of his attacks of opportunities to instead fire an eye ray at a foe within 250 ft and within line of sight. This is primarily used to disrupt spell casters and demoralize opponents and cannot be used on any round that a Zard uses an Eye Flash.

    Eye Flash (su): A Zard emits a blinding flash of light from its eyes once per round as a free action. This is a 30ft gaze attack that dazzles any opponent looking directly at the Zard with no save. This ability cannot be used any round the Zard uses an eye ray and may be stopped or resumed by the Zard as a free action.

    Vocal Semiosis (ex):All zards are born with an innate communications set much like an animal. This manifests as an extremely crude form of language understandable by all zards but rarely by non zards. Base commands such as warning calls, identifying a friend or foe, base emotions (fear, sadness, affection, etc.), base directions (up, down, etc) can be relayed but nothing complex. A Comprehend Languages, or Tounges spell will allow one to understand Vocal Semiosis, but not speak.

    Militant(ex): Zards are proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons, Bastard Swords, Whips, gunpowder/ clockwork weapons, and all armors.

    DeepSleeper (ex): Though Zards are immune to magical sleep, they need excessive amounts of natural sleep. A Zard must rest for 10 consecutive hours in order to be considered rested and gains an additional -5 penalty to perception checks to awaken without aid.

    Educated(ex): Zards have an extensive education and gain a +2 to all Knowledge skill checks and Crafts, and these are always considered class skills. (Zards can educate others, allowing party members with intelligences of over 13 to take this ability as a feat if a Zard has remained in their party and they've actually trained for a suitable period of time up to the dm)

    Hold Breath (ex): Zards can hold huge amounts of air in their lungs and can hold their breath for an amount of rounds equal to their Constitution score x 4 before they risk suffocation or drowning.

    Hot-Blooded (ex): Zards are native to icy climates and cold weather and have a natural resistance to the effects of cold. Surface capillaries in their limbs periodically allow surges of warm blood to pass through them and maintain their flexibility. As such they gain a +6 bonus to saves against natural cold effects.

    Untold ages ago, an ancient dragon mingled it's own blood with the blood of primitive saurian humanoids, using magic, the dragon was able to create a hybrid almost free of flaws.

    For centuries the dragon used the Zards, as they were now known, as foot-soldiers and conquerors.Granted of extremely long life, pugnacity, and created to be bothphysically and mentally superior to most races, the zards quickly became known as the perfect soldiers, and for a while it seemed this was true. The zards, however, were given an expansive mind and free will, and were not content to be simple pawns. Within one generation, the zards had turned on and destroyed their creator and began carving out an empire for themselves.

    Zards believe themselves to be an evolutionary marvel, a race literally created to be dominant, to be superior and born of the blood of dragons. They are known as ruthless slavers and eaters of men and have been known to enslave entire races to work as miners and laborers and serve as farm animals.

    Interestingly, Zards almost exclusively take slaves of races usually thought to be evil, such as Drow, Orcs, Ogres, and Duergar, and gain the vast majority of their slave stock from the Underdark.

    Zards also employ massive followings of kobolds, who worship the zards as demigods, viewing them as the missing link between themselves and the dragons they believe themselves to be descended from. They see the zards as leaders, teachers, mentors, and their eventual evolutionary destiny. The zards in turn have taken somewhat of a liking to the pathetic creatures, viewing them as a model race. A race that both knows their own worth and their place among their superiors. Inplaces where zard influence is greatest, kobolds have almost completely forsaken and abandon their old ways in favor of zard emulation.

    As such the zards have made expendable shock and awe armies out of them, using them as everything from light infantry and archers to sappers, harriers, and suicide troops, and have granted them a society which is entirely dependent upon the zards for sustenance. The kobolds don't seem to mind though as more and more pour in and new kobold 'cities' are founded all the time.

    Other reptilian humanoids have been known to ally themselves with the zards, mainly troglodytes and lizardfolk, though the latter far less than the former.

    Race, even among their own kind, plays a major role in their society and is the basis for their rigid caste system. Zards believe that Chromatic Dragons are their direct stock and take pride in this heritage, though they show a reverence and respect for all of dragon kind, Half true-dragon Zards are seen as the most desirable of all genetic traits and are known as the 'Zenith', any Zard who successfully bears a Zenith has her house elevated and is given the option to found a new noble house. If not a relatively minor one.

