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    Iuz employing his entire 7 PL of magic and divine ability will teleport to the missile and attempt to do to things

    1. Magically override the guidance system turning the missile back on the City of the Gods

    2.Failing that he will ride the missle; physically move the aerofoils of the missile so that it turns from Dorakaa, preferably toward the City of the Gods (OOC: The Dr. Strangelove comparison should be quite obvious ) At the last nanosecond before impact he will attempt to teleport to safety

    Iuz has seen missles before, in the previous 2 IRs. He may not be able to build them, but he does have a basic understanding of how they work.

    Edit: In the case of riding the missle, if this missle works anything like real missles work. The computer back at The City of the Gods would start to recieve conflicting signals back from it. Its guidence system would feeding back information saying that it is working prorperly, but for some reason is still off course. This would cause quite a quandry for the computer. A human would obviously be able to inferl what is wrong. A computer, even a really high-tech AI would have a problem figuring it out. (no computer, except in really bad science fiction, can infer or make logical intuitve leaps, only peole can do that ) Computers even the most high tech ones that can learn can only deal with what they are programmed to deal with. Having someone ride the missle is probably unlikely to appear in any of it is operating specs.

    Having worked on missle programs in real life, self-destruct mechanisms are NOT always implemented, either by the way.
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    EDENA -- I posted earlier that if my forces were attacked by anything particularly horribly powerful, I would teleport them away to my other forces fighting the Shade, or to a pocket dimension where they could not be found.

    I also posted that I was trying to lead the robots away from Lyrn -- but I guess that didn't work.

    In any case, the massive head-to-head conflict between us and the robots, while poetic, NEVER HAPPENED. We had dug in, they attacked, we inflicted what harm we could, but as soon as they even STARTED to gain the upper hand and inflict mass casulaties . . . I prepare to teleport them (my troops) to a pocket dimension. Take note of this, for our losses there should not have been heavy at all. (This means that fewer robots are counter-killed by us, of course.)

    However, there is something that I must do first, before we retreat. Because perhaps, we need not retreat at all.

    I was expecting this, you see.

    And I have my own ways of dealing with robots.

    For I haven't unleashed my 10th level cataclysm yet, have I?
    Nope. Not yet.

    I gather that there are 200PL+ of the City of the Gods Robots at Lyrn?

    Let us see how they like a 10th level magic-empowered sandstorm.

    An ultra-powerful hurricane-level sandstorm, with sand so small and minute that it can get into the TINIEST crack or crevice.

    A ultra-powerful hurricane-level sandstorm, with winds so powerful, frankly, that calling them "hurricane-level" probably doesn't do them justice.

    Their planes will crash to the ground with the sudden eruption of this fury. Their tanks will grind to a halt as the most miniscule of particulates sweeps into their machinery and onto their circuit boards. And their ground troops . . . well, I'm sure that their robotic surfaces are *almost* seamless.

    Almost. Before they start getting rocked and slammed against the ground and the hills and the mountains by 200mph winds.

    Some robots will probably go berzerk when their programming malfunctions. Some may explode. Some will throw themselves against us, or attack each other, or wander off.

    But I expect that the vast majority of those affected will do what any computer does when you dump (and then rub) a cup of sand into its workings.


    While the robots are getting screwed by this, of course, my archmages do EVERYTHING they can to augment the storm using their Wishes and other high-level spells. And my troops continue firing from their bunkers, if it is safe. (They were prepared for this eventuality, and my response.)

    Let me know how it goes, Edena.

    Oh, and yes -- the rockets launched will be stopped, promptly, with my 10th level magic.

    EDIT: Given what you've said, it sounds like the missiles were launched *AFTER* the main offensive on my forces in Lyrn. In any case, as *soon* as the missiles are launched, my archmages will stop "enhancing" the sandstorm and immediately help out with taking care of the missiles. My own forces (and those of Uvenelei's in Lyrn -- must be a good guest!) will be protected first, followed by the forces/cities of the Oerthian Alliance. Once they are protected, I'll lend a hand to Iuz (if he needs it) and Kalanyr (if he needs it).

    And obviously, let me know if the rockets can be telekinetically redirected.

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    Well, anytime now the catastrophe hitting acererak will end, yup, anytime now. Once it does, Acererak will be hit with an even bigger "catastrophe," the full military might of the Dark Union, complemented, of course, with the 70PL william ronald managed to secure against hemponaland.

    That's 370PL total, let's see how long his defenses hold up against that!

    P.S.- Edena, our armies will have scouts that are continuously using detect good. Wherever they sense an extraordinary amount of positive/good energy, the armies will be warned about it, and they will go around it. This is to prevent any of our troops, who may have evil intentions (remember, the main of them are neutral, just devoted to the Dark Union's plans, not evil at heart, although what they do, may seem evil to some) from being disintegrated/destroyed/annihilated/whatever by any remaining power from the catastrophe (although there really should be no aftereffect once it's over, unless catastrophes are suddenely changed in nature, or this one is special).

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    After Kalanyr's catastrofy destroyed the Tomb of Horrors the armies of the Dark Union crossed into Acererak's realm. A massive attack swept south across the border, from Onnwall to the Hestmark Highlands (220pl). An other force struck west from Dullstrand (45pl) and the Sahuagin army (35pl) was released against the Lordship of the Isles.

