(IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 3 and 4

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    (IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 3 and 4

    Here is a place for everyone to discuss what happened in Turn 3, and what is going to happen in Turn 4, and anything else IR, while I ready for Turn 4.

    Cheers to all of you.
    You all are making the IR great!


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    Cheers to you too Edena
    You are the heart of the IR!

    Maudlin, I think we should discuss the loot from the Vecna-Kas duel, the issue is unclear.

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    Melkor it seems you missed the part that last turn we severred ALL our ties with EVERYONE, that means our allies as well. We were NEUTRAL in any conflict and until we are attacked or when we attack ourselfs this will be broken.

    Edena, question: Can you put up a mythal over 1000 square miles and whithin the territory have a city with a different mythal or a overlapsing one inside of it?
    Can this be done too?:
    Spelljammers will be immune to any non magical attacks and elemental attacks and their speed will be greatly increased along with their maneuvrebility.
    Our GREAT city which houses all of our troops and people will be shielded and strenthened as much as possible with 10th level magic (walls buildings ect.)

    And how many races can you alter at the same time? (physical abilities)
    And does there leave room to give the whole race a innate ability up to second level?

    Need to know how much you can do with 10th level magic at the same time and how much of the same things you can do at the same time, as alter multiple races/factions and you can alter more ot them at the same time since you aren't altering the climate or flora/fauna....

    need to get a summary of this stuff since the rules are a bit unclear about them... And if you can let us know we can start planning what to do with our new sweet sweet toy called 10th level magics
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    Thayadon will cast true resurrection on:
    Kalden, prince of swords
    Queen Yolande
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    Cheers to the Forsaken One and Melkor!

    Thanks for giving me a chance to strut my stuff on the battlefield, guys. I'm terribly sorry Sauros escaped, but I'll nail him yet.

    As for Vaegroth? Well, we'll have a rematch soon enough.
    "No! Bad Illithid! No genocide! Bad! Bad! Put down the nuclear fire or no cookie!"

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    Originally posted by Serpenteye
    Maudlin, I think we should discuss the loot from the Vecna-Kas duel, the issue is unclear.
    I think when Edena said Dark Brotherhood before, he meant Dark Union.

    Where I'm concerned, you got Kas, his sword and all of Vecna's gear, save the staff.

    As an added bonus, Acererak makes a gift to the Dark Union: A dahling little artistic statuette of the God-Emperor made out of polished kender-skulls.

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    Oh, that's great. Then Kas doesn't have to crippled for long.
    A lovely gift, dear ally. I hear kender body sculpture is becoming quite fashonable in the abyss. We have a few craftsmen ourselves, but sadly the baathezu show little talent for the creative arts.

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    Well, that was exciting. I regret needing sleep.

    I think either the Bloody Waste or the Red Waste is an appropriate name for what was ruined.

    I have an idea on how to handle the threat this area is producing.

    I am surprised Vecna and his legions fell. Of course, I think everyone opposing them pulled out all the stops.

    Archcleric Hazen will try to cure any wounded allied NPCs and try to resurrect dead allies. Especially Yolande and Melf. (Alyx was on vacation this turn.)

    So what do you think is the biggest surprise or best tactic of the turn. I will withhold from making any comments, except to say we have some very inventive people here. And that the Holy Rain tactic was far more devastating than even I imagined.

    Kaboom -- Congratulations on the promotion! I was going to heal your character if Hazen didn't.

    To everyone who fought against Vecna and the Shade: Thanks! Sometimes you have to hang tough.

    Anabstercorian and the Forsaken One: A magnificent battle. I see this rivalry as adding a lot to the thread.

    Mr. Draco and Serpenteye: Sorry about the arm of Kas. However, using the arm of Vecna may have unintended side effects. Cybernetics is the best way to go. Plus a little magic could have skin over it, making it look perfectly natura. (See the Terminator movies for an example of this.

    Edena: Thanks for the efforts. Your hard work has made this a blast.

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    kaboom, u can't resurrect them since they have been killed by Vecna with 10th level magic as stated in the rules

    Serpent has the best quote of turn 3 with that arm of vecna

    2nd turn was forrester with that kender quote

    1st was Black Omega I thought with the "mountains, the mother of all weapon proficiencies"

    They all rock ^^
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    Some are born to live, others born to die. I belong to the last, born to burn, born to cry. For I shall remain alone... forsaken.

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    Forrester will have 10th level magic on turn 4 so he can.

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