    Zards vary in color between sand yellow, green, black, or blood red. Red zards are almost always nobility or royalty, and seen as the most desired color. Black zards are seen as another desirable color though very common, and are usually the warrior caste. Green Zards are also common but are given freedom to choose their role in their society based off of their personal strengths; most Zard adventurers come from green zard stock. Sand yellow Zards are seen as barely equals and represent the lowest rung on their social ladder. Yellow zards are thought to be the stock of 'great desert dragons' and given the worst and dirtiest jobs, they are laborers, commoners, prostitutes, and surfs. They are never allowed to become soldiers, leave their respective cities, or allowed to breed outside their caste. Yellow zards found outside of zard territory are almost unilaterally runaways and can never return, those that do are immediately executed or thrown into the slave pits.

    Zards believe Io, creator of dragonkind, to be the highest god in the heavens, even beyond the creator god himself, but revere Bahamut creator of good aligned dragons as their primary deity and the living god Paya as their primary religious figure. Paya believes in fierce passion, devotion, and loyalty, beyond all else, and wants his zards to take an expansionist role in the world. To conquer the world and then the stars themselves. He appears as a herculean zard male with scales apparently made of pure platinum, his back is banded in the five colors of the metallic dragons. Every 10,000 years he is born in a new body and once again attempts to make his dream a reality. His domains are war, glory, knowledge, nobility, and strength.

    Zards look like well-muscled draconic humanoids with crested, velociraptorlike heads and long thick sinewy tails. They stand roughly 8-9 feet tall and weigh between 300-800 lbs. Zards mature between 120 and 180 years of age and live between 1200 and 2000 years, making them one of the most long lived races around in theory, in actuality due to their brutal lifestyle, most Zards don't live past 350. Zard soldiers typically wear breastplates with little or no clothing, many wearing just a simple loin cloth and little more, though some wear longflowing cloaks and leather strap tunics. They are expert metallurgists and chemists and the vast majority of their equipment is made of titanium or plastic.

    Titanium has the roughly the same properties as steel (hardness 11 instead of 10) but weighs half as much and is immune to rust. It is enormously expensive to mine and process titanium, costing roughly 5 times the price of steel, thus zards use extensive slave labor to mine the ore and reduce this cost. Though the secret to actually take the useless ore and smelt it into titanium remains a closely guarded zard secret.

    Plastic has the same physical properties as wood mechanically but is more easily processed. Plastic is used in almost all applications of Zard life, from buildings to dishes. Zards also arm their fodder soldiers, kobolds, in plastic breastplates, and cheaply produced but nicelooking plastic and cheap metal spears.

    The spears though shoddy suffer no minuses when compared to normal spears of their type. Plastic armor however, though durable, and light, is no match for steel weapons. Thusly a plastic breastplate only grants a +3 armor bonus but a max dex bonus of +4. Plastic armor costs roughly 1/5
    th the price and weighs half as much as it's steel analogue; it has 2 hp per inch of thickness and a hardness of 5.

    Zards have a very extensive formal education system lasting well over a century and focusing on art, philosophy, crafts, and expansion of the mind in all forms. Tactical training, attention to detail and improvisation are heavily stressed. There is also a focus on weapon and armor training, physical fitness, extensive combat training, and psychology.

    Zard cities are almost always situated around a wine or hour glass shaped structure known as a Desi; this usually appears as a vast, monolithic, usually over a thousand feet high and over a thousand feet across platform looming high enough to be seen for miles. These structures have beautiful Eden like plots of land on top of them, weather is controlled artificially by well payed druids, and the area exists as a haven of learning, relaxation, and sophistication for the upper class, the cultured, and those that can afford it.

    Situated all around the Desi is a city lined with high spires, many races, strange buildings and gladiatorial arenas, creating a vibrant mix of class and brutality. Though almost no one is allowed into the Desi, all races are welcomed into the city proper and welcome to make trade and even make a life if they are useful enough. Zard cities are known to be clean, beautiful, brutal, and dangerous.

    The Zard power base is in truth however, is subterranean, and though they are considered a surface race, they do most of their day-to-day business underground.

    The Zard nation is connected by an impressive tunnel network. Underground highways lead to outposts, main chambers, fungal gardens, waste pits, vast smelting pits, forges, plastic factories, small underground cities, and a myriad of other structures. The tunnels are designed to provide good ventilation and the shortest transport routes.

    Zard tunnel networks are primarily constructed by Duergar and Drow collaborators, Kobold and Zard engineers, and massive slave workforces, the zards putting their combined expertise to good use and as such the whole network appears as a seamless hybrid of sweeping spires, and stout structures both built into the walls and built inside of massive natural and excavated caverns. All of which is made to be both efficient and aesthetic. Lit in deep colored heatless drow faerie fire, it creates a truly surreal, alien, and beautiful landscape. The zard's kobold allies represent their main fighting force and population underground, outnumbering the zard 80:1 in most cases though utterly loyal to the point of Zeal.