    The armies still in the union moves to counter the robot's attacks against us. Measures are taken to counter panic amongst the populace.

    But Iuz, DOES.
    So do the other Demigods.
    So do the Torilians and Kalanyr.
    They can stop that missile.
    They can stop the fleets of missiles.
    If they act. If they move and act in time.
    Since the God-Emperor is a demipower he will redirect the missiles heading for the Dark Union (as many as he can) into space.
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    Holy monkeytickling sh|t.
    More justice than that can't be done to this situation. Go Maudlin

    (especially yhe "holy" part )
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    Ok, Forrester.

    Your army teleports away, when it sees it will receive massive casualties.

    But before (I am doing you a favor on this one) you start the Catastrophe, the robots immediately move off.

    These robots operate with very high speed computers, and have already acquired new targets.

    The helpless people of the Flanaess.

    Long before your sandstorm could be whipped up, the robots would be long gone, so your forces do not create that particular Catastrophe.

    The robots move eastward towards Orcreich and Aaqa.
    They open up with their death rays, their disintegration beams, their particle cannons, their antimatter missiles as they go.
    Eastern Lyrn is all but sterilized.

    Yes, you can redirect the missiles with telekinesis.
    Your mages have to teleport in close, and redirect them, though.
    It can be done, with your 10th level magic.

    Are you trying to do it?

    Iuz, you were able to successfully redirect the missile.
    It flies up and out of Oerth's atmosphere into near-space.
    Iuz teleports out, and the missile goes off, producing a new, miniature sun in the sky.

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    Anabstercorian is teleporting in to low orbit and using Psychofeedback to enhance his Wisdom modifier to about +60 (He can do this for three rounds). Using the resulting supernaturally fine vision, he nails exactly three of the antimatter missiles with Sunbusters before teleporting beneath the surface of the Godspires, standing face-to-face with the hunter-seeker drones and defending his people.
    "No! Bad Illithid! No genocide! Bad! Bad! Put down the nuclear fire or no cookie!"

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    As if what is going on wasn't ENOUGH, the forces of the Black Brotherhood strike now (nevermind the mass suicide above.)

    Inspired by the mass suicide and the mass destruction, the Demon Lords come to Oerth.
    They materialize right behind the forces attacking the Shade (who do not yet know what is going on, other than the Shade are fighting back furiously.)
    This force is only 28 PL in strength, but it makes up for it's size with it's ferocity, and it is attacking only one section of the battlefront.

    Roaring with delight, Jubilex arises and grabs two men. They writhe and scream as they dissolve in his goo, then he hurls the half dissolved remains into their horrified companions.
    Jubilex then proceeds to throw ochre jelly in all directions, spraying it like a garden hose over the horrified attackers.

    Demogorgon arises, and with his power sweeps the battleground with Abyssal Flames.
    Men and women melt in that flame, screaming, as Demogorgon sucks their souls out of their bodies and devours them.
    Great balors arise, as terrible as anything out of FOTR.
    With their whips, they slash apart men and women, cutting them in half, or with their mighty feet squashing them into the ground.
    Within seconds, the entire attack of the Kingdom of Keoland is a shambles, as the demon armies fall upon it from behind.

    And leading this attack, is Tharizdun himself.
    Nothing can stand against him.
    Champion and archmage alike goes down before his power.
    Soon, the Army of Keoland is in rout, fleeing in every direction, under the impression that an enormous army of demons has come to kill them all.

    On the defensive lines, the Shade cheer, and counterattack furiously, whelming the attackers, putting them to the sword.

    The demons scoop up the Red Goo.
    It does not harm them.
    They and it have much in common.

    The demons start hurling Red Goo in vast amounts at the forces of Keoland and the Kevellond League.
    They also fire their Abyssal Fire, and the slime army of Jubilex arises from the very ground under the fleeing soldiers, and entire regiments sink into the ground, screaming as they are devoured alive.
    Then Ghaunadaur's forces arrive, and the slaughter intensifies.

    Meanwhile, the robots by the tens of thousands swarm down into the Burneal Forest.
    The Abominable Snowmen of the Burneal decide to fight the robots.
    Within minutes, the Burneal Forest is a charred, smoking moonscape, with everything in it dead or dying, and more than two-thirds of the forest burned and disintegrated.
    The robots pass into the lands of the Tiger and Wolf Nomads, into Blackmoor and the Cold Marshes.
    Antimatter missiles hit their targets, disintegration beams sweep back and forth, particle cannons roar and boom (I heard someone say there wasn't enough technology in this IR ... I think they might have to eat those words).
    Blackmoor passes into history, and the Cold Marshes are whelmed.
    They aren't Cold anymore. They are superheated, water turned into vast clouds of steam.
    Along with most of the inhabitants.
    The robots continue south, on their programmed mission of neutralization.

    The next major targets are:

    The northern Empire of Iuz.

    The Solistarim structures near and at the surface in the Godspires pass into history, as they are rayed into oblivion, cannonaded into dust, and beamed apart.
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    edena, check your email, i just wanted to double-check on something...

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    Offhand, i'd say THAT (the demon lords) was an unforseen development...
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