    Zards rely on advanced combat tactics using plans that may take years or decades, even centuries, to fully come to fruition.

    They are, if anything, patient and know that in most cases they can simply outlive most adversaries.

    Over time, or lifetimes, they know that they can make humanoid populations complacent, and easily malleable with small foot-in-the-door tactics over hundreds of years. They are far happier to make alliances vice war, and when pressed they do not usually believe in skirmishes or small escalations and will usually employ a total-war mentality if challenged by any potentially serious military threat, crushing them.

    Though they generally prefer to shy away from such things,they are not above poison and assassination, and have been known to make extensive use of scorched earth tactics when they deem necessary.

    In most cases, the zards will simply march their kobold army, usually numbering in the hundreds of thousands, 1-20 of their own legions of 5,000- 6,000 Zards each, and several auxiliary battalions of 500-1000 mixed medium sized humanoids usually Troglodite, Human, Dwarven, Gnoll, Goblinoid, and Elven sympathizers, and Lizardfolk, but their extended time in the underdark has allowed for all manner of strange and unique beings to show up within the ranks of Zard lines, from Hook Horrors to Pechs and mind Flayers and Neolithids, all are welcome among the Zard ranks and their unique abilities will be used most effectively, but only if they can prove themselves worthy and equal, and show that their loyalty isn't just to themselves.

    From here they will attempt to open dialogue. Usually this display of power is enough to dissuade most belligerents, and end would be wars in minutes. During this time, they will leave crops and all land alone, specially trained zard negotiators will allow their enemy to know that if they simply ally with them that they will be able to keep everything they have and that incredible prosperity will follow. If the enemy persists or refuses, the zards attack without quarter, utterly destroying the area, burning forests, poisoning water supplies, enslaving the population and leaving the land a burning husk as a warning to those that would oppose their will.
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    This is the first player class I'm posting. I'll be posting a few more here soon, the Maven, a sort of dilettante who can fix items break into places and shoot around corners, the Commando (my favorite) who can actively dodge attacks and makes combat WAY more interesting. Presented here is the Mirror Mage, a fun and viable unique spellcaster with interesting abilities. Powerful at lower levels and always viable their power fades slightly as they grow in comparison to other casters; more on par with Bards or Magus, their magic only goes up to sixth level and it shows.

    Some of you might recognize some of the names and abilities as I got some inspiration from Kirby's Superstar's Mirror ability. That said, I've used it in several campaigns, and though difficult to face, they fall to the right main or base class pretty readily, they are a powerful mage-tank who excels at medium-short range.

    Mirror Mages have a unique and welcome party advantage: they can create impenetrable force fields, and can bottleneck opponents and stall or entirely stop entire crowds of enemies in the right conditions, additionally they enjoy a blade of mirror energy that can slice through most materials, and have great divination powers and can summon adds. I hope you guys enjoy.


    Focused spellcasters who tap into the indestructible connective tissue between dimensions and bend it to their will. Mirror magic requires a delicate balancing act to achieve requiring intense focus on poise and grace, magically they are tugging at an energy that is supposed to not exist and is utterly invincible, as such, they can do little to affect it; but by quietly, intensely, merging their consciousness with the 'mirror' energy they are able to coax it to a small degree.

    Called Mirror Mages as the magic they tap reflects and refracts light around it creating a rainbow, metallic glass like, ephemeral, but mirrored effect. Mirror mages are short range-melee spellcasters who excel at harrying foes, causing significant damage, being off dps, spellcasters, or tanks, and working as an ideal rear guard.

    They are versatile but are vulnerable to gas attacks and aoe environmental effects, surprise attacks, and enemy mages.

    BAB: ¾ as Cleric
    Good Saves: Ref/ Will
    HD: d6

    Class Skills: As Wizard
    Weapon Prof: Rapiers, Repeating Crossbows, Simple, no armor, and bucklers


    1: Reflect Force 1d6, Mirror Cut, Cantrips, Spells

    2: Mirror Movement 10ft

    3: Reflect Force 2d6, Reflect Guard

    4: Mirror Body 2, Deflection +1

    5: Reflect Force 3d6

    6: Dimension Hop, Mirror Movement 20ft

    7: Reflect Force 4d6

    8: Deflection +2, Mirror Body 3

    9: Reflect Force 5d6

    10: Evasion

    11: Reflect Force 6d6, Improved Mirror Movement 30ft

    12: Mirror Body 4, Deflection +3

    13: Reflect Force 7d6, Improved Reflect Guard

    14: Mirror Reaction

    15: Reflect Force 8d6

    16: Mirror Body 5, Deflection +4, Mirror Movement 40 ft

    17: Reflect force 9d6

    18: Mirror Shroud

    19: Reflect Force 10d6

    20: Mirror Body 6, Deflection +5, Mirror Duplicate

    Cantrips: (Sp) 0 level spells can be cast indefinitely, effectively granting unlimited 0 level spells per day. Chosen from the Sorc/Wiz spell list

    Reflect Force: (Su) Unleashes a wave of expanding mirror like blades in a 15’ cone dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage /2 class levels + Cha Mod. Any round this ability is activated, the user gains a +4 circumstance bonus to AC for 10 minutes. At 8th Level, the range of this ability increases to 30’, at 16th level it increases to 60’, DC 10+1/2 Character Level + Cha Fort for half.

    Mirror Cut: (Su) The Mirror Mage can project a near invisible 3ft blade of cutting force, this ability deals 1d8/ 4 Class Levels + Cha Slashing damage. This ability avoids all hardness and is considered magic for the purposes of breaking damage reduction. Activating this ability is considered part of a melee attack and may be used with Iterative attacks.

    Mirror Movement: (Sp) The Mirror Mage can glide smoothly over the ground increasing movement speed at 2nd, 6th, 11th and 16th level, avoiding difficult terrain, slopes, and undergrowth penalties. At 11th level he avoids entanglement and can even glide across the surface of still water.

    Reflect Guard: (Su)
    The Mirror Mage is able to surround himself with an impenetrable barrier of pure reflective force. Any time the Mirror Mage takes the Total Defense action, a reflective barrier surrounds him from all angles protecting him from most forms of attack. While in this state the Mirror Mage cannot attack or otherwise take any other actions. Gases and other environmental effects (smoke inhalation, lack of oxygen, etc) work normally. Attacks directed at the Mirror Mage are instead reflected back at the attacker using the mirror mage’s attack bonus. Reflect Guard can be dispelled with Dispel Magic.

    Deflection: (Sp) The Mirror Mage gains a defensive field appearing as a barely noticeable glint or sparkle in the air around him granting a Deflection bonus to AC equal to his Cha mod.

    Mirror Body: (Ex)The Mirror Mage can appear to momentarily split into two, striking multiple enemies within a 10ft radius, at once. Every 4 levels beyond 4 the Mirror Mage can make an additional split. At 12th level the range increases to 15'. This ability is a full round action and stacks with Mirror Cut, allowing Mirror Cut to be used on multiple targets in one round.

    Dimension Hop: (Su) The Mirror Mage can teleport short distances. As a move action, he can teleport 25ft +5ft/ 2 levels.

    Evasion: (Sp) As the Rogue ability

    Mirror Reaction: (Su)
    Can Dimension Hop as an immediate action after taking damage. This ability is usable once per round, 3+ Cha Mod/ day.

    Mirror Shroud: (Su)
    The Mirror Mage can bend the light around him granting invisibility as the spell and can extend the radius of this ability to all allies within 10’, allies that move out of this range immediately reappear. Any Hostile action from any person inside the shroud immediately ends the effect.

    Improved reflect Guard: (Su)
    The Mirror Mage’s Reflect Guard becomes more powerful. When activated, the Reflect Guard helps to ward off unusual or magical attacks. If he makes a successful Fort or Will save against any effect that would have a lesser effect on a successful save, he instead entirely ignores the effect and the Reflect Guard now repels gases or inhaled poisons, and environmental effects (when plausible). Additionally, for 3+Cha mod rounds/day, the Mirror Mage may project his Reflect Guard over a 5ft radius, those inside may act normally but are confined in the barrier until the Mirror Mage lowers the effect. Attacks and Spells may not pass through the barrier, though spells and abilities that don’t require a direct path (Flame Strike, Call Lightning) can be used normally. Those inside the Barrier can attack the Mirror Mage normally.

    Mirror Duplicate: (Su) The Mirror Mage is able to produce a quasi-real duplicate of himself for 1d4+Cha mod rounds once per day. The duplicate is under DM control but is helpful towards the party. It has ½ the Mirror Mage’s total HP but otherwise has the same stats, saves, and abilities as the original but cannot cast actual spells. If the PC dies while this ability is active, their essence transfers to the duplicate and the duplicate becomes fully real, effectively Resurrecting them as True Resurrection.

    Spells: The Mirror Mage may cast a small number of Arcane spells chosen from the list below. (Spells are as Bard for spells per day and spell progression, Spells are Cha based and all require a mirror or perfectly reflective surface as a focus object.)

    Mirror Mage Spell List

    1st: Shield, Mage Armor, Summon Monster 1, Unseen Servant, Magic Weapon, True Strike, Floating Disk, Silent Image, Color Spray, Shatter
    2nd: Protection From Arrows, Obscure object, Glitterdust, Summon Monster 2, Locate Object, See Invisibility, Blur, Minor image, Mirror Image, Misdirection
    3rd: Dispel Magic, Nondetection, Summon Monster 3, Arcane Sight, Clairaudience/ Clairvoyance, Displacement, Major Image, Blink, Keen Edge, Greater Magic Weapon
    4th: Dimension Door, Globe of Invulnerability, Minor Creation, Detect Scrying, Summon Monster 4, Locate Creature, Scrying, Wall of Ice (mirrored glass), Illusory Wall, Hallucinatory Terrain, Rainbow Pattern, Arcane Eye
    5th: Dismissal, Mage’s Sanctum, Major Creation, Summon Monster 5, Secret Chest, Teleport, Prying Eyes, Wall of Force, Contact Other Plane, Dream, False Vision, Mirage Arcana, Nightmare, Persistent Image, Passwall
    6th: Greater Dispelling, True Seeing, Wall of Iron (Mirrored Iron), Contingency, Mislead, Permanent Image, Vision, Program Image, Shadow Walk, Phase Door, Greater Teleport, Plane Shift, Teleport Object, Mage’s Mansion
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    Ah the Commando, this is a favorite of my gaming group, hope you enjoy.

    (side note, my classes are balanced for Pathfinder Core Classes not base 3.5)


    Elite soldiers, hardened mercenary veterans, and early black ops, Commandos are soldiers who bridge the gap between fighter, ranger, and rogue, unlike a rogue they are able to stand toe to toe with the toughest foe but unlike a fighter they have learned the value of quick and hard strikes from the shadows and have an uncanny ability to avoid attacks.

    Commandos are very slippery attackers and rely on their ability to ambush, sneak attack and use their agility to outmaneuver foes, and can deal incredible damage in the opening rounds of combat. Their real power lies on their capability to enter and leave combat, seem to disappear even from all kinds of foes spellcasters and rangers alike, and at higher levels can kill foes instantly.

    +1/hd As Fighter
    Good Saves: Fort/Ref
    HD: d10

    6+Int Acrobatics, Bluff, Command, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge Dungeoneering, Knowledge Geography, Knowledge Nature, Perception, Ride, Stealth, Survival, Swim, Use Magic Device

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial weapons, Estocs, Whips, Scorpion Whips, Garrote Wires, Bastard Swords, Light Armors, Medium Armor, Banded Mail, All Shields except Tower Shields


    1: Fast Movement, Tactical Step, Ambush 1d6, Sneak Attack 1d6, Imp Unarmed Strike, Survivalist

    2: Trapfinding, Combat Style Feat

    3: Ambush 2d6, Garrote Specialization

    4: Evasion, Endurance

    5: Ambush 3d6, Sneak Attack 2d6, Tactical Step +1, Garrote

    6: Combat Style Feat, Trap Sense+1

    7: Ambush 4d6, Efficiency

    8: Uncanny Dodge

    9: Ambush 5d6, Sneak Attack 3d6, Trapsense+2

    10: Tactical Step +2, Unarmed Strike 1d6, Combat Style Feat, Improved Ambush, Uncanny Stealth

    11: Ambush 6d6

    12: Hide in Plain Sight, Trapsense +3

    13: Ambush 7d6, Sneak Attack 4d6, Silent Takedown

    14: Unarmed Strike 1d8, Combat Style Feat, Uncanny Evasion

    15: Ambush 8d6, Tactical Step +3, Trapsense +4, Backstab

    16: CQC

    17: Ambush 9d6, Sneak Attack 5d6

    18: Unarmed Strike 1d10, Combat Style Feat, Trapsense +5

    19: Ambush 10d6, Neck Break

    20: Tactical Step +4, Ambush Mastery

    Fast Movement (Ex):
    While wearing no, or light armor gain +10 to your movement speed, at 10th level applies to medium armor as

    Tactical Step (Ex): Can make additional 5ft steps as an immediate action.
    Can take a 5 ft step as an Immediate Action this can be used in addition to standard movement every round. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, the Commando gains one additional 5ft Tactical Step, each can be used independently and split up over the course of a single round.

    (Immediate Actions can be used during another person’s round or your own, thusly you can use this to dodge incoming attacks by simply stepping out of the way of blows, dodge line attacks, or boost your movement speed, etc.)

    Ambush: During a surprise round, or if you go first in initiative during the first round, deal d6 extra precision based damage with all melee and ranged attacks up to 30' away.

    Sneak Attack: As Rogue

    Survivalist (Ex): Gain +1/2 Commando level bonus to Stealth and Survival Skill checks

    Trap Finding (Ex): Gain +1/2 Commando level bonus to Perception; and 1/2 Commando level to Disable Device checks vs Traps

    Combat Style :
    As the Ranger Ability, may choose alternate combat styles if desired up to DM Discretion.

    Evasion (Ex): As Rogue

    Garrote Specialization: Gain use of Garrote Wires, if used as part of a Grapple/CMB attempt, gain indicated automatic damage plus Strength and a half in addition to standard grappling rules as long as it’s applied. Locking Mechanisms allow you to set the Garrote and not have to continue the grapple.

    Wire/Cord: 1d4 bld 1cp Break DC 16
    Piano Wire: 1d6 slsh 10sp Break DC 25
    Steel, Mechanized "Professional" Garrote Wire: slsh 1d8 250gp Break DC 22 Locking Mechanism
    Diamond Toothed Mithral Cutting Wire: 1d10 slsh 1000gp Break DC 30 Locking Mechanism

    Garrote: (Ex) +4 CMB/CMD (Grapple Checks) while using a Garrote Wire

    Trapsense (Ex): +1 to Saves/AC vs Traps, these bonuses rise to +2 when the Commando reaches 9th Level, +3 at 12th Level, +4 at 15th Level, and +5 at 18th level. Trapsense bonuses gained from multiple classes stack.

    Efficiency (Ex): Gain an immediate melee attack on any foe within reach immediately after felling a foe.

    Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Cannot be caught flatfooted, do not lose Dex vs invisible attackers. Can still be feinted

    Unarmed Strike: As a 1st level Monk. Stacks with similar abilities.

    Improved Ambush:
    Can make additional Ambush attacks on foes you can successfully evade and hide from during combat.

    Uncanny Stealth (Ex): Gain a +10 Circumstance bonus to Stealth checks when hiding in or behind objects, (under a box), foliage, or otherwise using the environment to help camouflage yourself.

    Hide In Plain Sight (Ex):
    Can hide even while being observed as long as you have access to reasonable cover.

    Silent Take Down (Ex):
    If you can kill an opponent within a surprise round, you can make an opposed Stealth check vs any opponent within earshot to avoid audible detection.

    Uncanny Evasion (Ex): If you successfully avoid damage from an AOE attack you may make an immediate 5ft step and a stealth check to disappear using the aoe attack as a distraction.

    Backstab (Ex):
    Apply Ambush damage to enemies you successfully feint, flank, or simply get directly behind, does not work against those without proper anatomy (oozes, etc) or those with Improved Uncanny Dodge.

    CQC (Ex):
    Gain 1 free additional Unarmed melee attack any time you make either a standard or full round attack. Applies to attacks of opportunity.

    Neck Break (Ex): If you can successfully get directly behind an opponent without being detected during a surprise round you can make an immediate Melee Coup de Grace using your base Unarmed Melee damage. Must succeed on a standard Coup De Grace attempt, only effects opponents up to +1 Size Category larger than yourself.

    Ambush Mastery:
    May Ambush anytime an opponent is flanked or otherwise loses their Dex bonus to AC
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    Interesting classes, my fav is the mirror Mage, but that's probably because I've always liked spell casting classes over non-spell casting classes.

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    What would the ECL of the Zards be? Also I always thought mithral was titanium, just with a fantasy name.

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    I put their ecl at +8 but have a different system for monster races.

    I fell that the ecl system is kind of broken as the suggested ecl to effective power isn't balanced whatsoever. I break a race down to its constituent class levels for racial levels and make a character play those out as his class, for diversity's sake I let them choose an NPC class to gestalt so they can have the flavor of the character they want. So a zard starting lvl 1 would have reduced stats, and would have to play out 8 lvls of Dragon, slowly gaining his abilities as he grows, but let's say his char concept was a zard mage, I would allow him to play an Adept simultaneously, thusly he'd be a strange mystical dino dragon man who would have usable magic but would get stomped by a sorcerer.

    I'll post some of my mock ups for monster races peeps have played in the past, their class and level up process, mind you it isn't balanced, but it's more balanced than the ecl system, that said neither are the CRs themselves, don't believe me? Look at a pixie. Ask if it's 'really' CR 3 or is it just a party killer?

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    A good example would be a Drow. They get a +2 to a single stat higher than a standard elf and darkvision, which is a definite advantage dont get me wrong but it's mitigated in a couple levels and that character just loses out from then on, which isnt fair in the long run by far. I thusly don't think the +2 they receive to ecl is fair, so I would rather just allow PCs to play anything of up to CR 3 without penalty but with DM approval. So parties could look like: A minotaur, 2 humans, an aasimar, and a half celestial. And I as the DM will make a point to make sure the Human characters and the Aasimar gain small advantages in game to make them feel special and make their character more relevant. Thusly it balances out.

    Balance balance everyone is obsessed, it's whether something is game breaking or not, not whether it's balanced, a Fighter and a Ranger arent balanced, a Ranger gains the same attack bonus slightly fewer feats, better saves comparable health, evasion, favored terrains, favored enemies, an animal companion aka a second character, and ing magic. See what I mean, the fighter is a joke in comparison. Lol!

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    Here's a perfect example. A friend wanted to play the Tarrasque, he was kidding.. I was not...


    The Mighty Tarrasque... lord of all Sub-Epic Monsters... his('s) power is now yours to play. it is both a race and a class. Enjoy.

    BAB: +1/hd As Fighter
    Good Saves: Fort/Ref
    Hit Dice: d10

    Skills: 2+ Int/ level: Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Perception, Stealth, Swim
    Racial Skill Bonuses: +8 Perception, +24 Acrobatics (when jumping)

    Ability Score Modifiers
    (lvl1 very young): +10 Dex, +8 Con, -8 Int, +4 Wis, +4 Cha
    Tarrasques are tough, powerful, fast, cunning, and impressive, however they are incredibly stupid.

    Traits: Darkvision 60ft; Low Light Vision; Proficiency with natural weapons only and not with weapons or armor; Must eat, breathe, and sleep.

    Languages: Aklo (can understand but not speak), if Intellect above 4, can speak Aklo as well as understand. If intellect 10 or above, can gain Common as a bonus language.


    1: Fire/ Acid Res: 10; Regeneration: 10; Medium Size; +1 Natural AC; DR 1/Magic; SR: 6+ lvl; Spines; Carapace; Powerful Leaper; Natural Weapons; Magical Beast Traits

    2: +1 Natural AC

    3: +1 Natural AC; DR 2/ Magic

    4: +1 Natural AC

    5: +1 Natural AC; DR 3/+2; Rush

    6: +1 Natural AC; Spines +2

    7: +1 Natural AC; DR 4/+2; Large Size; Grab

    8: +1 Natural AC

    9: +1 Natural AC; DR 5/+3

    10: +1 Natural AC; Carapace 2; Regeneration: 20; Fire/ acid Resistance: 20; Resistances +20; Immunities: Petrification, Ability Damage, Bleed, Polymorph

    11: +1 Natural AC; DR 6/+3

    12: +1 Natural AC; Spines +3

    13: +1 Natural AC; DR 7/+4

    14: +1 Natural AC; Huge Size; Swallow Whole

    15: +1 Natural AC; DR 8/+4; Augmented Critical

    16: +1 Natural AC

    17: +1 Natural AC; DR 9/+5

    18: +1 Natural AC; Spines +4; Frightful Presence

    19: +1 Natural AC; DR 10/+5

    20: +1 Natural AC; Carapace 3; Regeneration: 30; Immunities standard for race.

    Resistances: The Tarrasque is incredibly tough to kill even just out of the egg and gains resistance +10 to disease, poison, petrification, mind-influencing effects. It also has a fire and acid resistance of 10. At 10th level these bonuses increase to +20, and it's fire and acid resistance increase to 20.

    Immunities: The Tarrasque is immune to paralysis. At 10th Level it becomes immune to ability damage, bleed effects, and polymorphing. At 20th level it becomes immune to acid, disease, energy drain, fire, mind-influencing effects, permanent wounds, petrification, and poison.

    Carapace: (Su) The Tarrasque is covered in incredibly tough reflective scales. In addition to a sizable Natural AC, the Tarrasque gains immunity to one of the following forms of attack:
    -Ranged Touch Attacks (rays/ energy bolts)
    -Magic Missile effects

    The Carapace reflects the energy in random directions (dissipating it harmlessly) but has a 1% per level chance to reflect the effect in full force back at it's caster. At 10th , 20th , and 30th level, the Tarrasque gains immunity to an additional form of attack.

    Powerful Leaper: (Ex) The Tarrasque can use it's Strength modifier instead of it's Dexterity modifier and has a +24 Racial Bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump.

    Regeneration: (Ex) No form of attack can overcome the Tarrasque's Regeneration. At 30th Level, the Tarrasque can even regenerate even if slain by Disintegration or a Death-effect. Is simply rises from death 3 rounds later with 1 hp if no other damage is inflicted upon it.

    Spines: (Ex) The Tarrasque can loose a volley of spear like spines from it's body as a standard action with a toss of it's head or a lash of it's tail. The Tarrasque gains 1 spine at 1st level, 2 at 6th level, and 1 additional spine every 6 levels thereafter. Spines can be fired at a single foe or multiple foes within 30ft of each other. Make attack rolls for each spine separately. The spines have a range of 120ft.

    Natural Weapons:
    The Tarrasque is covered from head to toe in natural weaponry, vicious horns, sharp claws, massive jaws, Spines, and a long heavy whip-like tail are all part of it's impressive arsenal. These weapons will grow stronger as you grow in size. Primary attacks have no minuses to hit, and deal your full Str modifier in damage. Secondary attacks have a -5 to attack rolls to hit, and deal only ½ your Str modifier in damage.
    -Bite: Primary 1d8 at Medium
    -Claws: Primary 1d3 at Medium 2 attacks
    -Gore: Primary 1d3 at Medium 2 attacks
    -Tail: Secondary 1d4 at Medium -5 to hit, ½ Str modifier to Dmg, 10ft reach.
    -Spines: Ranged Primary 1d6 at Medium

    Medium Size: No bonuses or minuses for size. Reach is 5ft for natural weapons. Weight between 60 and 500 lbs, Height between 4 and 8 ft tall. Speed is 30 ft.

    Rush: (Ex) Once per minute for 1 round, the Tarrasque can increase it's movement speed by 110ft. This increases it's bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump by +44.

    Large Size: +8 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, +2 Natural Armor, +1 on CMB/CMD checks, -1 size penalty to attack rolls and AC, -4 on Stealth, -2 on Fly, Reach is 10ft for natural weapons. Weight between 500 lbs and 2 tonnes, Size is between 8 and 16ft tall. Speed is 40ft

    Grab: (Ex)
    If the Tarrasque hits with a bite attack, it may attempt a grapple attempt as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. This only works against creatures one size category smaller than yourself. If you attempt to grapple the opponent using only your mouth, you suffer a -20 circumstance penalty on CMB checks to maintain this hold. Successful grapples done in this manner do no extra damage, however subsequent grapple checks deal bite damage every round they are maintained. In addition to this, you gain a +4 bonus on CMB checks made to start or maintain a grapple.

    Huge Size: +8 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, +3 Natural Armor, +2 on CMB/CMD checks, -2 size penalty to attack rolls and AC, -8 on Stealth,-4 on Fly, Reach is 15ft for natural weapons, Weight between 2 and 16 tonnes, Size is between 16 and 32ft tall. Speed remains at 40ft.

    Swallow Whole: (Ex) If the Tarrasque starts a round with an opponent grappled in it's mouth, it can attempt a Combat Maneuver check to swallow it's opponent. If it succeeds the opponent takes bite damage, remains grappled, and begins taking acid damage every round it remains inside. Acid damage is 3d6 if you are Huge, 4d6 for Gargantuan, and 6d6 for Collosal size. The opponent must be at least 1 size category smaller than yourself and may attempt to cut it's way out of your stomach, or climb out of your throat. Climbing out of your throat is resolved as an attempt to escape a grapple, however ending with the opponent back in your mouth (where it began), where it may be bitten or swallowed again on your round. Cutting it's way out of your stomach means dealing 1/10th your total hp with a light slashing or piercing weapon. The Inside of your stomach has an AC equal to 10+ ½ your Natural AC bonus.

    Augmented Critical: (Ex)
    Increase critical range with Bite attacks from 20 to 18-20 and increase damage done from critical hits from x2 to x3 with Bite attacks. This ability stacks with the Improved Critical feat. At 30th level increase the critical hit range by one more step. (ie: from 16-20 to 15-20) This additional bonus is always applied after any other critical chance boosting feat or ability.

    Frightful Presense: (Ex) The presence of the Tarrasque is very unsettling to foes. Activating this ability is a free action that is usually part of an attack. Opponents within range that fail a will save (DC 10 + ½ lvl + Cha modifier) are shaken for 5d6 rounds. Creatures already shaken become frightened instead. This ability can be turned on or off as a free action and only effects creatures lower in level than yourself. An opponent that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to this ability for 24 hours.
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    You can continue the growth progression this way indefinitely but I allow them to stop at 21st level regardless. So If this character got to lvl 21 I would allow him to level up normally and just take ftr or rogue etc if he so chose as the Tarrasque has 40hd and it isnt fair to ask a PC to be locked into that many racial levels, imo, or he could continue to take whatever NPC class he was taking and continue taking racial hit dice. I always treat all racial powers as based off total not racial hd, so a half dragon's breath attack wont be total garbage at lvl 5.

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    Now would a basic human fighter at higher levels be able to take this guy on? Certainly not, but a sorc could, a warlock might be able to, a druid could, a cleric could. Likewise with a Zard, though they tend to be far far more balanced, sadly as they are pretty gd strong lol. I think I have the Zard statted out like the Tarrasque on another compy. I'll check.

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